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Love, Life and Lies

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Here's the next chapter guys.

Chapter number 41. Finding peace with the past

“Peter!” Lara cried out, looking around her, what if something had happened to him? What if Jesse had caught him? The thoughts ran through her head, flooding it until tears ran down her face. She wouldn't forgive herself if he'd been hurt looking for her. “Peter” she tried again. Jemma who was behind her laid a hand on her shoulder for support, but some how it wasn't needed when a voice spoke from behind.

“Lara” the voice came, Lara turned around remembering how warm it sounded, it was Peter, standing at the door of the old shed, smiling with complete happiness. She ran to him, falling straight into his arms where she belonged, she wasn't going to let go, not ever.

“I thought I was never going to see you again” she cried, sobbing into his shirt.

“Well you did, I'm just glad your back where you belong” he whispered, running his fingers through her hair, holding her close to him. He'd got her back, just when he thought he'd lost her, this was something he'd only dreamed about all day, no trip to mars was better than this.

She lifted her head up to look at his face, the same smile was still there; smiling at her, his warm eyes shone back at her's making her smile through her tears.

Peter whipped the small droplets away that ran down her cheeks, then gently he cupped her face, bringing her closer until she was so close he could feel her breath. Then he kissed her, promising to make up for the hours of fear that they'd both just been through, separated from each other.


Rose sat next to Danielle on the couch, Boyd had just gone to get Izzy from down stairs, leaving the pair in an orquad silence. “So is your mum in town with you then?” Rose asked breaking the silence.

“No” Danielle explained, “she's still back home”.

“She let you come by yourself?”

“No, she didn't, she doesn't actually know I'm here”. Inside Danielle felt like hitting herself across the head, 'damn, the rebel thing again, dad might not have picked it up, but she probably will' she said to herself, “You probably think I'm a rebel now don't you?”

“No, not at all” Rose had already made up her mind about Danielle, she was a lost girl trying to find her place in the world, and that involved finding her dad. “So why did you leave then?”

“Well... lets just say we don't see eye to eye, she always told me that she tried to find dad when she found out she was pregnant, but then she'd always say something else like were better off with Fred. I hate Fred” she sighed.

“Who's Fred?”

“My step dad, I hate him” she shot out, “he always like to make everyone think that we get along, but as soon as Mum's out of the room he always tells me how useless I am, it's pretty obvious Mum thinks I'm useless too” she continued before speaking softer, “she'd believe him over me any day, she probably hasn't even noticed I'm gone” she spoke, a tear escaping her eye.

Rose looked at the young girl stairing of into space, she was lost, not that her mother had obviously cared, by the sound of her she was probably self centered, not caring about people around her, well she probably cared about Fred, but her own daughter even seemed left out, which to Rose wasn't acceptable, Fred didn't sound much better ether, she already had a picture in her mind of a teachers pet, happy and perfect when people were looking, but horrible and mean when there backs were turned.

Rose placed a hand on Danielle's back, “Your not useless” she reassured her.

“Yeah I am” she sobbed, “I'm baggage that gets dragged along with the parents”.

Rose shock her head, “no your not, your much better than that”.

“You don't mean that” she answered, putting herself down again.

“Yeah I do, look I know I might of sounded horrible the other day, but I was just shocked, I still am to be honest, but I'd never think of you as baggage or anything like that” she told her pulling her in for a hug letting Danielle cry into her shoulder.


Jack walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, water droplets were still running down his bare chest. He stepped into his room, whipping off any remaining water before slipping on a pair of jeans and a blue shirt that were sitting on the end of his bed. “So.....” he sighed, looking around the room, this was the first time in the two days he'd been out of prison that he'd actually had time to stop and look at the place he and Serena had shared.

On the small shelf on the wall was a picture of the two of them on their wedding day, he still remembered it a clear as day. No family had been there, they hadn't even met Serena yet. He'd met her there on the Gold coast only two months before in one of the pubs, both had gone there that night to drown their sorrows.



