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Love, Life and Lies

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Topic Title - Love life and lies

Topic Description – Jack, Martha, Serena, Dylan, Beth, Tony, Matilda, Lucus, Roo, Brett, Rose, Boyd and others.

Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack, Martha and Serena

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Warnings will be given at the beginging of chapters if needed.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Jack's still in jail, but his isolation from the real world has made him look back over his life, so while his wife Serena's dying in hospital from Luekemia, what will he do when he realizes he's still in love with Martha.

Love, life and lies.

Sequel to 'A shattered hearts dreams

Hey guys this is the sequel to A shattered hearts dreams. Read Some life for a princess, then A shattered hearts dreams first before reading, it will all make a lot more sense then.

Chapter number 1. Old flames

Jack sat at the edge of his jail cell as he listened to his wife Serena talk, listening to her had been one of the highlights of his days for the last three months, she had so much to talk about, stuff that he could no longer be a part of anymore, even the little things that happened, small comments that had been said, he enjoyed hearing all of it.

“Well I have too get going, I'm due back at work” Serena told him leaning against the bars and giving him a kiss.

“Ok, bye”.

“Bye, see you tomorrow”.

“Hey” Martha greeted both of them as she entered with little chirpy Dylan skipping along ahead of her.

“Hey, how's the birthday boy?” Serena exclaimed getting down on her knees to give Dylan a hug.

“He's had a very big day so far” Martha told them as Dylan run up to the bars to see his daddy.

“Anyway I really have to go so I'll leave you three alone” Serena told them exiting through the door and closing it behind her.

“So little buddy, did you have a good party?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, you should have been there, it was so cool, the balloons were like this big!” Dylan exclaimed stretching his arms out as far as he could.

“Sounds like a lot of fun”.

“So how's Jack holding up?” Beth asked Serena who was washing up some glasses behind the counter at Noah's bar.

“Fairly well actually considering the circumstances, but you can tell he just wants to come back home”.

“Yeah, it's got to be hard being isolated from everything you love. How are you holding up?”

“I'm just taking one day at a time, I just hope the lawyer hurries up with his negotiation over Jack's sentence, cause i don't know how much more of this I can take”.

“You'll get there” Beth told her patting he on the back, “I'm sure you'll get there”.

“Thanks Beth”.

Beth just smiled starting to get back to work serving customers, “any time”.

“Poor little guy, he must be all tuckered out” Jack commented, looking at Dylan asleep on Martha's lap, “he was so energetic before”.

“Yes, well that was thanks to a lot of red cordial” Martha smiled also looking down at Dylan, running her hands through his hair gently.

“Martha” Jack started.


“Do you ever wonder what might of happened if we did know what was going on on that night?”

Martha just looked at him blankly for a moment, “what night?”

“The night of your coming up party”

“Only every day” she said softly.


Martha nodded, “why is this coming up now?”

“Well, just lately, having so much thinking time, I've started thinking about what I could of done differently.....”

“So you wouldn't of ended up in here?”

“Yeah, why did all this have to happen?”

“I don't know Jack, but trying to change the past isn't going to help any of this”.

“I know, but-”

“Look Jack I'm not saying that you have to like the past, if I could go back then I'd change a lot too”.

“Like what?”

“Like running away from Summer bay in the first place” she told him creating a deadly few seconds of silence. “What would of happened if I'd stayed Jack? I mean, would things of turned out the way they have?” she questioned, Jack's sudden dwelling on the past had got her asking questions too.

“I don't know, but things would of definitely been significantly different..... We could of still been together” he added, without thinking, this cell seemed to make a lot come out that normally wouldn't of.

“Yeah, we could of” she whispered, they both locked eyes and looked deep into each other, this wasn't something that ether of them had ment to do. “Look why are we bringing any of this up anyway?” Martha broke out of the moment, shaking her head slightly, “I mean, things are different now, you've got Serena, remember? Were just friends aren't we?”

Jack and Martha both looked into each other's eyes again, Martha could see that the answer was no, but the words came out differently, even though they both knew it was a lie “Yeah, um, sorry, yeah were just friends” Jack apologized also snapping out of it.

“Anyway I should probably get this little rascal home into his own bed” Martha said trying to avoid the orquadness that had been created.

“Um, yeah, see ya”.


Please review, I would really love to hear what you think of it so far.

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Here's the next chapter.

Chapter number 2. Hit and run

“Well I'm off” Serena said trowing her tea towel on the bench before coming through to the other side where the customers usually stood.

“Ok I'll see you back home then” Beth answered taking some papers into the store room.

Serena exited through the big double doors of the surf club, feeling the cold breeze suddenly blow on her as she got out side. It was dark and the bright moon could be seen shinning across the water making Serena smile as she walked towards her car in the car park in front of the beach, and some how it distracted her from what was coming slowly and cautiously behind her, a car that had been waiting around the corner for hours now came up behind her and any sound that it was still making was blocked out from the sound of her mobile. She fiddled through her bag to find it and answered it in a hurry before it went to voice mail. “Hello?”

“Hey Serena, it's Tony”.

“Oh hey Tony”

“Look just wondering if you and Beth are heading home soon?”

“Yeah well Beth's still closing up and I'm on my way to the car right now” she told him, going through her bag to find her keys, by now the mysterious car was only a meter behind her, she looked around to see what it was, she tried to get away, but there wasn't enough time, the car move quickly in a matter of seconds, hitting her hard.

“Serena? Are you still there? What was that noise?” he started, “Hello?” But she didn't answer, she was lying on the ground, still as could be, he phone lying on the ground about thirty centimeters away from her.

In the distance the mysterious car raced away, in the drivers seat was a very evil Matt, or as Martha would say 'clone Sean'.

