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Those 3 Words

Guest Nicom

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Story Title: Those 3 Words

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB Rating: G

Warnings: None

Spoilers: None

Summary: Re-write of the "I love you"s during the cyclone.

Hey! Here's my 3 part fic! :) How awesome is that? It's super short for rambling Nicole! :D

Anyway, it starts from under the Holden's table, during the cyclone.

Enjoy! :)

(Excuse the title, I couldn't think what to call it)

-Part 1-

Jack smiled down at Martha, who was leant on his shoulder. He beamed, overjoyed at their reunion. Her grip around his arm gradually got tighter as the volume of the wind howling against the roof grew.

‘How cute.’ Jack thought, gazing at the frightened Martha. He hadn’t seen this side of Martha for a while, ever since she’d met Corey in prison. Now this was a frightened Martha he could deal with; a frightened Martha he could look after and help - unlike the Martha after the Corey scenario. Corey had not only put Martha through unbearable pain and upset; but he’d put Jack through it too. At the time, Jack couldn’t bear to see her hurting; so he had racked his brain at every possible moment to find a solution to her problem. In the end the answer had been staring him in the face. He had realised that the only way that Martha would get over her fear, would be for her to confront it. So he’d agreed to go along with her to visit Corey and had stood patiently on the balcony, watching them talking. Jack did find it hard to watch them as they spoke to each other; his feelings had remained for Martha even when she was with Corey, which was why he had never let himself be in the same room as them when they were a couple. He thought back to that day and remembered hating seeing them together. It had crushed his heart before, but now it was even worse when he thought about what Corey had done. A million things had run through his mind at the time, questions that he hadn’t wanted to know the answers to. ‘Does she still like him? Does she love him? Is she upset because she’s heartbroken?’ Jack had queried himself. However, no matter how heartbreaking, tormenting and upsetting it’d been for Jack; he would not have let her see that creep alone. He knew she needed him, so he had been willing to put himself through anything; just to make her feel better.

Jack used his other hand to gently rub her arm, assuring her that everything would be okay. She looked up into his eyes; his dark, brown eyes. She couldn’t help but smile, and neither could he. They were stuck in this trance for what seemed like hours - not that they minded; it was a wonderful place to be. Just looking at him made Martha feel safe and secure.

“We’re going to be okay you know?” Jack whispered to her, smiling at her worry. Martha nodded in reply, resting her head back on his shoulder. Jack smiled to himself as he looked up from Martha’s head, and onto the wooden table that was acting as a cage for him and his family.

Martha closed her eyes and listened to the violent winds that she could hear outside. She had her arms looped around Jack’s strong, muscular arm. She too had begun to look around the small space that they were enclosed in, wishing that she was out. Then again, at the sound of the vicious weather outside, she’d be stupid to want to go outside. She sighed, looking back down at Jack’s arm. ‘As long as he’s here, I’m fine’ she thought to herself, unable to prevent the grin that was forming on her face.

She hadn’t been able to avert the frequent beams that grew on her lips tonight; ever since they’d got together her face was constantly craving to smile. She’d stood around the party with him, celebrating their reunion as the happiest girl in the room. She’d even wondered if she was happier than Hayley. ‘I know Hayley’s moving away with the man she loves, but I’m standing right here, with the man I lo-’ She had begun, then scolded herself for even thinking of going any further. She’d tried not to give it much more thought at the party, but now, she had plenty of free time to consider it.

‘I don’t love him, I can’t.’ Martha thought. ‘I’ve known him for what – a few months? Sure, he’s good looking, funny, charming, and friendly - but that doesn’t mean I love him. Right?’ Martha was beginning to be unsure herself. ‘Okay Martha, so what if you do, what’s so wrong with that?’ Martha asked herself, when she fully well knew the answer. ‘Because he won’t love me.’ She thought. ‘Why would he love me? We haven’t known each other for that long, and I’ve been a total idiot for most of it.’ Martha looked up at Jack; he was still looking around at the others who were sharing the same confined, cramped area. She could see his caring eyes scanning the friendly faces in the room, especially Lucas’. He was concerned for his young brother, which Martha thought was cute. Martha realised just how much she adored Jack, everything he did was wonderful in her eyes. Whenever she saw him, her heart would skip a beat; whenever she was apart from him, she’d long for their next meeting. She was in love.