Jack sat alone at a table in a crowded pub taking yet another mouthful of his beer when a stranger sat down beside him. It was a male who looked about Jack's age, he had light brown hair and seemed very... well, interested in Jack.

“Hey mate, I'm Zack” he introduced himself.

Jack, totally oblivious to the fact that this guy had the hots for him, just smiled and introduced himself, “nice to meet you, I'm Jack”.

In the distance behind Zack, Jack could see a blond girl sitting in one of the bar stools, she looked around at him and smiled before turning back to talk to the guy behind the bar, little did Jack know, the blond girl was laughing at him, she knew Zack, and she had a fairly good idea that Jack was straight, she'd seen him flirting with a girl at the bar earlier.

Feeling sorry for him, she got up and made her way to the table where Zack was trying to make a move on Jack, she sat down next to Zack, clearing her throught loudly to get his attention, “Zack maybe you should go for the guy over there, he's more your type” she embarrassed him, sensing a relief from Jack who seemed a little uncomfortable about Zack hitting on him.

With his cheeks going red, Zack hopped up, “fine, he's all yours then” he told her before walking off.

“Thanks” Jack said greatfully when Zack was gone.

“That's ok” she smiled sweetly. Jack could see a twinkle in her eyes, there was something special about her, so Jack did the first thing that came to mind to stop her from going back to talk to the guy at the bar, “so can I bye you a drink?”

“Yes please” she accepted, bringing a smile to Jack's face.


Jack smiled as he remembered that night, it was the first time he'd been able to think about it without feeling sad since Serena had passed, he actually felt quite happy remembering the times before they came to Summer bay to introduce Serena to the rest of the family, well most of it was happy, there were still things he'd never be happy about, well one in particular; the baby that was supposed to be there's.

Serena had been a month and a half pregnant when they got married, to be honest it was the only reason they decided to rush it, they'd been so happy that day, for Jack it had been a new start, an new start that had been captured by the photo that now sat in his hands after removing it from the shelf where it once sat, he ran his thumb over Serena's stomach, you couldn't tell she was pregnant, she wasn't far along enough to be showing, but Jack knew what ha been in there.

They'd lost the baby a month later, July 15th, the day they both hated so much.


July 15 2010...

Serena sat on the edge of the couch in there hotel room, she was clenching her stomach, there was so much pain. “Jack!” she screamed.

“Serena, what's wrong?” he asked concerned, coming into the room and sitting down next to her.

“Somethings wrong with the baby, it hurts like really bad cramps” she managed to get out, she was leaning over so far that she was almost touching her knees, letting out a scream in utter pain.

“Come on we need to get you to the hospital”.

“Not yet, it'll probably pass” she insisted.

“Come on, we need to make sure even if there isn't anything to worry about”.

“Look Jack it's ok, it's starting to go away” she told him, sitting back up and taking a deep breath.

“Well we should probably still take you to the doctors for a check up later anyway”. Serena just nodded, letting Jack take her in his arms, “you stay here and I'll go get you a drink” he told her, giving her a quick kiss on the for head and lent down to kiss her stomach before getting up, little did he know that that would be the last time he'd kiss there unborn child.

As soon as Jack left the room to go to the kitchen, the pain came back and Serena rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door. Jack heard this, and rushed to see what was going on, he put his ear up against the bathroom door and heard his wife's crying. “What's wrong Serena?”

Serena didn't answer, she was curled up on the floor, blood was surrounding her, she could feel pushing, painful pushing, and the blood continued to come out of her. “Ahh” she screamed.

Hearing that Jack pushed the door open running straight to Serena's side when he saw her in a heap on the floor, “Serena”.

“I lost it Jack” she cried, “I lost it”.


A tear ran down Jack's cheek, that little girl or boy would have been about six months younger than Dylan, they'd always talked about having kids in the future after that, it was probably the only thing that kept them both going.

They hadn't told anyone about the baby though, it was the only way to stop Serena breaking down.