“Come on Dylan it's bed time” Martha called down the hall way from the bathroom, “come and brush your teeth”.

“No I don't want to” Dylan complained.

“Well to bad, even birthday boy's need their sleep” she told him picking him up and carrying him on her side to the basin where she put him down.

“Mummy” he started.

“Yes?” she answered as she put toothpaste on his tooth brush and knelt down to his level to help him clean his teeth.

“How come daddy doesn't live with us like Jason's daddy lives with him?”

Martha was lost for words, she knew he'd ask something like this one day, but she hadn't actually thought of the answer, “um, well, sometimes” she started, she was going to have to lie to him this time, “sometimes families are just different, like Jason's family is different to ours”.

“But why mum?” he asked innocently.

“Because it just is” she told him, “now come on we need to brush those teeth of yours”.

“Serena's taking her time” Maddie commented from across the lounge room.

“Yeah she is, I hope nothings happened, cause she hung up in a hurry” Tony told her.

“Well if everything was alright, don't you think she'd be home already?” Lucas butted in.

“Yeah I think Lucas is right, it's been an hour already” Maddie added.

“Well I'll see if Beth will answer her phone this time then” Tony told them getting back up off the couch.

“Hello?” Beth's voice sounded through the phone.

“Look Beth, Serena wouldn't be there by any chance would she?”

“Well hello to you too honey” Beth said sarcastically as she walked towards the car park.

“Sorry, there's just a few worried faces here cause she said she was on her way home an hour ago”.

“Well I haven't seen her since she left” she told him, “wait-”.


“Look Tony I'll call you back in a minute, bye” she said hanging up in a hurry, “Serena” she exclaimed squatting down on the ground in the middle of the car park shaking Serena's arm, “Serena, can you here me?”

Please review.

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Chapter number 3. The heartbroken mother

“Is she ok?” Maddie asked racing in the hospital doors to where her mother who was sitting on a blue plastic chair of the waiting room of the hospital, Tony and Lucas were right behind her.

“We don't know yet sweet” she explained, “the doctors only took her in ten minutes ago”.

“But she's still alive isn't she?” Lucas asked.

“Well they haven't came out and told me otherwise” Beth told them.

“Hey” Rose greeted a very lost Martha who was walking towards the couch she was sitting on reading a magazine.

“Hey” Martha said softly.

“What's wrong?”

Martha sighed, “before Dylan asked me why his daddy didn't live with us like his friend's dad's live with them”.

“Martha I thought you'd already realized that it was going to happen one day”.

“Yeah, but, I never thought it was going to happen soon. I got such a shock when he asked me, and then I came to realize that one day he's going to sit in the car on the way home from visiting Jack and ask why his dad's in jail, what am I supposed to do then, am I supposed to just say, 'oh he just killed someone that's all, no big deal'”.

“Look we'll take it as it comes, ok?”.


“It's more than just Dylan isn't it?” Rose said after watching Martha for a second.

“You know me too well” Martha answered, with most other people she would of just said nothing else was wrong, but over all the years she had known Rose one thing she'd learned was never to lie to her, she could see right through you.

“It's Jack isn't it?”

“Why do you know everything?”

“I don't, I just couldn't help noticing that you've been a bit on edge ever since you came back from visiting him.

Martha sighed, “while I was there, just out of nowhere Jack asked me if I ever wondered what things would be like if we'd both known what we were doing on the night of my coming up party, and then some how he got me started on wondering how things could have been if I'd done things differently”.

“Oh, I see”.

“Then I said something about what would it be like if I had never run away from Summer bay in the first place” she told her, “then he said a few things I can't remember, but the last thing he said was-” she paused for a moment, “he said we might of still been together”.

“And how do you feel about that?” Rose asked not knowing whether to take it as a good thing or a bad thing.

“I don't know, after that I just asked why this was bing brought back up, and asked if we were still just friends. He had this look in his eyes like he was trying to tell me that he still loved me, but it came out completely different”.

“Oh Martha”.

“The weird thing was that he still seemed like he wanted to say we weren't just friends, but that it was too complicated”.


“Yeah, Serena” Martha answered, “I mean, I like the girl, shes not the person I first thought she was, but, I don't know...”

“Look things will work out” Rose comforted her.

“Yeah maybe one day, but that's what everyone has tried to tell me for years, but not much has changed”.

“Don't say that Martha, have you forgotten what life was like for both of us just over three years ago? We were in slavery, you can't honestly tell me that not much has changed”.

Martha looked back up at Rose, taking her eyes away from her hands that she'd been stairing at before, “Rose the circumstances might of changed, but life just a complicated, maybe even more complicated”.

“Look, it might be complicated, bu Martha, you have so many people around you that love and care for you that you didn't have in slavery”.

“I know” she whispered, “I know”.

Back at the hospital in the emergency room Serena was being operated on. “Pulse rate?” the doctor asked.

“Normal” the assistant nurse answered.

“Heart rate?”

“Normal too, everything seems to be normal on this chart” the nurse told him.

“Then why the hell isn't she waking up?”

“Look, we should probably run some more tests, there's probably a logical explanation for all this” the nurse told the doctor.

“Yeah, where to start is the question, can you go check her medical history again for me, I'm just going to do another blood test”.

“Ok, I'll be back in a minute then” the nurse said picking up her clipboard and leaving the room. As soon as she'd left the doctor put down the syringe that was in his hand and lent over.

“You better not wake up Serena, cause if they find out that I spiked your drink, or that I ran you over then I'm going to come after you, and your never going to know what hit you, you might have been lucky to get away from Sean, but your not going to get away from me” he threatened.

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Chapter number 4. Don't try messing with me

“What's taking them so long?” Maddie grizzled, it was the millionth time she'd asked this.

