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Tues 13 Jun 06 - " Rachel Goes Dutch “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Rachel Goes Dutch “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 13 Jun 06 - Episode # 4207)

VAN PARK HOUSE – Martha tells jack that, esp. because of what happened to hi with the stalker (think railing), she wants to get married ASAP, ie this Saturday.

Jack is concerned that they won’t be able to organise things in time, but Martha convinces him that they can.

DINER – Jack & Martha tell their plans to the like of colleen, Beth, Sally & alf. Indeed, jack ropes several guys (like Tony, Ric, Luke & alf) into helping him on the ceremony (after Martha insists that the girls will organise the receptions).

Indeed, Martha eagerly asks that like of colleen, sally & Beth to help her.

Ric pays close attention to the nearby Cassie & Macca. Macca is keen to spend tome with Cassie, who inists that she has some school stuff to do.

Cassie exits the diner, and Ric follows her. He confronts her about Macca – and his suspicions about Macca hitting cassie are concerned when she is V jumpy when he tries to grab her arm as she attempts to way away. (Note – the V blue, without a cloud in sight, sky behind Cassie looked partic awesome)

BEACH NEAR DINER – Ric sees Tilly approaching and wonders if Tilly has been roped into helping arrange the wedding reception. Tilly has no idea what she’s been talking about.

Ric tells her that he’s worried about Cassie, and he knows that Tilly knows something about all this form the way that she is looking down at the ground.

DINER FLAT – Cassie enters, and removes a pregnancy test kit form her bag. When Macca enters, and tries to hide it form him, but is unsuccessful. Indeed, Macca initially thank somehow that the test is a thermometer.

When Cassie tells him that she is late, Macca sound quite excited about the prospects of having kids (also it looks as though Cassie looks as though she is further entrapped).

BEACH NEAR DINER – When Tilly tells Ric that Macca hit Cassie last week. Ric immediately wants to confront Ric, but Tilly doesn’t think that violence is the answer.

Ric isn’t keen on stressing sally any further, so they decide to approach someone else that think can help.

DINER FLAT – Cassie gets the home pregnancy test result back. It’s negative, but Macca says that he’s LOVE to have a BIG family (5 kids etc).

LEAH’S PLACE – Tilly & Ric tells Rachel about their concerns about Cassie, and Rachel agrees to talk to Cassie.

DINER FLAT – Rachel arrives, and all but immediately voices Tilly & Ric’s concerns.

DINER – Jack, Tony & the boys tell Martha & the girls that they’ve arranges a nice, traditional wedding ceremony at the church etc, whilst martha surprises all be wanting a barn dance wedding reception, with the just entering the diner Macca as MC. He likes the idea, whilst Tilly phones Cassie.

DINER FLAT – Cassie takes the call, but hangs up immediately.

Rachel then REALLY tries to convince Cassie that, all much as she loves Macca, and he loves here, that violence should NEVER be accepted. Rachel even tells Cassie that if Kimmy (who she almost gave up her career for) hit her, she’d leave him 0- despite the heartache.

It looks like Rachel has convinced Cassie to leave Macca, but when Macca enters, Cassie chooses to stay with Macca – rather than exit the building with Rachel.

DINER – Rachel tells Tilly & Ric that she was soooo almost there (convincing Cassie). Ric then begins to walk to the stairs leading to the diner flat, but Rachel insists that confronting Macca is NOT a good idea.

DINER FLAT – Ric takes no notice and DOES confront Macca. Ric wants to talk to Cassie, but Macca says that she is in the shower.

However, when Ric is gone, we see Macca walk past Cassie, who is on the couch – she has a BIG bruise by her left eye. (end of ep)


Sally & martha read Macca the riot act, whilst Ric looks like he wants to give Macca a dose of his own medicine.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel's V orange (think he sporting colour of the Dutch) top

SILVER – Beth's maroon top / unbuttoned mostly blue buton up shirt combo

BRONZE – Tilly's pink unbuttoned shirt / soft pink top combo


Sally's red top, tht blue t shirts worn by both Luke & Colleen and Jack's "dirty pink" T

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