Jack placed the photo back up on the shelf, whipped away the tear and looked down at his left hand, on it was still his wedding ring, gently he slid it off and placed it on the shelf in front of th photo, not to for get, but to move on.


Peter guided Lara into his office away from Jemma who was being escorted into one of the interview rooms for questioning, hopefully once Jemma told them the truth about everything they'd find a way to lighten her sentence when she showed them where Jesse would probably be. “So how are you feeling now?” Peter asked softly, sitting down and guiding Lara by her hand to sit on his lap.

“I've been better” she answered, trying to smile.

Peter smiled at her in a comforting way, Lara had explained everything about Jemma to him in the car, by the sounds of it she wasn't a criminal at all, she was just a lost girl, trying to find her place in the world, almost like a teenager, just stuck in an adults body. “So you must be hungry”.

“Yeah I'm starving”.

“Well how about I take you out to lunch then, maybe that will help take your mind off things for a little while” Peter suggested.

Lara smiled, “sounds good, but can I get changed first?”

“Sure, how about we go past your place and I'll go get a few things while your getting changed”.

“What kind of things?”

“You'll just have to wait and see, if I told you I'd have to kill you” he smirked, making Lara giggle.

“You Peter Baker would never have the guts to even try and kill me” she teased.

“Well your definitely right about that one”.

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Chapter number 43. Be with me?

“Promise this will be quick?” Peter begged as he parked the car outside the police station, Lara left he phone there earlier, and told him she really really needed it, so he'd caved and drove her there on the way home.

“Ok I promise” she answered, promising him with a friendly smile, before getting out as he did also. “Do you think Jemma will still be here?”

“I don't know, she might be” Peter said warmly, wrapping one arm around her shoulders, for her sake he hoped she was still there, he knew what Lara would be like if she didn't get the chance to say good bye.

“Peter” Lara stopped in her tracks.


“I want you to be honest with me ok?” she started, looking him right in the eye, she made it clear that she didn't want to be lied to.


“What are her chances of not going to jail?” she asked innocently.

Peter paused for a minute, a more serious look coming upon his face, “not too good I'm afraid”.


Rose carried a bag along the hallway of the bottom floor of the Macklin's mansion, “So this is your room” Rose told Danielle as she opened a door near the end.

“Thanks” she smiled, studying the end of the hallway, the carpet seemed to stop and there was white tiles on the floor which turned left before going down some stairs, “what's down there?” she asked curiously.

“Oh that's the basement” Rose told her, “not that it gets used much, your dad's got tones of his junk in there, it's so full that no one's dared to go in there since the last time Martha attempted to clean it, she only managed to get the few boxes that were hers out”.

“Oh ok” Danielle answered, stepping into her new room, taking a look around, it was definitely much better than the hotel, this seemed more like home.

“Well I've got to go and check on Izzy, just give me a yell if you need anything” Rose said, stepping back out before walking back down the hallway.


Lara stepped into the interview room where Jemma sat, waiting to be taken away, “Hey”.

“Hey” Jemma answered, turning around. “I guess you heard then?” she started, she was getting sent to jail for a little while, not as long as she probably deserved, they'd taken some time off for telling them as much as she knew about Jesse.

“Yeah I did” she spoke sadly.

“Lara don't be sad” she smiled, “I'll be back. This is just then end of my old life, and when I come back, I'll be able to start being the person I want to be” she told her.

Lara put on a slight smile and nodded, “yeah I guess so” she agreed, “but I'm still going to miss you”.

“Me too, promise you'll come and visit?”

“Try stopping me” Lara said, walking closer and giving her a hug.

“Ok were going to have to make a move” Jackie interrupted, opening the door with another officer, “you ready?” she asked Jemma.

“Yeah, I think so” she answered as the other officer put her in handcuffs.

“Come this way” Jackie instructed, taking her out of the room and through the front room of the station, Lara followed close behind.

