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Fri 9 Jun 06 - " The Anagram Capital Of The World "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The Anagram Capital Of The World "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 9 Jun 06 - Episode # 4205)

Author Note – Due to various circumstances, this guide will be less detailed than usual.

At the diner flat, Cassie is tried of macca being worried about ric & Cassie being so close. Cassie bails – insisting that she might return if macca grows up.

Macca is at the diner when colleen approaches. She thinks that he is worried because of stalker, but we all know better.

Cassie talks to sally (van park house) about her situation with macca. Naturally ric overhears this and confronts Cassie about maccas’s behaviour. Cassie thinks that ric should mind his own business.

Ric goes to the diner flat and confronts macca about what’s happening. Macca is sooo not impressed.

Soon after, Cassie arrives at the diner flat, where macca tells her about ric’s visit. Macca then takes offence when Cassie says that she was talking to sally about her situation.

Cassie is way annoyed with macca, and tries to bail, but he grabs her, and in the ensuing scuffle, Cassie is pushed HARD into the cupboard beside the main entrance of the flat. She is bleeding from a wound that is on the right side of her torso.

When macca & cassie arrive at the hospital, they tells Dr young that the wound happened because they were having water fight in the house (and cassie slip).

Ric is talking to sally about the Cassie situation, when they phone rings. Sally answers – and you don’t have to be Einstein to know that it’s the hospital.

Meanwhile, Cassie is adamant that she is going to break things off with macca (as he’s hurt her TWICE now), but macca sweet-talks her again, and cassie (unforntuately) caves.

When ric & sally arrive, ric immediately is suspect about how the injury happens.

Indeed, when they are alone, ric confronts Cassie, but she stands by her story (note – casei is acting all V “mousy” though). Macca then arrives with a wheelchair, he helps Cassie into it and they exit the room. Ric is clearly dumbfounded about cassia’s behaviour.

Peter (at police station) is stressing about how a rattle is his air con vent s annoying him. He’s about to check it out when the police get a call from the bomb squad – the explosives which destroyed THAT car were same recipe of the one used by stalker at the murder mystery house last year.

Peter5 then goes back to THAT vent – and finds a video surveillance camera !!!!!

Peter goes off at McGrath – and Tracy tells peter that he NEEDS to go home and get some rest/perspective.

As peter bails, Tracy looks at the whiteboard – where peter has tried to find jhust what Maxine Trood is an anagram of.

As peter is entering his flat, we see (next door) a letter addressed to Maxine Trood at the foot of the door.

Peter can’t let this go – and he works out that Maxine Trood IS an anagram of “I Am Next Door” !!!!

Peter goes next door, with gun upholstered. The stalker isn’t there, but he sees things like a laptop computer with a screensaver of Peter with a noose around neck (like the one in the video).

When other police (incl. Tracy) arrives, they find things like a bag of fertiliser, and other bomb making equipment. Peter thinks that they are finally one step ahead of the stalker – until he gets txt msg “how do you like my apartment?”. Peter throws the mobile off the balcony in disgust.

After a debrief of the situation at the police station, peter apologises to McGrath (for his earlier blow up). Peter then goes into his office – there’s an email form Tick Tock, “suggesting” that he should go to the old abbotoir, but he MUST go alone (end of ep)


In coming weeks, MASIVE explosion (at, it looks like, Jack & Martha’s country themed wedding) !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally’s light brown, autumn themed button up shirt

SILVER – Cassie’s purple wide collar top

BRONZE – Ric’s green (undefined motif) T shirt

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