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Mon 5 Jun 06 - " What A Pity Your Mother Didn’t ..... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" What A Pity Your Mother Didn’t Use Contraception When She Had The Chance "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 5 Jun 06 - Episode # 4201)

OPENING CREDITS – Hyde is gone, leaving Belle & Irene in that segment.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda thinks that her mum (kitty) is merely here because of Amanda’s recently acquired fortune. Amanda demands to know the truth.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel tells kimmy bout Charlie’s accusations. Rachel also insists that although Olivetti (the CEO) seems to believe her, she could still loose her job anyway.

Kimmy wonders what kimmy will do next.

CHARLIE’S PLACE – Charlie looses it, and trashes the room. He sees a framed pic of himself & his gran. He says, “This is all Rachel’s fault !!”

(Note – the lighting was great, i.e. a darkened room, except for a few colourful lava lamps)

McADAMS MANSION – Kitty tells Amanda that she thinks that they should talk (rather than argue). Kitty convinces Amanda to let her stay the night.

When Amanda is out of the room, kitty phones someone. She has a pic of a young Belle in her hand, and says “I‘ve not told her (Amanda) yet, as things are still way tense tween us”

NEAR BEACH – next morning, Kimmy encounters Charlie, and makes it V clear that Charlie isn’t going to split up kimmy/Rachel.

When kimmy walks away, an angered Charlie looks like he is thinking of a bit to do just that (split them).

DINER – when Irene comments bout how much food that Amanda is taking away, Amanda comments that her mum is in town.

Amanda then asks Irene if she would consider having her property used in the film. Irene isn’t keen, but Amanda gives her all the paperwork for the offer.

Belle weighs into the conversation, insisting that Amanda is a pushy person, who thinks her money can buy everything. Amanda responds by mentioning that belle was the one who put THAT magazine in her trash earlier this year. Belle EAGERLY admits that this was all her own idea (to do so).

Amanda responds which the BRILLIANTLY ironic, “What A Pity Your Mother Didn’t Use Contraception When She Had The Chance” … before Amanda stormed out.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda returns home, and sis annoyed that Kitty had promised Ryan that she’ll be around for a while.

Kitty then pulls out her trump card … that she is DYING of breast cancer, and wants to make up for past mistakes.

Amanda is way flustered, i.e. “what am is supposed to do his that information?”

HOSPITAL – kimmy & Rachel talk bout how late Charlie is for his “chat” withy the hospital board.

Rachel is about to be called in – to give her side of things, when Charlie arrives. He says that he was held up organizing the funeral.

McADAMS MANSION – Ryan & kitty are in the kitchen, when Amanda enters the room and tells kitty that she can STAY. Kitty is clearly V pleased.

HOSPITAL – Charlie tell the board the Rachel formed an inappropriate crush on him, and that kimmy threatened him this morning.

Charlie also claims that he SAW Rachel inject the 2-nd dose of morphine. (Note – Charlie was all V emotional).

McADAMS MANSION – Belle arrives, and Ryan goes inside to tell Amanda that someone is here to see her.

Amanda goes outside and is annoyed that the person there is belle, who give her back the REJECTED info that Amanda handed to Irene earlier.

The two majorly clash once more, and there voices are so loud that Kitty takes an interest. She pears out to window … but then cowers back in horror.

Amanda re-enters the house, and has a few choice words to say about Belle – which further heightens Kitty’s alarm about her naughty little secret.

HOSPITAL – Rachel fronts the board. She expresses her concerns about Charlie and his obsession with kimmy. Olivetti responds by saying that Charlie predicted that Rachel would use kimmy as a witness.

When Rachel wonders why the board thinks that she would start an inappropriate relationship with the relative of a patient, Olivetti reminds her that she previously stated that she was prepared to throw away her career because of her relationship with kimmy.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel is worried that the board will side with Charlie, who she thinks is WAY more cunning than he appears to be. Rachel insists, “This isn’t over yet”

CHARLIE’S PLACE – Charlie cuts a pic of kimmy & Rachel in half -removing Rachel form the picture (end of ep)


Charlie’s obsession continues – Jack shows Rachel & Kimmy paperwork that shows that Charlie was arranging RACHEL’S funeral.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s multi coloured, floral motifed dress

SILVER – Irene’s pink (rose motif) button up shirt

BRONZE – Kitty’s brown (with a blue flower motif) button up shirt

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