“Ok I want you all out there looking for Jesse” Peter's voice could be heard loud and clear in the front room, “anything you find is to be reported straight back to the station, is that clear?” he said as Jackie left with Jemma.

“Yes boss” a chorus of the officers said in unison before leaving on their search.

Peter turned his attention to Lara who was standing in the door of the interview room, he gave her a warm knowing smile and walked towards her, “you can always visit her you know?”

“Yeah I know” she sighed, wrapping her arms around him as he did the same.

“So how about I drop you home so you can get some rest” he suggested.

“Can't you stay with me?”

“I wish I could, but I've got more work to do, I have to make a house visit” he explained.

“Oh” she winged, I though you promise you weren't going to let me out of your sight”.

“Well I guess I'll just have to take you with me then” he grinned.

“Sounds good to me. So where ate we going then?”

“Were going to Jack's” he started, “Martha's in danger while Jesse's still out there”.

“Yeah, poor girl, she's already been put through enough in the last couple of years”.


Martha sat on the back balcony of the Holden's mansion that overlooked the sea, it was located on top of the hill that went down to the cliff top.

“I thought I might find you here” Jack spoke from behind, smiling lovingly at her.

“You know me too well” she beamed, turning around and leaning against the railing.

“So I had a bit of a think today” he started, moving forward so that he could wrap his arms around her, “and...”

“And what?”

“And” he repeated, removing his left hand from behind her so he could hold up his hand that no longer contained his wedding ring.

“You took off your wedding ring?” Martha asked in surprise.

“Yeah, that's not all though. I scattered Serena's ashes”.

“That must have been hard” she spoke, giving him a sympathetic look.

“Not really” he said honestly, “it was kinda good being about to move on, this morning made me think Martha, I needed to move on, I want to be with you.... really be with you, not just friends or confused” he whispered.


“Yeah really” he told her, leaning forward so that he could whisper in her ear, “I want you to be my girlfriend”.

Just those words made Martha's heart skip a beat, she could feel him up against her, just like this morning, it felt nice, well if she had to be honest, it felt a lot more than nice, he was breathing on her neck, kissing her as he made his way up her neck and along her check to her mouth where he stopped in wait for her response.

She couldn't help herself, she leaned forward, giving him the exact response he had been hoping for, she captured his lips in hers, wrapping her arms around hi neck and let him sweep her off her feet to carry her inside where he sat her down next to him on the couch. “So is that a yes?” he said hopefully.

“You bet it is” she grinned, snuggling into his shoulder, “as if I could say no to you”.

“I can't believe how lucky I am, this time two days ago I was still sitting in jail, and now things couldn't be more perfect” he smiled, gazing into her eyes before they were interrupted by the sound of the door bell.

“Let's just ignore that” Martha suggested, cupping Jack's face and kissing him again, but then it rang again, “alright already were coming” she yelled, who ever it was was going to have to have a damn good reason for coming now of all times.

Jack got up with Martha following him down the stairs and through the living room to the door, “Hey” he greeted a not so happy Peter and Lara, “is everything ok?”

“I'm afraid not” Peter frowned, “I need to talk to you, to both of you actually” he added, looking at Martha who was standing close behind Jack.

“Ok come in” Jack told them, letting them through, some how he didn't think he was going t like this, there was trouble written allover Peter's face.


“Get in there” the prison guard ordered, pushing Jemma into her cell before locking the door and walking off. Jemma turned around to face the small grey room like cell, there was a bed in the corner and a small shelf on the back wall. Next to her near the bars was a wooden chair, carelessly she slumped into it sighing as she looked out the metal poles in front of her.

“Jemma” a familiar voice quivered in the almost dead silence of the building, “Jemma”, it repeated a bit louder. She could of recognized that voice from a mile off, she knew it all too well; it was Matt.

Slowly she turned her head to the left, the side wall was only half concrete, the half closet to the front was bars, she could see straight through to the nest cell, and there at the edge stood Matt, smiling sweetly at her, she knew she couldn't give in, it would be too dangerous, probably deadly, so she turned her face straight back to look at the corridor in front of her.