“I don't know, if I knew I would of told you the first time you asked” Beth groaned impatiently.

“Sorry mum, I'm just worried”.

“We all are” Lucas added giving her a hug.

Out of the corner of her eye, Beth could see a doctor opening the door of Serena's room, she ran up to him quickly before he could open the door, “Is she going to be ok?”

“I don't know, just let me look at the patient first”.

“But she's been in there for half an hour, how could nobody of looked at her?” Beth told him, she recognized him from somewhere, she just couldn't remember where.

“Well I'm sure another doctor has been in to see her, were in a bit of a rush today, everyone's doing more than they can, I'll let you know what's going on as soon as possible” the doctor explained, he then opened to door and saw Matt standing there. “What the hell?”

“Um, Taylor, um, u, hey u, how are you going brother?” Matt said nervously.

“You want to know how I'm going?” he yelled furiously, “there are sick people here and all you can think about is pretending to be me, your not even a doctor. You might look like me, but that doesn't mean you are me”.

Beth stuck her head in the room to see what all the fuss was about, “Is there a problem doctor?” Then she realized where she'd met the doctor from, well one of them anyway, the one across the room was more familiar, he they looked almost identical, except this particular one had more of some kind of evilness in his face, she'd seen him hanging around the bar earlier that night with some kind of uneasiness about his presence there, like he was up to some kind of trouble.

“Um yes, I'm afraid your going to have to leave the room though”.

“Ok” Beth agreed, in a very unsure way before walking back to where the others were sitting. Taylor closed the door and then picked up the phone.

“What are you doing now?” Matt asked.

“I'm calling the police”.

“Wait no, please Taylor, just let me explain-”.

“Save it Matt, I know what you've been up too in the last couple of years, your a wanted criminal”.

“So your just going to turn me in?” Matt asked, ready to try and run for it.

“Yeah I am, and don't even think of running, I can call security and they'd lock the building before you got to the entrance”.

Matt didn't say a word, he just swallowed hard in a guilty manner, he'd been caught before his plan had succeeded.

“Hello could I please be put through to the police” Taylor started when a computerized person answered the phone.

“So they've got him down at the hospital now?” Peter asked Tracey who had just got off the phone.

“Yeap, he was pretending to be his brother and was working on one of the patients down there, so well need to check on the patients he's touched or gone anywhere near” Tracey explained.

“Ok, you come with me then, Lara go get some back up, we need all the help we can get with this one, who knows what he's capable of”.

“What?” Lara asked a little confused, she hadn't heard the start of the conversation.

“We need to go to the hospital and arrest someone” Peter told her.

“Ok then, I'll get the backup” she agreed.

“Oh and Lara” Peter stopped her.


“Please don't chose any of the juniors, we can't take any risks with this guy. And hurry!”.


In Jack's jail cell he lay in his bed alone, no one ever came in at this time of night. The bed was as hard as a stone and his pillow wasn't much better, he couldn't get the days events off his mind, when Martha had been her that afternoon he could of sworn that that question had ment she was still in love with him. The truth was, he still loved her too, but she was right, he was married to Serena now, and yes it was true, he loved her too. 'What am I supposed to do when I'm in love with two different girls?' he asked himself, 'and why did the two most beautiful girls in the world have to love me?'

“Mum, why are there police officers coming in here?” Maddie asked stairing at the numerous officers coming down the corridor.

“I don't know, maybe there's a suspect that's in hospital” Beth guessed.

“Well then why are they going in Serena's room?”

“There what?” she screamed looking up in a hurry from the magazine she was reading, just in time to see Peter drag out one of the identical guys that had been in there before.

“You've got the wrong one” the guy in hand cuffs (Taylor) yelled.

“Matt, don't try your luck” Matt (the real Matt) told him smartly, as soon as Peter looked away for a second Matt gave Taylor a evil smile, “don't try messing with me bro, cause if you do, I promise you that it will be the last thing you do” he whispered soft enough so that the only person that could hear was Matt.

“Telling us lies isn't going to get you anywhere Matt” Peter told him frustratedly, in the interview room after hearing his story again for the tenth time.

“I told you already, I don't know anything about Sean Loyd's illegal business because I'm not Matt Wilson, I'm his brother Taylor Wilson, Matt was pretending to be me, that's why I called you in the first place” Taylor defended himself from where he sat in the opposite side of the desk to Peter. “Your a cop, your supposed to be catching the criminals, not locking up innocent doctors”.

“Yeah and if I bring your brother in here, who ever he is, Matt or Taylor, he'd probably going to give me the same garbage story” Peter yelled.

“Yeah and how do you know if I'm lying or not?”

Peter got up and walked to the door, “Tracey”.


“Can you go down to the hospital and get the other one, we've got more work to do than we thought” he told her sticking his head out of the door.

“Yeah ok” she agreed leaving the office.

“So every thing's going to be ok now?” Beth asked the nurse who had calmed her down after the police dragged away the doctor.

“It should be, we're getting another doctor in to have a look at her soon”.

“Ok thank you”.

“That's ok, I'm just doing my job” the nurse told her as Tracey came up behind her.

“Excuse me” Tracey interrupted.

“Yes, is there a problem officer?” the nurse asked her.

“Yeah, um, I'm looking for Dr Wilson, he isn't in by any chance is he?”

“No sorry, he left not long after his brother got arrested, he just needed some space”.

“Do you know where I can find him then? We need to bring him in for questioning about his brother”.

“Well he should be at his apartment, come with me, I'll give you the address” the nurse told her putting her clip board down on the desk and walking to some filling cabinets.

“So where is he then?” Peter asked when Tracey came through the door without Matt.

“We have a problem” she started, “when I went to the hospital the nurse said he wasn't there and she gave me an address for his apartment, and when I went there nobody was home” she explained. “You don't think maybe he is Matt and he's done a runner do you?”

