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Thurs 14 Jun 06 - " Kitty "LOVES" Family Photos "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Kitty "LOVES" Family Photos "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 14 Jun 06 - Episode # 4209)

BACHELOR PAD – It’s breakfast time and Kimmy & Rachel talk about Hyde (eg Kimmy says tells Rachel that Hyde SAYS that he is ok as trail trial approaches etc).

Kimmy then surprises Rachel by suggesting that he is going to move out – as he feels to the 3-rd wheel (living with jack & martha).

Rachel suggests that she feel same way about living with Leah & Dan, so Kimmy suggests that they move in together. Rachel is sceptical, and takes a fair bit of convincing, but she eventually agrees. The decision is sealed with a hug.

DINER – Irene is getting V annoyed with belle’s (Ric induced_) bad mood. Belle’s mood isn’t helped when colleen tells Irene that Amanda wants to meet with Leah & Irene for business reasons.

When Irene asks belle to get some canned tomatoes, belle doesn’t see the photo that she dropped a number of episodes ago (the pic is of Kitty).

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda enters the kitchen, where kitty is cooking breakfast – as she says that she is having one of her better days.

As Amanda bails, kitty ask Ryan to grab something form her bag in the lounge. When Ryan returns, he wonders why kitty has a pic of belle in her bag. Kitty suggests that belle gave her the pic as she wants a part in Amanda’s movie.

SOON AFTER – there’s a knock on the door. Ryan is pleased to see Dan is here. Kitty “suggests” that Ryan shouldn’t tell Dan about the photo – and will take him to movies if keeps mouth shut.

When Dan enters, Ryan eagerly tells hi about the movie thing.

As Ryan & Dan bail, a man that kitty calls Dr Smith enters. When they are gone, the truth is revealed.

The guy is in fact belle’s adopted father. He wants a large sum of money from kitty (as Belle’s adopted parents never got a cent form kitty as they raised belle).

Kitty insists that she can’t get hold of a large sum of money at short notice, but the guy insists that he MUST pay him a deposit today.

As he is about to leave, Amanda enters. Kitty introduces belles’ adopted dad as Dr Watkins, but Amanda is sooo unimpressed with his responses to her suggestions about an increase in pain relief medication for kitty.

LEAH’S PLACE – Dr Olivetti (hospital CEO) enters, and offers Rachel the chance of a lifetime – a medical scholarship in New York. Rachel must decide at short notice as another candidate was dropped out at last minute. Rachel tells Olivetti that although she is keen, she must turn down the offer (because of Kimmy etc).

DINER – Leah can’t believe it when Rachel says that she turned down the scholarship, and, all the while, the nearby colleen listens intently.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda insists that kitty should get a new doctor. Kitty is loosely agreeing when he mobile rings.

It’s belle’s adopted dad. He wants to arrange a time for the money exchange. Kitty quickly gets him of the phone, and tells Amanda that it wad an old friend on the phone.

DINER – leah & Rachel talk further about the scholarship offer, when colleen emerges form the kitchen wearing her new purple-pink tracksuit for Kimmy's gym classes. Colleen hopes the Magee Wilkins isn’t wearing same outfit.

Leah goes it the storeroom when Irene is pleased that they knocked back Amanda’s latest offer.

Whilst Irene tends to the continually annoyed belle, Leah finds THAT photo on the floor.

NEAR DINER – kitty meets with belle’s dad all she can today ($5000).

After kitty returns to her car, Bell sees her adopted dad. He confronts him – wondering why he in bay. He gives her the money that kitty has just given him, but belle rejects the offer (as kitty looks on form in her nearby car).

DINER – belle goes of to Leah & Irene about her adopted dad. Irene suggests that belle should loose the attitude, and help with taking trays full of food to the van park house (I assume for Martha’s hen’s party).

As Irene & belle bail, Ryan & Dan enter. Dan sees that pic of kitty on Leah’s clipboard, and Leah is a little surprised when Ryan says that person in the pic id his gran.

McADAMS MANSION – Ryan & Dan enters, and Dan wonders (to kitty) about photo. Kitty tries to convince Dan (and Ryan) that she gave it to Ryan earlier. Ryan says that he agrees – but its all sounding rather fishy.

DINER – Dan is telling Leah about the pic of kitty when Rachel enters – she ‘s after a mud cake for the celebrations tonight.

Rachel is WAAAY curious when Dan says that kitty was talking about having things like HRT for her breast cancer. Rachel insists that kitty way shouldn’t be doing so if she does have such cancer.

BEACH –Kimmy finishes up his latest “oldies” gym session (wit colleen & Co). When they others have gone, colleen thinks Kimmy for all the hard work he’s putting in.

Colleen ten lets it skip about Rachel & the scholarship.

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy confronts Rachel about turning the offer down. He insists that’s he can easily go with her. Rachel thinks Kimmy should be worrying more about things like Hyde’s trial.

Kimmy insists that he will prove his undying love for Rachel … and he does so seconds later when (on one knee) he PROPOSES (end of ep)


As everyone prepares for Jack & Martha’s big day, the stalker is also in planning mode.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rache's satin-y turquoise night gown

SILVER – Kitty's multi cloutred, leaf motif button up shirt

BRONZE – Colleen's red shimmery button up shirt

HONORABLE MENTION - Amanda's green Spaghetti Strap top

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