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Thurs 8 Jun 06 - " Air Conditioning Ducts Are WONDERFUL Things &a

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Air Conditioning Ducts Are WONDERFUL Things "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 8 Jun 06 - Episode # 4204)

VAN PARK HOUSE – The ppl at the party (partic colleen) are up in arms that the police KNEW the stalker is still alive.

Peter tries to convince them NOT to panic, but to be V aware now. He also tells all that there will be a town meeting at surf club at 9am tomorrow.

When peter is finished, ppl make arrangements to head for home. Tilly seems partic scared, so Tony suggests that they all (he, Luke, tilly & Beth) should sleep in their lounge room.

Macca is keen for Cassie to be with him tonight but she wants to stay at home with her family. Macca is clearly annoyed by this

POLICE STATION – Peter, Jack & Tracy arrive. Peter insists that they could be here all night – to work out just want they can tell the public at the meeting.

Things are made worse when peter enters his office – pained (in red) on the wall is “didn’t see that coming, did you peter”

VAN PARK HOUSE – sally has flashback of being held hostage last year. Alf enters the house via the back patio (having escorted colleen home).

Sally tells alf about all those horrid memories that have come flooding back, and worse still, Flynn is not here for her this time. Alf insists that sally can’t lean on the likes of himself, Martha, Cassie, ric etc.

POLICE STATION – Tracy thinks that peter is clutching at straws when he suggests that they should have the paint tested – in a bid to perhaps see where it was purchased.

Peter wonders how the stalker got into the station, and jack tells him that he’s found evidence that she used a crowbar to brake in via one of the rear windows.

The phone rings (at 2am). Jack says that colleen has reported hearing some noises. As jack goes to investigate, peter is annoyed - as THIS was the kind of thing that peter was trying to avoid.

BACHELOR PAD – next morning, jack & Martha are talking about stalker (and how peter has been up all night).

Macca enters the room, and comments on the gross-ness of seeing his sister pashing someone. This leads to macca saying that he is looking into staying in the currently personless diner flat.

Macca tries to ring Cassie – but a call goes to her voicemail.

BEACH – Ric & Cassie are talking about the stalker, and being strong for sally. They hug (in a brother/sister way), but macca sees this and thinks otherwise.

POLICE STATION – peter is watching THAT tape – looking for any clues that he can. Peter is disconcerted when Tracy suggests that the stalker MUST be being assisted by someone in the bay (or she wouldn’t have known about the surprise party).

Jack then suggests that they make their way to the public meeting they called last night.

SURF CLUB – All the major players have gathered for the meeting. Cassie seems partic on edge, and others (like Irene & Leah) try to clam her.

Jack, pater & Tracey (with other police) arrive and the meeting begins.

DINER FLAT – macca & Cassie enter, and Cassie voices her concerns about her family. Macca says that she shouldn’t be worried (note – is this over confidence, or is HE working with the stalker?).

Cassie remembers that meeting, and immediately bails (much to macca’s annoyance)

SURF CLUB – as macca & Cassie enter, its clear that they are being watched (by the stalker ???)

When they get inside, peter tells the baysiders that they now have additional personnel (from nearby police stations) and some assistance for the city police. There will also be a much greater police presence on the streets – more patrols etc.

All are still worried and a LOUND boom outside doesn’t help the situation.

Peter * jack rush outside /… where they find a car (a red hatch batch) totally ablaze !!!

SOON AFTER – As firemen hose down the car, peter decides to go with Tracey’s idea, and asks jack to ask Beth who was invited to the party (whether they attended or not).

SURF CLUB – The likes of Alf & Leah try to calm colleen, but they don’t get far. Neither does jack, who insists that peter will answer everyone’s questions soon.

Ric approaches Cassie, and their talk about worry for sally leads to another hug – which macca takes offence to.

Meanwhile, Beth is rather surprised when jack asks her THAT guest list.

POLICE STATION – peter & jack enter his office, and peter says that it sounds like the explosion (of the car) was too extensive so the forensics team probably won’t be able to get anything evidence of substantial value.

A male uniformed officer informs peter and co that a courier driver delivered THAT tape to the van park house .. after being instructed (via phone) to pick up the tape from a bus stop. The client’s name was MAXINE TROOD.

Peter immediately tries to see if this is another anagram (like Wal Harisse).

DINER FLAT – Cassie tries to convince macca that she & ric are only acting the way they are because of the family connections. Macca doesn’t think so though.

Cassie is annoyed, and says that this argument is stupid. Macca agrees with her (for different reasons) and bails.

POLICE STATION – jack tells peter that although he has the list of who was officially to attend the party, he knows that others attended as well.

Jack is NOT impressed when peter suggests that Macca could be the one who is working with the stalker (as macca is a relative newbie in town).

Peter insists that the stalker is getting her info form “close to home” but he doesn’t know where.

The camera pans up to the air conditioning vent in the ceiling – we see a flashing red light, of a bugging device of some kind !!! (end of ep)


Peter discovers the listening device, and he is sure that they will catch the stalker (police are in her flat).

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally’s silver, mosaic patterned matching tube top & skirt (or strapless dress)

SILVER – Cassie’s purple wide collar top

BRONZE – Leah’s orange singlet top

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