“I don't know, but there's only one way to find out” Peter told her.

“And what might that be?”

“DNA testing, they should have theirs on their medical histories, all we need to do is test the guy in the interview room who says he's Taylor to see if he's telling the truth”.

“Ok, sounds easy enough” Tracey agreed.

Peter took in a deep breath, “it will only be easy if we really do have Matt, if we don't then it's going to be tough tracing him down, especially if he knows were on to him”.

“But he doesn't know were on to him” Tracey pointed out.

“Then why did he do a runner?” Peter answered her.

“Ok, maybe your right, but how do we even know he's done a runner, the nurse told me that he left early cause he needed some space after watching his brother be dragged off to jail”.

“Well if there's no sign of him by tomorrow then I want all surrounding stations notified of his disappearance, if he is Matt then who knows what he might do next”.

“He can't be that dangerous can he?”

“Yes he can, he might of just been Sean's side kick, but by our records of him, Matt was the mastermind of all there crimes, Sean just took all the glory for it”.

Lara suddenly felt a cold shiver down her spine when she hear all this from her desk next to where they were talking, she knew him from a long time ago, and she never thought he'd do something like this, she thought she could just play along and pretend that nothing was wrong, but she couldn't. A tear ran down her face and she tried to move towards the desk before anyone noticed.

“Lara what's wrong?” Peter asked seeing her crying.

“Nothing” she lied facing away from him, pretending to be looking for a file at her desk.

“Lara, I know you better than that, you don't start crying over nothing”. Lara gave in and turned to face him, her face said it all, there were tears running down it like crazy. “Come into my office, we can't have you working in this state” he told her patting her on the shoulder and opening the door of his office to let her in.

“So have you found out what's wrong with her?” Tony asked getting up in a hurry when the doctor came back out of Serena's room.

“Yes, Mr Holden, she's in a comer. But we believe that there's something else wrong with her but we can't be sure until we've done some more tests” she explained.

“Can we see her?” Beth butted in.

“Yes but if see wakes up then let me know”.

“Ok we will” Beth promised making her way into the room with Tony, Maddie and Lucas behind her.

“Dr Simpson” a nurse called out from down the hall.

“Yes?” she called back making her way down the hall and putting her clipboard down on the bench on her way.

“Were you the one who sent through the blood samples for Serena Holden?” the nurse asked.

“Yeap, have you got the results?”

“Yes, it's not good though”.

“What do you mean?”

“I think you should take a look for yourself doctor” she said handing her the result sheet.

“You've got to be kidding me” she said in shock, “I expected something like low iron levels, not this”.

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Chapter number 5. Crying confessions

“So what's wrong Lara?” Peter asked comforting her. He sat down next to her on one of the chairs against the wall, this was probably pretty big, in the years he'd been here he had not even once seen Lara cry.

“It's about Matt and Taylor Wilson” she started stairing across the room, “Peter, their my older brothers”.

Peter's jaw dropped and his eyes opened wider than they had he found out years and years ago that Eve Jacobson was still alive, “Your maiden name was Wilson?”

“Yeah, I never though Matt would do anything that he's done” she sobbed, not knowing what else to do Peter comforted her by putting his arm around her and letting her cry into his shoulder. “He was always a bit weird when we were growing up, he was the odd one out, but I never though he was that odd”.

“Why didn't someone say something then? You were there when he was arrested, and you were in the station when he was questioned”.

“If you remember correctly Peter, I was that volunteered to stay in the car and I wasn't in the interview room, Matt or Taylor, which ever one you arrested, he didn't see me”.

“I don't know how you did it, I mean you kept your mouth shut and held your head high when you knew your brother was being arrested?”

“I though Matt was being arrested, You wouldn't understand unless you know how our family worked” She told him sitting back up straight, breaking away from Peter's arms.

“So do you think it's really Taylor in there?” he asked calmly.

“I don't know, I don't know” she repeated herself, she couldn't face him, and she wasn't about to ether.

“Do you want to see him” he asked her getting up and starting to pace, “I know I don't normally allow visitor in the interview room but-”.

“No Peter I don't want to see him!” Lara snapped at him.

“Ok, ok, I'm just trying to help” he put his hands up in defense like she was pointing a gun at him.

“I know, I'm sorry” she apologized berrying her face in her hands.

“It's ok, you have every right to be upset” Peter told her sitting back down.

“I just don't know what to do Peter” she cried, berrying her head in his chest and Peter wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey how about we both knock off early and do something tonight to cheer you up”.

“You sure?”

Yes, come on, it will do you some good”.


“She looks so helpless” Maddie pointed out sadly as they all sat around Serena's bed in the hospital.

“Yeah, it's not like her at all” Lucas agreed.

“Hey come one we've got to think positive now, Serena's going to be fine, she's going to wake up and then she's going to come home with us. Then Mr Macklin's lawyers are going to find a way to bring Jack home and we'll all be together again, hey doesn't that sound good?” Tony told them trying to cheer everybody up.

“Yeah, your dad's right, everything is going to be fine” Beth insured them.

“Sorry to interrupt” Dr Simpson apologized coming in the door and closing it behind her.

“That's ok, your not interrupting much” Beth told her, “So do you have to do some more tests now?”

“Actually no I don't, I did a blood test earlier and I've found something” she started.

“This doesn't sound good” Maddie panicked.

Dr Simpson took in a deep breath, it was never easy telling a patients family of the conditions they were in, “no it's not good, I've found a disease in her system”.

“What disease are we talking about then?” Tony asked.

“it's a form of cancer of the blood and bone marrow called Acute myelogenous Leukemia” she told them. No one in the room knew what to say, it was a big shock. “This explains why the machines are having to do her breathing for her”.