“I love you.” She whispered, unable to stop herself. Her heart was thudding at a record-breaking speed as Jack’s ear leant closer to Martha, and his head slightly tilted.

“What?” Jack asked, her whisper had been to quiet compared to the gale force winds.

“I- Oh my God! What’s that!?” Martha shouted, disturbed from her declaration. Everyone in the room could clearly hear the continuously drummed banging, with the occasional shout. Tony got out of their shelter, and walked over towards the door.

“It’s Alf! Jack, help me shift this.” Tony shouted. Jack and Martha both crawled out, and Jack aided Tony as they both moved the heavy sofa aside. Alf burst through the door, leaves blowing in behind him.

“Tony! I need some rubber!” Alf yelled, competing against the furious wind howling outside.

“Why do you need it now?” Tony asked suspiciously.

“Ric and Cassie are in trouble. They’re stuck in one of the caravan’s and a power pole has landed on top, conducting the whole darn thing.” Alf told him, Martha stood in shock.

“Ric!?” She repeated, worriedly. Jack immediately placed his hands on either side of her shoulders.

“It’ll be okay.” Jack whispered, trying to assure her. Martha shook her head.

“I need to go and see him.” She said, grabbing her coat and bolting for the door.

“Are you crazy? No Martha, it’s too dangerous.” Alf told her sternly.

“Yes, Alf’s right, I’m sure Sal, Flynn and Alf will be able to figure a way to get them out.” Tony added. Martha swung around to face them.

“But so will I! I might be able to do something, I know more about electricity than anyone here.” Martha reminded them. Alf took a brief moment to think it through.

“Fine, I’ll meet you there. Bring the rubber!” Alf agreed, walking out the house. Martha pulled on her jacket and waited as Tony rummaged around the spare room for any rubber items that may come in handy. Jack stood in complete amazement as he watched Martha preparing herself to go outside into the cyclone.

“You’re not going out there.” Jack stated, surprising Martha.

“Yes I am Jack. I don’t remember you being the boss of me.” Martha snapped back, taken aback by Jack’s order.

“Martha, it’s too dangerous! What if you get hurt?” Jack argued.

“What if Ric gets hurt?” Martha answered simply. Tony then walked in, and handed Martha some rubber mats, gloves, and a torch.

“Be careful out there Martha.” Tony said, patting her on the back. Martha thanked him and headed out the door, leaving Jack stood in the living room unable to do anything to stop her. ‘What if she gets hurt? It’s so dangerous out there; I can’t let anything happen to her.’ He thought to himself, as he reached his brave conclusion. He grabbed his jacket and headed to the door.

“I’m going with her.” Jack told Tony as he ran past him and through the door.

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I've FINALLY posted! Lol. Thanks to jackandmartha!!! for proof reading, love you! :D

-Part 2-

“Martha!” Jack yelled, running up towards her. She spun around.

“What are you doing here?!” She shouted through the furious wind.

“I couldn’t let you come out here on your own.” Jack said. He took the rubber from her and held it firmly under one arm. He outstretched the other, offering a strong hand. Martha smiled as she laced her fingers through his.

As Martha and Jack forced their way through the storm, she realised just how much she needed him there. Not only for the vital strength he offered to get through the furious winds, but for comfort.

“MARTHA!!” Jack shouted. She felt a short, sharp tug of her arm and her body was violently pulled towards Jack’s. He wrapped his other arm around her as he pulled her closer, watching the flying log narrowly miss her body. Martha gulped and looked up at Jack; she was petrified. Jack rubbed her back, squeezed her hand, and kissed her forehead – it’s all he could think to do.

