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Wed 13 Jun 06 - " Another "Quiet" Day Bayside “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Another "Quiet" Day Bayside “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 13 Jun 06 - Episode # 4208)

DINER – Ric tell Tilly about Cassie supposedly being in the shower.

Belle approaches, and Ric talking to yet another of his ex g/f’s isn’t helping belle’s mood. Ric & belle agree t meet later.

When Tilly bails, belle tells Ric that se’s realised, after a week of ignoring his calls. That he missed him.

Irene then suggest that belle should get back to work.

DINER FLAT – Macca tries to convince Cassie that he hit her as they don’t need anyone interfering in their affairs. Cassie agrees, but the tone of her voice suggests otherwise.

The phone rings, and Macca “suggests” that they don’t even, even though its Martha.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Martha leaves a msg of Cassie’s answering machine.

Ric enters as Martha bails, and Tilly tells him that Cassie is supposedly not home. They decide to tell sally about this, and sally juts happens to arrive home at this time.

DINER FLAT – Cassie is packing her bags and is about to leave when Macca enters the room. He tries to verbally convince her to stay – but uses force when she still attempts to leave.

Sally CAHRGES in the room at the time, “suggesting that if Macca comes near Cassie again … (you can guess the rest). As sally & Cassie exit, Cassie is WAAAAY shaking.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Sally & alf suggest to Cassie that they should have come to them sooner, whilst Ric is keen t9 confront Macca. Everyone tries to get Ric to NOT go after Macca, but Ric bails anyway.

NEAR DINER – Ric sees Macau, and grabs him (about to punch) when alf “suggests” that we shouldn’t. Ric indeed backs away, as hitting Macca would make him just as bad as Macca.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Cassie & Co are pleased that Ric didn’t hit Macca.

Martha enters, sees Cassie, and wonders what is going on.

DINER FLAT – Martha charges into the room, and tells Macca that she can’t believe that she used to look up to him. Macca also insist that she NEVER wants to see, or speak etc to Macca EVER again. (Note – Jodi Gordon was GREAT in this scene, as was Kate Ritchie in the scene where she was telling off Macca)

DINER – Belle is waiting impatiently for the obviously late Ric.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric enters Cassie’s room. She is on the bed. Ric says that he just had to let Macca know how he felt.

Ric wonders if he should stay in the room, at the moment, but Cassie says that she will be ok. Martha enters as Ric enters. She sits on the bed and holds Cassie’s hand.

Downstairs, sally & alf are keen for Cassie to go to the police, but sally initially thinks that it should happen later rather than sooner.

Ric & Tilly enters the room, and apologises for not coming sally etc bout this sooner. Sally says that she understands the fact that they wanted to keep their word to Cassie, but something’s are just bigger that that.

Sally & Co are wooried when Ric goes to bail, but he insists that needs to clear his head.

NEAR BEACH – Belle sees Ric, and thinks that he is no longer interested in their relationship. Ric however still doesn’t reveal what’s been going on.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Macca is concerned when Cassie begins to wonder if Macca hitting her was all her fault.

Sally enters, and suggests that she would like Cassie to go to the police about this. Cassie says that she will – but only so Macca will get some help.

Cassie then prepares to get to the police station – covering her latest bruise with her hair etc.

DINER FLAT – meanwhile, Macca looks at a pic of he & Cassie in happier times, before bailing

VAN PARK HOUSE – Cassie is as ready as she will ever be to go to the police, but sally gets a phone call. When the call ends, she tells Cassie etc that it was the police. They told Sally that Macca has given himself up.

Cassie decides to go for a walk (like Ric earlier to clear her head).

BEACH – Cassie ignores belle, who berates her for causing belle/Ric to split.

As Cassie keeps on walking, she sees Macca near the diner. she approaches him, insisting that she hopes that he gets some help.

Macca gets in his Ute and drives off. You can see that part of Cassie WAY misses him.

VAN PARK HOUSE – late at night, in the lounge, Ric & Cassie talk about various things, incl. Belle’s “spat” at Cassie today.

Sally enters the room, and Ric bails. Sally WAAAAAAAAAAAY hugs Cassie – comforting her greatly (end of ep)


Rachel gets 2 offers – a job in New York AND Kimmy proposes, and will Amanda & Belle discover the truth?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie's yellow dressing gown

SILVER – Sally's red spaghetti strapped top

BRONZE – Belle's dark green singlet top

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