“What do you mean?”

“Her condition means that there are a not enough red blood cells taking oxygen around her body, she was very lucky not to show any other symptoms”.

“So is there anyway to fight it?” Lucas questioned.

“Yes, chemotherapy will be necessary for her”.

“Chemotherapy? are there any risks?” Beth asked, tears were already forming in her eyes.

“Yes, the chemotherapy kills of blood cells and bone marrow cells to get rid of the infected ones, but the uninfected ones also get killed. She'll have to be kept away from any bacteria or form of illness, if she was even to get a cold or an infection without the necessary blood cells to fight it, it could kill her. She'll also be very fragile because of the lose of the platelet cells, so she will need very careful handling”.

“So does that mean she'd be kept here?” Tony asked.

“Yes, any doctors or nurses that come near her would have to be free from illness and be wearing masks and gloves to avoid giving her anything so it's unlikely that she would catch anything” she told them, “I'll give you all some time to consider what to do, and I'll get the nurse to give you some information sheets about the disease so that your more aware of the condition. If you need anything else you know where to find me”.

“Thanks” Beth answered trying not to break down.

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“Hey come one we've got to think positive now, Serena's going to be fine, she's going to wake up and then she's going to come home with us. Then Mr Macklin's lawyers are going to find a way to bring Jack home and we'll all be together again, hey doesn't that sound good?” Tony told them trying to cheer everybody up.

Tony your living in dreamland. Didn't see the Lara thing coming, well done! Dolly you've definitley done your homework with all this "Acute myelogenous Leukemia" Just looking at it sends my head into a spin, lol! To be ohnest i don't have anything to say about Serena as i don't care about her, just glad she's not pregnant! Great chapter as usual, please update soon! Oh and how's poor Jack doing.........?

Yes i did do my homework, with the help of my good old friend Yahoo. :)

You'll see how Jack's doing in this chapter, hope you like it, it's not all that good.

Chapter number 6. Statistics, the horrible truth

“Hello, haven't seen you all at the one time for a while” Jack greeted Maddie, Lucas, Beth and Tony as they made there way into the room that Jack's cell took up half of the space of.

“Hey” they all replied putting on a smile and tying not to sound to upset.

“So what's the weather like outside? there hasn't been any sunlight come through here yet”.

“Oh, it's pretty cloudy, not much of a day” Tony told him.

“Dad, I know that look, what's going on?” Jack asked, seeing right through his put on cheerfulness.

Tony sighed and looked back at Beth, Maddie and Lucas who had also just stopped putting on there little happy act, “mate, um, it's Serena” he started.

“What's happened?”

“Last night Beth found her lying unconscious in the middle of the surf club car park”.

“Is she ok?” Jack asked sounding concerned.

“She's still in a comer. But they found something else out last night, she's got Leukemia”.

Jack's mouth dropped, “She's what, but, she can't die”.

“It doesn't mean she's going to die” Beth assured him.

“Yeah, but it still means she's got a fairly good chance of dieing” Jack told her.

“Look Jack I know your upset about this, we all are, but lets just think about what we can do to help rather than what could happen if we do nothing”.

“Alright, so how serious is it?”

“It's a condition called Acute myelogenous Leukemia, but there suggesting that we look into chemotherapy”.

“Ok” he said nervously.

“I brought the informations sheets along with me so you could have a look if you want to” he said handing him a few sheets of paper. Jack took them in his hand reading quickly through them until he came to the statistics part.

“Only 19.8 percent survive?” he asked shocked at what the papers said.

“Yeah, that's why we need to start her in therapy as soon a possible”.

“Dad, what if she does die?” he asked, tears were coming to his eyes.

“Look she's going to be fine” Tony told him trying to sound positive.

“Dad you saw what the statistics said, only 19.8 percent of people who have had the disease have actually survived it”.

“Jack just calm down for a minute”Beth started, “Serena has a better chance because she hadn't started to show very many of the symptoms yet, she was lucky that the doctor did a blood test and found it”.

Jack couldn't say anymore, he wanted to believe that she was going to make it through, but his heart was telling him the opposite.

“Mum, she's dead!” Dylan screamed when they walked into Serena's hospital room.

“Shh sweety, she's not dead, she's just sleeping” Martha explained picking him up and letting him stand in the chair next to Serena's bed so he could see.

“If she'd not dead then why isn't she waking up mummy?”

“She just must be very tiered Dylan” she lied, he was to young and innocent know the truth.

Although Dylan believed his mother, he still felt sad like something was really wrong, he sighed and flopped himself down on the chair.

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Chapter number 7. Waking up to reality

“Feeling any better today?” Peter asked Laura who had just walked in the door of the police station for her afternoon shift.

“Yeah, thanks for last night Pete, it was good to have someone to talk to about it”.

“Your welcome, just looking out for a friend” Peter told her giving her a smile, “anyway see you later, I've got a meeting to go to”.

“Ok, bye” she replied as he left through the door.

Serena woke up slowly, she could hear the steady beeping of the heart monitor that was next to her bed. Her vision began to kick in and the hospital room around her began to turn from a pitch black, lifeless, meaningless, picture to the sights of the doctor (Dr Simpson) and a nurse that were doing some testes on her. Then the doctor started talking to her as she continued to regain her consciousness. “Can you tell me where you are?”

“I'm in the hospital” she replied weakly as the doctor shined a light in her eyes.

“Very good, now can you tell me what you last remember?” Dr Simpson asked putting down the light and waiting for her answer.

“I was on the phone to Tony and a car came up behind me and hit me”.

“Ok, well at least you don't have any brain damage”.