“It’ll be okay.” He said to her, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” He gave a warm smile and began to guide Martha through the trees.

After about 15 minutes of weaving in and out of the trees, the rubber finally arrived to its destination. Jack had a huge grin on his face as soon as he saw the caravan site.

“See, I said I wouldn’t let anything happen to you –” He began cheerily, reaching out for Martha stood next to him. His hand was waving in mid air through the spot where he expected her to be, so when he just felt the strong wind and heavy rain rattle against his skin, he began to panic. He spun around, looking at the leaves blowing in every direction. Martha wasn’t there. He kept searching, but he had no torch. “I knew I shouldn’t have let go of her hand!!” He yelled furiously at himself. “Martha!!” He called, but there was no reply.

“Jack! You got the rubber?” Dan asked, jogging over.

“Yea.” Jack said, handing Dan the items from under his arm. “Is Martha here?” Jack asked. Dan shook his head.

“No, I thought she was coming with you.” Dan said. Jack’s hurt sunk. ‘Where is she?’ He thought.

“I’ve got to go.” Jack said, foolishly running back off into the woodland area.


“Jack?” Martha was shouting as she roamed between the trees, tears of worry streaming down her face. ‘Why the hell did I let go?’ She scorned herself. ‘I could have just picked up the stupid torch with one hand. Now I’ve been wandering around alone for 5 minutes, probably getting further away from him.’ She looked around her; she was lost. The leaves were blinding her, making it impossible for her to figure out where she was, or what was coming towards her.


Jack ran through the woodland area calling out Martha’s name – but there was no reply. He was running at such a fast pace he’d found himself out of the woods in a number of minutes. He instantly recognized where he was, thanks to the street lamps, and made his way back to his house. All the way he ran, praying that Martha would be there safe and sound.

“Is Martha here?” Jack asked as he swung the door open. Tony quickly jumped out from underneath the table.

“Jack! Thank God you’re okay! Get in here mate.” Tony said, pointing to their home-made shelter.

“Is Martha here dad?” Jack repeated.

“No. Why isn’t she with you?” Tony asked, beginning to worry. Jack slammed his sweaty palms to his forehead.

“Where the hell is she?” He shouted angrily, his voice breaking as he fought the fearful tears. He spun around and took hold of the swinging door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Tony shouted, reaching out to grab Jack’s arm.

“I need to find Martha!” Jack exclaimed. Tony shook his head.

“No, you running off on your own isn’t going to help the situation, it will only make it worse. You’re not going out there on your own.” Tony told him. Jack rolled his eyes.

“Dad, I’m going.” He replied, walking through the door.

“Steady on mate! Where do you think you’re off to?” Alf said, winded from his and Jack’s collision.

“Sorry Alf.” Jack mumbled, trying to shift past him; but Alf blocked his way.

“Where’s Martha? I thought she was going to help us with the power pole?” Alf asked.

“I don’t know; we got separated on the way to the caravan site.” Jack answered regretfully. Alf sighed, taking in what was happening. “I’m going to go and find her though.” Jack told him. Alf nodded.

“I’m coming with you.” He said, taking in Tony’s appearance. Jack agreed and left the house.

“Thanks Alf.” Tony smiled, patting him on the back. “Don’t worry, Martha will be okay.” He assured him, unaware of how wrong he was.

“Hold your horses!” Alf panted as he tried to keep up with Jack’s fast pace. Jack was frantically spinning his head around, alternating from left to right as he searched for Martha. He hadn’t realised how fast he’d been walking, or how much Alf was struggling. “Jack!” He shouted, desperately trying to catch a breath. Jack eventually spun around.

“We need to find Martha!” He cried. Alf stumbled to Jack and leant on him as he caught his breath.

