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Wed 7 Jun 06 - " The Shelley Syndrome "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The Shelley Syndrome "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 7 Jun 06 - Episode # 4203)

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy physically assaults Charlie (hold him firmly against wall) in a bid to discover where Rachel is. Charlie insists that Kimmy will NEVER find her this way.

Charlie suggests that he may tell Kimmy – after they have a boy’s night out (at Noah’s – which is closed this evening). Kimmy agrees to do so.

POLICE SATION – Martha is worried about another strange person (Charlie) being in the bay, but jack insist that Charlie is nowhere near as big a threat as the stalker.

Jack is keen to head for home, but Martha reminds him that sally has invited them for dinner.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Jack & Martha arrive, and unlock the door. When they open the door, there are no lights on – but that quickly changes.

The lights go on – and everyone yells “surprise !!!”

NOAH’S – Kimmy & Charlie arrive, and Charlie is keen for them to have a good time together. But Kimmy looks as though he’s merely hear to endure this to get to know where Rachel is.

Charlie clues up to this – and confronts Kimmy. Charlie insists that Rachel is ruining everything, and that Kimmy is better off without her etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE – When Tony suggest that Beth has got wedding fever, Beth insists that Tony has caught the “wedding bug” a lot more than she has. Tony says that its because jack is his first child who is to be married.

Cassie & Macca are dancing for a bit – and Cassie is way pleased that Macca does appear to have kicked his drug habit. All the while, Tilly is keeping a close eye on them. When Macca walks away (to talk to other party guests etc), Tilly confronts Cassie, who insist that Macca is off the drugs (which caused him to hit her Cassie says) and that everyone deserves a 2-nd chance.

Elsewhere in the room, peter approaches sally, who says that she is NOT having a partic great time (as she knows that the stalker is alive etc).

Also, jack Martha, Leah & Dan talk about Rachel & Kimmy not being at the party – and that there is no answer form their mobiles.

NOAH’S – Kimmy tells Charlie that it’s not a boy’s night out if they don’t drink spirits. Kimmy goes to that section of the bar, and, whilst talking to Charlie in a bid to distract him, Kimmy tries to send a text msg. Charlie realises tis – and throws the phone to the floor.

Kimmy promises that he won’t try something like that again etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Leah commets that there is still no answer form Rachel’s mobile.

Elsewhere, Martha thanks Macca for his engagement present – an elaborate photo frame similar to one that Martha, as a kid, said that she really liked.

Ric notes that Tilly is paying close attention to Cassie & macca but when Ric confronts Tilly, she says that nothing is wrong. Ric however knows that she is lying.

SURF CLUB – Kimmy & Charlie at in Noah’s and Kimmy suggest that he & Charlie should drink cocktails now. Kimmy however won’t reveal whats in it as a barman doesn’t reveal his secrets.

Charlie thinks that Kimmy is trying to force the info out of him (with the drink), and this leads to Kimmy pushing Charlie against a wall again. Charlie insists that Kimmy will never find Rachel without his help, as she’s in a safe place.

Cut to the gym – where Rachel is bound, gagged and unconscious!!!

Back in the bar, Kimmy continue his cocktail plan – I’m thinking that he either wants Charlie to pass out (so he can escape) or drunk enough to “spill” the info about Rachel, who, at this point, begins to stir, before becoming totally lucid.

She tries to call for help (even with the tape over her mouth).

The music that Kimmy & Charlie had on stops, so Charlie goes for another CD, but Kimmy hears Rachel’s muffled scream. He tries to enter the gym, but it’s locked. There’s a scuffle tween Kimmy & Charlie, during which Kimmy is able to get the gym keys from Charlie’ pocket – AND Charlie crashes to the ground.

Kimmy enters gym, and frees Rachel.

When they go back into Noah’s, Rachel sees that Charlie is WAY unwell. Indeed she thinks that lhs lung has collapsed again. She begins to save him – and orders Kimmy to ring ambulance.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Macca * Ric talk about his drug situation.

Ric then approaches Cassie, who is bewildered when he sys that she can talk to him about anything at any time, (note – Tilly is paying close attention to all of this)

HOSPITAL – Rachel is way stressing about what’s going to happen (to both herself & Charlie).

Dr Young approaches, and says that they have reinflated Charlies’ lung, and are taking him to the psych ward.

Kimmy & Rachel see them wheeling Charlie to said ward – and Charlie STILL says things like “we can still be best mates” etc.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel & Kimmy enter, and Rachel is way annoyed that, with all his psych knowledge, that she didn’t predict that this would happen. Rachel suspects that its because she was too close to the situation.

Kimmy then WAY can’t believe it when Rachel says that she is V worried about Charlie …and feels V sorry for him. Kimmy tells Rachel that he think she’s amazing for having such thoughts (considering what Charlie did to here).

VAN PARK HOUSE – after several speeches by the likes of Jack & Martha, thee is a knock at the door.

A mystery present has been placed there – a videotape. When they paly it – everyone sees images like that of peter with a noose around his neck, with a constant Tick Tock as the soundtrack.

Peter quickly stops the tape, and removes it from the VCR. Everyone else looks a combo of intrigued & concerned. (end of ep)


Peter suspects tat someone in the bay is in league with the stalker – as she appears to be always one step ahead.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie's primarily hot pink, tropical themed halter neck dress

SILVER – Beth's aqua plunging V neck top

BRONZE – Colleen's gold "Asian style" top

HONOURABLE MENTION - Ric's primarily red button up shirt

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