“Ok, ok, thank you for letting us know” Tony said as he talked on the phone to the nurse from the hospital. “Ok, bye, we'll be down there as soon as possible” he told her hanging up and turning back round to everyone else in the room where they still were with Jack. “That was the hospital”.

“Is she ok?” Jack jumped in before anyone else had the chance to say anything.

“She's just woken up, and it's safe to say that she doesn't have any brain damage” Tony announced.

“Well thats good to hear” Maddie said in relief.

“Yeah” Lucas agreed, “that means we can start the Chemotherapy sooner”.

“Which means she's got a better chance of winning this battle” Beth added looking at Jack in reassurance.

“Ok well call as soon as you see her, and put her on the phone, I really want to talk to her” Jack told them.

“Ok we will mate” Tony replied, “we've got the prison's number don't we?” he asked turning to Beth.

“Yes, and if we don't Serena knows it off by heart so we won't have any problems” she answered. “Well we better get going then”.

“Yeap, see you all later” Jack said.

Back at the hospital Serena was still lying in her bed when Dr Simpson came back in. “So will I be able to go back home soon?” she asked.

“Um, no, Serena while you were still unconscious we did some blood tests and we've found a form of cancer in your system”.


“Acute myelogenous Leukemia”.

“No, please no” she begged.

“I'm sorry, all can promise is that were going to do the best we can to cure you. I'll give you the same sheets I gave your family so you know what your dealing with”.

“No, I don't need the sheets I already know about it, my father was a cancer specialist” she told her, “I just can't believe this is happening. I mean, Acute myelogenous Leukemia, that's too rate for my age, I'm not over sixty five, and I'm not under fifteen, I'm out in the middle where I've got less chance to survive” she cried. “And I haven't found any symptoms, I'm not bruising easily I haven't been sort of air-”.

“Actually you have been sort of air while you've been in here. Look do you need anything?”

“No thank you, I just want to be alone” Serena replied softly.


Ok so I know I shouldn't be complaining about not getting any criticism, but it would be really helpful if I had a little bit of feed back telling me how I could improve. Anyone who reviews on fanfiction.net would know about a couple of lines that are always down the bottom of the review box that goes like this:

“It is extremely helpful to use the opportunity to comment on an aspect of the story that can be improved. A well rounded critique is often the most rewarding tool for the writer”.

And it's true, it is a very good tool to know how I could be writing better. Anyway please tell me what you think.

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ok now if you can think of anything else that needs to be done to improve this then please don't hesitate to tell me.

Here's the next chapter.

Chapter number 8. Big brother is watching

“Hey” Martha sighed as she entered the room where Jack was being held.

“Hey” he replied back. “I guess you've already heard about Serena?”

“Yeah, I've been in to see her too, she looked so helpless”.

“Was that before or after she woke up?”

“She woke up?” Martha exclaimed.

“Yes about an hour ago Dad, Beth, Maddie and Luc were all here and they gave dad a call to say she had woken up”.

“Well that's good then” she sighed in relief.

“Yeah, but it's not even half the battle yet” Jack said softly looking down at his hands.

“Hey, come on don't think like that, were all going to help her make it our of that hospital alive” Martha comforted him, placing her hand through the bars and on top of Jack's hands.

He looked up at her and smiled weakly in appreciation of her kind gesture, “thanks”.


At the hospital Beth, Tony, Maddie and Lucas were rushing down the hall to Serena's room to see if she was ok. “Um are you guys here to see Serena?” one of the near by nurses asked.

“Yeah, can we go in?” Beth asked.

“Yes but one at a time, she's still in a lot of shock after finding out about the Leukemia” the nurse told them before moving on to some patients in the hall waiting to be taken into a room.

“I'll go” Beth offered.

“Ok, send our love then” Tony told her.

“I will” she agreed before disappearing through the door.

“Hey” Serena said, weakly giving her a forced smile. She'd been crying, her eyes were red and a scarred look returned to her face, “what am I going to do?” she burst into tears again.

“Aww love it's going to be ok” she comforted her sitting next to her on the bed and giving her a gentle hug trying not to bump her in any way in case the disease had gotten worse.


“Hello anyone here?” Matt's voice called out as he entered an old abandoned house in the middle of the bush. The room was dark and haunting, evil lurking round the corner.

“Yes, Matt I'm here” a voice answered from down the hall.

“So I slipped that stuff into Serena Holden's drink and-” Matt started walking down the hall and into a room that had a lamp on in the corner.

“You gave her the wrong stuff” the voice interrupted.

“What do you mean, you said you left it on the bench next to the-” Matt paused, “oh no, please don't tell me I took the pain killers instead”.

“I'd be lying if I told you that”.

“Damn!” Matt yelled grabbing a vase that was in a table next to him and trowing it across the room with force, smashing it into the lamp that had been the only light source in the whole house.

“Matt, just calm down”.

“Don't you tell me to calm down, I wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you”.

“If it wasn't for me? Matt, if i remember correctly this was your idea, not mine” the voice told him, turning on the light switch in the room so that the whole room was visible, and the person Matt was talking to became visible, it was a female in her early thirties dressed in a black tank top and denim jeans, her hair was long, dark brown and wavy tied back loosely at the back of her head.

“Look, lets just think what to do next ok Jemma?”

“Ok, but if you blame me for any mess ups again, the cops are going to know about everything your up to, do you hear me?”

“I hear you, but don't you dare even think of going anywhere near the cops, or I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life, and that's a promise” he threatened giving her a death stare before walking down the other end of the house.


“Jack told us to get you to call him, he's really worried about you” Beth told her going through her bag to find her phone after she had settled down.


“Here you go” she said handing her mobile to Serena, “do you want to be left alone?”

“Yes please”.

“Ok, let me know when your finished” Beth told her getting up and leaving the room.