“She’s a clever girl Jack; she’ll be okay.” Alf assured him.

“Please, let me just look for a while longer.” Jack pleaded. Alf nodded.

“Fine.” He said. He could see in Jack’s eyes how much a few minutes longer would mean to him. Alf could see how much Jack feared for his granddaughter, and how much he loved her. They began to walk again, Jack in front and Alf struggling with the wind behind, when a huge crack sounded above. Jack spun around and watched in slow motion as the 5-foot branch swept down and knocked Alf over.

“Alf!” Jack shouted, running to Alf’s side. Alf was groaning, semi-conscious. Jack looked at Alf’s weak body. They couldn’t continue now, Alf needed to get back. Jack slid his hand underneath the old man and picked him up. Alf had his arm around Jack as he hobbled back, using Jack for support. After every tenth step or so they achieved Jack would turn his head around, hating the fact that he was walking away from any chance of finding Martha.

“What’s happened?” Beth shouted as her and Tony ran to the door to assist Jack and Alf. They sat Alf on the floor and away from the windows as Beth started to study his wounds.

“A branch hit him.” Jack told them. Tony patted Jack on the back, praising him for bringing Alf back.

“Right, I’ll leave you to it.” Jack said, heading back out the door. Tony looked confused and grabbed Jack’s arm.

“You’re not going back out there mate.” Tony told him.

“But dad, you saw what’s happened to Alf! What if the same thing has happened to Martha!? She’ll be all alone.” Jack argued.

“You’re not going because it’s too dangerous. Jack, this isn’t a request, it’s an order.” Tony said in a stern voice, the voice he only used when he meant business. Jack sighed and walked over to the table, and ducked underneath.

Jack shuffled his body to the back, obtaining the same place he and Martha had occupied earlier. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was out there, all alone. She had had fear in her eyes when she was with him, and now he wasn’t even there! Jack held his head in his hands. What if she got injured? What if she got killed?

Tony was sat beside Jack, watching him as thoughts troubled his mind. He hated banishing his son from doing something that he so dearly wanted to do; but he had no choice. It was clear that Jack’s feelings for Martha were strong, stronger than she knew. Tony had never seen him act like this before over a girl, and this was a true indication that he didn’t think Martha was any girl; he knew that she was the girl. Tony placed his hand on Jack’s knee.

“As soon as it’s settled down we’ll check around. She’s probably at Noah’s or the diner. She has got keys for them both.” Tony told him. Jack smiled at his dad’s attempt to give him comfort, and then replaced his head in his hands.

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How bad have I been!?! I mean, god Nicole! I'm sorry! I'm so bad.. Lol. This has taught me two lessons.

1. Never have 2 fics on the go.

And 2. When I decide to write short fics, finish them before I begin to post! lol.

I haven't had this properly proof read, because jackandmartha!!! has gone off on holiday... alright for some. lol. But, I made myself sit down and finish it now, so I thought that I should just post it and finish the job!! Lol. "That's another load of my mind" (Thanks Persil Advert! :P)

-Part 3-

Martha’s unconscious body lay in the deserted woodland area; the only movement came from her clothes and hair as they blew in the wind. The leaves around her created a stunning display as they rose and fell, landing and partially covering her lifeless body. The rain slowly drenched her clothes, cooling her skin and washing away the blood that continued to seep through the small cut on her forehead. The guilty culprit lay 30 cm away, in the form of a log.


“Slow down a bit Jack!” Tony exclaimed, watching as the speed dials pointer continued to rotate. Jack was rushing towards the diner – it was the only place they hadn’t been. They’d been to practically every neighbour in the bay, even Colleen! No one had seen Martha, not after Jack anyway.

“She has to be here.” Jack said to himself. “She just has to.” He swerved around the corner and pulled up in a vacant parking space. Jack jumped up, slammed the door and ran in. Tony gently shut his door as he watched his son rush inside, thinking about the possibility that Jack could be gravely disappointed as he entered.

