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Mon 12 Jun 06 - " Oh Robbie, What A Beautiful Bride You’d Make “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Oh Robbie, What A Beautiful Bride You’d Make “

(Screened in Australia on Mon 12 Jun 06 - Episode # 4206)

OLD ABBATOIR – Peter arrives, and goes inside – gun upholstered of course. After a bit, He sees the balaclava-wearing stalker. He runs after her and catches up to her. There is a scuffle – the stalker gets Peter’s gun, and peter’s leg is now injured. Peter presses on and tries to detain the stalker – during which he arms himself with a steel pipe that he finds on the ground.

He goes into another room … a door shuts behind him. and we see, through the glass window of the room’s door, the stalker removes the balaclava. The glasses & shorthaired wig are gone, ie its back to “classic” (long, curly hair) mode for the stalker.

She speaks to peter through a nearby microphone … before entering the room. She viciously says “Game Over”.

POLICE STATION – Meanwhile, Tash, Robbie, Jack & Martha are discussing the wedding. This incl. the intriguing knowledge that, during their planning expedition today, martha wanted to compare 2 wedding dresses that she liked … so whilst Tash wore one, ROBBIE wore the other.

Tash, Robbie & Martha decide to bail, and as they do, Tracey enters. She wonders where Peter is, and jack tells her that he went out (whereabouts unknown) about half-hour ago.

Tracey then bails again, and jack goes into peter’s office to out some files on his desk. Jack sees THAT Tick Tock e-mail.

OLD ABBATOIR – The stalker leads peter (hands behind back) to another room. She instructs peter to sit on his hands. The stalker proceeds to tell peter that she was still INSIDE the factory when the explosion happened last year. She thinks that she survived (apart form some severe burns – which she shows peter at this point) due to divine intervention.

The stalker tells peter that the point to a good sequel (ie her return) is that it must be bigger, better, with a MEGA twist.

The stalker tells peter to get up and walk (she is close behind).

Jack arrives – and “jumps” the stalker, but she gets away form him. Peter & jack split up as they try to find the stalker. Jack sees the stalker a few flights of stairs above him and gives chase, whilst peter goes outside.

Peter gets a BIG shock when he sees that, above him, the stalker has Jack – and is poised to put him over a pretty high up flight of stairs.

VAN PARK HOUSE – oblivious to all of this, Martha, Tash & Robbie are talking weddings. At the point, alf just happens to be behind Robbie when he is talking about modelling THAT wedding dress today.

When Maratha hopes that jack will like all of her ideas for the wedding, alf suggest that jack should be smart and just do as he’s told.

OLD ABBATOIR – peter tries to get the stalker to exchange jack (being her hostage) for him.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Martha is getting rather annoyed that jack is home late, as she wants to get married yesterday at this point (which alf thinks is a VERY good sign)

OLD ABBATOIR – As peter talks to the stalker, he sees Tracey & some other police approaching. Peter amps up the distractions – and Tracy is able to CAPTURE (ie handcuff) the stalker.

Jack,. However, has to be saved by another of the police – as he is clinging to the “wrong side” of the railing (think Rose in TITANTIC).

POLICE STATION – we see the stalker in the interview room (briefly), before we cut to the main part of the station.

Tracey thanks jack for phoning her (after seeing e-mail) and jack is pleased that she answered the call.

Martha arrives 0- she is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY pleased to see jack (and is alf).

Tracy enters Peter’s office. He looks exhausted – and tells peter that he feels way drained, but pleased that all if this (which started, for him, with Psycho Sarah, is over).

Peter & Tracey enter the interview room, where peter is WAAAY in a “rubbing it in” mood. He tells the stalker that he is going t make sure that its an airtight case against her, and that when she is in jail for LIFE, he will go on a tropical holiday, where he’ll see her a postcard EVERY day …. Because, he says, “I’ve won”.

The stalker however sounds V confidant herself. She insists that this is the bit of the sequel where all are lulled into a false security.

Peter takes that bait, and demands to know what she is talking about – but Tracey insists that the stalker is goading Peter deliberately.

Peter & trace exit the interview room, and go into Peter’s office. He is suer that this is no idle threat form the stalker.

Our curly haired “friend” confirms this – with a wonderfully, chilling grin (end of ep)


Macca’s domestic violence against Cassie become public knowledge

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tracey’s burgundy button up collared shirt.

SILVER – Tasha’s brown & pink, patterned top

BRONZE – Tasha’s red (with a green band) skirt.

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