“Hello” Jack's voice sounded through the phone, giving Serena some peace of mind after five minutes of waiting for the guard to put her through to him.

“Jack” she exclaimed.

“Serena are you ok?”

“Depends what you mean by that, I'm conscious so I guess that's a good thing”.

“I heard about the Leukemia” Jack started after a moment of silence.

“Jack what am I going to do?” Serena burst into tears again.

“Shh, shh, please don't cry honey” Jack tried to settle her, “were going to do everything we can”.

“But what if I never see you again, I love you”.

“I love you too, and your definitely going to see me again” he told her, hoping his words were true.


“Where have you been?” Jemma asked Matt from where she stood in the kitchen as he came through the door of their old abandoned house in the middle of the bush the next morning.

“I managed to sneak into the police station while one one or two people were around and you'd never guess who I saw working there” he told her.


“My little sister Lara”.

“Yeah so?”

“She's working on the case to get me tracked down. It doesn't surprise me ether, her and Taylor always used to gang up on me when we were kids”.

“So she's trying to get you locked up?”


“But she's your sister, why would she do that?”

“Because she would, you wouldn't know unless you knew how our family worked” he told her taking the cup of coffee Jemma handed to him.

“Well every family is weird in it's own little way”.

“Yeap, and mine more than others”.

“So what are we going to do about the cops, I mean we can't attack anyone while their trying to hunt you down like a hawk.

“Well, we'll just have to be very sneaky about how we do things, there not after you so that still gives us some options.

“I guess so”.

“mean while I've got to come up with a way to get rid of my annoying little sister, she's got to go first, I want her dead”.

“Matt she's your sister, you can't just do that” Jemma exclaimed.

“Why not, she doesn't care about me, so why should I care about her? I'm going to watch her, and then when she least expects it...” Matt started with his plan rubbing his hands together with an evil look on his face, “well lets just say she would have enough time to know what happened” he finished letting out an evil laugh.


“Oh there you are Peter” Lara said as Peter came through the door of the station, “a package came in for you not long ago. It's on your desk.

“Ok thanks” he replied rushing into his office, picking up the yellow envelope in the middle of his desk; it was the results from the DNA test he'd done on who he had thought was Matt Wilson. He opened it slowly and pulled out the sheet of paper inside, and the truth was revealed, they were holding Taylor.

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Ok sorry I haven't updated in a while, hope you like the next chapter.

Chapter number 9. Tearful reflecting.

“Everything was so perfect” Serena whispered stairing aimlessly across the room at the blank wall that was across from her bed in the hospital, bedside her sat Beth who had come back in after leaving her to talk to Jack. “The first time I met him I always knew there was something special about him.... we were both on holidays in the gold coast..... both trying to escape life” she sighed “then one day we just literally ran into each other on the beach” she continued slowly, “he had this warm half smile that just took away the pain I'd run away from and made me feel happy, and even though he'd just fallen into a fence from bumping into me, he was still a gentle men and made sure I was ok........ One thing led to another and we were having dinner together, the candles were all lit... the moon was shinning across the water of the beach and there was nothing else but... us”.

“Serena, please don't start talking like this” Beth begged, she couldn't stand the way she sounded like she was giving up hope, giving up on her future, and reflecting back on old times like there was nothing left for her.

“Talking like what?” she asked looking at Beth.

“Like everything you two had is gone, it's not gone, things are going to get better”.

Serena then began looking motionlessly at the blank wall, “that's what everyone keeps saying”.

“And their all right Serena, your a though girl, your not going to let this beat you” Beth tried to encouraged her.

“If only it was that easy to fight” she sighed sadly, “if only” she repeated herself, looking down at her hands as she started to cry once again for the millionth time that day.

“Oh, come on sweet, it's going to be ok” Beth told her rubbing her back, “it's going to be ok” she whispered.


“Lara?” Tracey called out from her office door in the station.


“Can I talk to you for a minute please?”

“Ok, I'm coming” she called back closing a file she was working on on her desk. “What's going on?” she asked when she saw the look on Tracey's face.

“Some thing's come through on the security camera's” Tracey started.


“Matt was sneaking around the station last night, he knows were on to him” she explained.

“Great just what we need” Lara commented sarcastically. “So do we know where he is now?”

Tracey shock her head, “sorry we've found nothing. Lara are you sure you don't have any idea where he might be hiding, I mean after all he is your brother”.

“No” she replied shaking her head, “I hardly knew him, he was always very withdrawn, he was the odd one out in my family”.

“Look, I'm sorry about all this, I know it must be hard for you” Tracey said sympathetically.

“It's ok” she answered, “If anyone should be sorry it's me, after everything he ever did I never thought he'd do something like getting involved with Sean Loyd”.

“Like you said, you hardly knew him, it's not your fault”.


“So how are you holding up?” Martha asked Jack sitting down on the same chair she did every visit.

“I've been better” Jack told her, trying to smile.

There was a pause for a moment, “Dylan was asking to come and see you this morning” Martha told him uneasily.


“Yeah, he was kicking and screaming saying he wanted daddy” she explained, “Jack are you sure were doing the right thing?”

Jack just nodded, “you know what will happen if he keeps coming here Martha, as he gets older he'll see more than just me, he'll see the fact that this place is a jail full of crims”.

“Yeah I know” she sighed putting her elbow on her knee and resting her chin in the palm of her hand, “It's just..... his three, how am I supposed to tell him that he can't see you anymore”.

“Look Martha, I really don't know, but your going to have an even harder time telling him that his father's a criminal when he's old enough to read the sign as he comes in”.

“Your not a criminal Jack, you were protecting Dylan, Serena and me”.

“The law doesn't see it that way, and by the time Dylan's old enough to know what jail is he's not going to see it any different ether”.