Tony slowly walked through the diner door, and his eyes immediately spotted Jack. Jack was stood resting his head against the wall, his hands in his pockets. Tony could see tears glistening in his son’s eyes, as the light from both the window reflected from the water. Jack was staring blankly towards the floor; his mind was hijacked by his thoughts. Not that he fully understood what he was thinking. It was all one big mess. Any hope that he had clung onto during his search around the bay had been taken from him, as the realisation that Martha had probably been a victim of the cyclone hit him. He could picture her, lying there, dead. Her last thoughts would be ones of Jack leaving her, of Jack abandoning her in the cold, miserable weather. Jack couldn’t feel anything; he was numb. He wasn’t even aware he was stood up; his body was just propped up against the supporting, smooth wall that was now acting as his spine. He felt completely emotionless. Like a waste of space. Like a waste of life. It may seem stupid and foolish to the likes of Colleen Smart and Madge Wilkins, they would probably have a good old rant about Jack falling in love with a girl he’d only known for a few months; but he didn’t care. Love is foolish; love can make you act immature. But also, love can hurt – Jack was experiencing the old saying the hard way. Not only was Martha his girlfriend, but she’d also become his best friend. They had both a friendly, and now intimate relationship; one he’d begun to think would last forever. The main thing he regretted was not telling her how he felt, how he loved her. He thought it was too soon and that telling her was just setting up for him being heartbroken and disappointed; but now it seemed a stupid idea not to confess. Now, instead of it being too soon, it was too late.

After Tony had called Alf telling him that they hadn’t found Martha, he cautiously walked over to Jack. He hated to see his boy like this, and he knew that he could say nothing to help. As soon as Tony stood beside him Jack began to clear his throat and wipe his eyes casually, trying not to appear upset.

“Hey.” Tony said softly. Jack just forced a smile – it’s all he could do whilst he was putting up this act. “Alf’s going to send the S.E.S squad around looking for her, so maybe we should head over to Noah’s and see what we can do to help?” Tony suggested. Jack nodded slowly. “Jack, I’m so sorry mate..” Tony said, placing his hand on Jack’s shoulder. Jack wriggled away.

“What do you mean you’re sorry? Why should you be sorry for me? It should be Alf that you’re giving your sympathy to, not me. I’ve only known her for a few months, it’s not as if we are deep into a relationship; it’s not as if we love each other.” Jack cried. “Because that’d be stupid wouldn’t it? It’d be crazy for me to fall in love with a girl that I haven’t had a relationship with that exceeds a couple of weeks? It’s not realistic at all…” Jack’s voice deteriorated as he failed to control his emotions. Tony couldn’t bear it any longer; he pulled Jack from the wall and hugged him. Jack didn’t struggle or pull away, he stayed in his dad’s warm embrace.


“Right, I’m just going to the loo, then we’ll head down to Noah’s.” Tony told Jack, who was now sat opposite him on one of the tables. Jack slowly nodded and watched as his dad walked off. After Jack had eventually pulled away from his father’s hug, they sat down and talked. Jack told Tony how stupid he’d been for not telling Martha he loved her when he had the chance. Now, Jack feared she’d never know – just because he had been too afraid to admit his real feelings. Jack played with the menu as he waited for his dad to come back, fiddling with it as thoughts troubled his mind. Tony had tried to convince him that everything would be okay, but how would it? Jack knew that the cyclone was powerful and dangerous, he could see that by the devastation it had caused outside. Martha couldn’t have got through that without getting at least injured, and if she’d gotten injured, the first thing she’d do is look for help, which Jack knew for a fact she didn’t do. The only other option was… Jack shuddered at the thought of it; he didn’t even want to think of the word. He looked up at the sympathetic eyes that were on him. He scanned them all, reading their heart felt apologies. The dozen people in this room couldn’t help him though; no one could, apart from Martha.