“Jack he's your son, by the time he's old enough to know what murder is he'll know your a good person, not a criminal”.

“My record says it all Martha”.

“True... but can't we just do this slower, I mean, he used to come in here once every few days, now he can't come at all”.

“I guess so, look this isn't any easier for me, I love Dylan and I want to be a part of his life, but I also want what's best for him, sooner or later he's going to go to school and there's going to be a lot of people asking him who his dad is, do you really want him to have to tell them that his dad's in jail?”

“No, I'm just saying.....”

“Yeah I know he's only three. I guess we could do things slower” Jack compromised. “I miss the little guy already” he added.

“And he really misses you too, how about I bring him in next week?”

“Sounds good, then I guess we slow things down from there?”

“Yeah” she nodded confidently. They both gave each other a warm comforting smile, and they both locked eyes, nether of them could deny it for a second, the connection was still there, not that ether of them were going to say it out loud.


The sun began to go down and one very distressed Jemma sat at the round wooden table next to the kitchen in the deserted house she was staying in with Matt, in her hand was a photo of her and Matt,it had been taken seven years ago on there wedding day. That was the day when they were both happy together, it had been a time where she had thought Matt was the most amazing guy in the whole entire world, he'd made her happy, he'd made her laugh, he'd made her feel things she'd never felt for anyone else, but all she could say was that he'd been a good lier, actually he hadn't just been a good lier, he'd been an excellent lier. “What happened to you Matt?” she whispered, “You were never like this....... not till you met Sean”.

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Chapter number 10. Separation blues

“Jemma” Matt called out placing a plastic bag with something in it on the round wooden table next to the kitchen as he came inside the house. There was no answer so he called out again louder, “Jemma”, but still he heard no answer from her, he began to look around the corner and down the hall way, the place was way to quiet for his liking, something just wasn't right. He opened the bedroom door, the room looked a little different than it had this morning, it seamed emptier and more lonelier, something was missing, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was.

Still wondering what was going on Matt made his way back out to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but on his way a note on the bench caught his eye, it was Jemma's hand writing.

Dear Matt,

I've been trying to come to terms with the way things are, and no matter how hard I try I can't. I know I've said it before in the last few months, but I'll say it again, the Matt I've seen every day in the last few years isn't the Matt I fell in love with when I first met you.

Although it's hard for me to do, I have no choice but to leave, I've taken anything that belongs to me already so I won't be coming back until I'm ready to face things, whether it's to come back to this marriage or to get a divorce. While I'm gone you should probably thing about what the point of this marriage was, because, lets be honest, at the moment it's all a one way street, I've tried to work around things but nothing I try has worked.

If your panicking thinking I'm going to go to the police like I threatened to the other day, you can calm down, I'm not going to tell anyone, I just don't want anything to do with any of this, not even to turn you in. Even though I don't think what your doing is right, I still just want to wish you luck with it all, if it's important enough to risk our marriage for it, then it must be very important to you, and I know how much this marriage ment to you, you made it very clear on our wedding day.

Goodbye, I love you,

Jemma xxx

Matt staired at the letter, reading it over and over again, he should of seen this coming, now that he thought about it he was surprised it had taken this long to happen. He finally put the letter back in it's place on the bench slowly, he then spotted a picture further along that was taken on their wedding day, on top of it was Jemma's wedding ring sitting right in the center, he picked up the ring in one hand and the photo in the other studying it closely, looking at the smiles on their faces, they used to be so happy. “I love you too Jemma” he whispered sadly beginning to cry, “I love you too”.


About half an hour's drive away in a blue car Jemma was driving along a old dirt road slowly, like Matt she was crying, this was one of the hardest things she'd had to do in a long time, her tears ran down her face thickly, almost blurring the sight of the road ahead of her.


“Hello” Rose greeted Martha cheerfully as she came through the door with Boyd close behind her

“Well someone's had a lot of coffee” Martha laughed looking up from where she was sitting on the floor playing with Dylan.

“No actually the doctor told me I wasn't aloud any of that stuff, he said it had too much caffeine in it or something like that” Rose told her.

“Hu?” Martha asked looking confused, but then that look turned into worry, “please don't tell me you've got a deadly disease too”.

“No, she's going to be fine” Boyd laughed.

“I'm just pregnant” Rose added.

“Oh my goodness, that's great news Rose” Martha exclaimed getting up off the floor and giving her a hug, “congratulations, to both of you”.

“Thanks” Boyd answered her as she gave him a hug too.


“Hey, how are you feeling?” Lucas asked Maddie who was sitting in the dinner looking very lost.

“How do you think I'm feeling?” she replied blankly.

“I don't know, you've hardly said more than a few words all day”.

“I was down at the hospital earlier” Maddie explained, “there starting Serena's chemotherapy today”.

“And that's supposed to be a good thing Maddie, the sooner she starts the sooner she's going to get better” he reassured her.

“Yeah that's if she gets better”.

“Maddie” Lucas sighed putting his arm around her shoulder, “your starting to sound like Jack was the other day, it's not going to help anyone”.

“I know I'm sorry, I'm just worried”.

“We all are”.


“So that's the last check up we have to do before sending you in” Dr Simpson told Serena as she put the thermometer back in the draw. “We'll send you down for your chemo in about five minutes, ok?”

“Ok” Serena answered nervously.

“I've just got to check on another patient so I'll be back to get you soon” The doctor explained, writing something down on her clip board before leaving the room.


“You wouldn't of wanted me to do this would you?” Matt said still stairing aimlessly at the photo that had been on the kitchen bench, “you wouldn't of wanted me to kill anyone just for revenge” she continued sobbing, “I can't keep doing this, it's not who I'm supposed to be, I didn't even notice how out of control I was until you left me”.

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