Jack looked back down at the chipped table, the table with marks, bumps and scratches all over. However, his head quickly rose back up when he felt the mood in the room change. There was a gentle hush, which was a sudden contrast from the previous constant background chatter. No one was looking at him now, there were no sympathetic stares in his direction. Everyone now had changed and was sharing the same look on their faces. One of surprise, one of relief, one of happiness. They all seemed to be looking in the same direction, so Jack followed where their trails were indicating; at the beautiful girl stood at the door.

“Jack!” She cried, smiling. He sat still for a moment, unable to believe the beautiful sight that stood before him. It was.. Martha. He jolted up and ran up towards her, holding her in a tight embrace.

“Thank god you’re okay.” He said happily as he hugged her tightly. “I thought I’d lost you, I thought I’d never see you again.” Jack told her, tears brimming in his eyes. Martha pulled away slowly.

“Me too.” She snivelled. Jack’s hands cupped around her face, and his thumb gently studied her face.

“Your head.” He spoke softly. “Are you okay?” He asked concerned. Martha nodded.

“Yea, I’ll be fine. I’m a little dizzy, but I should be okay.” Martha assured him.

“You’re going to the hospital though.” Jack smiled.

“If I must.” She sighed.

“Can you tell my dad that I’ve gone to take Martha to the hospital?” Jack asked Irene who was gawping behind them.

“Sure darl.” She exclaimed, over the moon at Martha’s return. Jack took hold of Martha’s hand and escorted her out of the diner. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face; he couldn’t believe just how lucky he’d been.


“Your car is over there.” Martha pointed out as Jack dragged her towards the beach.

“I know, I’m just making a quick detour.” Jack smiled, pulling her towards a bench. “Sit oh sickly one.” He grinned, gesturing to the seat. Martha laughed.

“You’re supposed to be nice to me, I’m injured.” She whined playfully. Jack smiled.

“And beautiful.” He added whilst sitting beside her. Martha sat, smiling. “Martha, you gave me the biggest scare you know that? I was so worried, so scared that I’d lost you. But most of all, I was scared that I didn’t have chance to tell you my real feelings.” Jack said, holding her hands.

“Real feelings?” Martha repeated, smiling. Jack laughed.

“Yes, real feelings.” He confirmed.

“What would these feelings be?” Martha asked playfully.

“You’re just trying to make me go red aren’t you?” Jack chuckled. Martha nodded her head jokingly. “I haven’t felt like this towards ANYONE else. And blimey, Jack Holden has had a fair few ladies…” He teased.

“Is this supposed to make it romantic?” Martha laughed.

“Sorry, I’m blabbering. What I meant to say… is. Um, I feel… You’re… I’m… Um…” Jack stuttered, feeling nervous. He didn’t know what to say, he just knew he wanted to say it right. He wanted to say it properly, he wanted to give Martha the declaration she deserved. He couldn’t just slip it in, he wanted to make it special, he wanted to make sure she knew just how much he meant it. Suddenly, Martha pulled her hand towards his lips, ushering him to silence.

“I love you.” Martha said softly. Jack sat in silence; a huge Jack Holden grin crept onto his face.

“I love you too.” He declared, smiling. They sat there for a moment, both enjoying the ecstatic emotion pumping through their veins. Neither could remember such a moment like it, and it had been brought on by those three simple words. Martha’s smile grew wider as Jack used his hand to anchor her into a passionate kiss, closing their love confession in the best way possible.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my version of how the love declaration/cyclone should have gone for J&M. Me, being a J&M fan, wanted a big fuss made about this!!! *stamps feet* So, I made them one! (A really long one, in true Nicole style) Lol.

I'm not a very soppy person, so this was strange for me. Anger, arguments, and crazy people are my thing! :) Lol. I hope I handled the last bit okay, that was the hardest bit. Oh, and the moaning for Jack. Lol. :P

I would LOVE your comments. :)


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