“Jemma please” Matt begged he missed her so badly, he wanted more than anything to take back the things he'd done to hurt her, he wanted things to be the way they used to be all that time ago when there was nothing more to care about than them being together, but he couldn't take it back, it was done.

“I know I let you down, I should have been more of a husband to you” he started, still Jemma didn't budge, “you have every right to leave the way you did, I know why you did it, I probably would of too if I was in your situation... Please Jemma say something” he pleaded, but still got no answer. He was hurting inside, she was in pain and he could see it, a tear ran helplessly down her cheek, and he couldn't wipe it away like he used to.

“Loosing you was the worst thing that ever happened to me Jem, it really was, and it made me wake up to myself too, I made a fresh start, the only thing that was missing was you” he continued, “I love you so much” he whispered, feeling tears run down his face, still waiting for her to speak.

“I used to love you” Jemma said coldly, still not even turning to look at him, “But then the man I fell in love with went away and got replaced by someone who couldn't care less about me”.

Matt felt his heart breaking, she was right, he become someone he wasn't.


“What so it was Jesse?” Martha exclaimed, “but, but, how?”

“We've already told you everything we know, he thinks that by doing all this you'll some how thank him and fall in love with him” Lara explained.

“That guy's got issues” Jack jumped in, still feeling disgusted.

“You got that right” Martha agreed, “do you really think he would hurt me?”

“I don't know” Peter said honestly, “that guy's capable of anything, I just hope we can catch him”.

“So is that all we need to know?” Jack asked.

“Yeah it is” Peter told him, standing up,. “just make sure you're careful ok?” he said to Martha.

“Ok” she said nervously.

“Could I have a word outside please” Jack asked Peter.

“Yeah sure” he replied, stepping outside with Jack and left Lara with Martha, “what is it”.

“I want to come back to work” Jack shot out.

“Yeah and you'll be back in two weeks”.

“No I mean I want to come back to work now” he explained, “I want to catch this guy, I can't let him hurt her”.

“Jack if you don't want him to hurt her the best thing you can do is to stay here” he told him, “look just imagine if you were out there and Martha was home alone, he could do anything to her, just remember that”.

“Ok” Jack agreed.

“Come on Lara were going” Peter called out.

Author note: I'll be away from the 13th of November until the 17th so there won't be any updates until after I get back. Please review.

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Hey everyone I'm back, thanks for the reviews.

Warning: may contain adult themes.

Chapter number 44. The closest thing

A week later

No one had heard from Jesse since before Lara had escaped, Peter had even been back to see if Jemma knew anything else but she wasn't any help. Jack had been worried sick, all he could think about was if something happened to Martha, he'd only just got her back, he didn't want to loose her again. Martha and Jack hadn't told Dylan anything about it, they didn't want him to be scared about it, he'd already been through enough when Sean had taken him away from Martha at birth until he was two and a half. Beth and Tony hadn't taken it well ether, they'd gone to the extent in getting extra security around the place, now there were camera's at all the entries to the house.

Alf and Morag hadn't really gotten their heads around it, Martha had just been to tell them and they'd offered to look after Dylan so that there was less for her to be worried about back home. And that's where Martha was headed now.

She pulled up in the front car park and hopped out, “come on Dylan” she said, opening the door for him, she'd started putting a child lock on it ever since he was three and found it amusing to open the door while they were driving.

“Ok, mummy” he answered cheerfully, hopping out, he loved coming to visit his great grandfather and great great Auntie Morag.

“Hello” Alf called out from his front veranda where he and Morag were sitting having cups of tea while they argued over the latest court case that Morag had heard about from a friend of hers who hadn't retired yet.

“Hey” Dylan squealed running along the path to where the little cottage like house was at the end of the first row.

“Dylan slow down, try not to trip ov-” Martha started, but didn't get to finish cause he'd done exactly what she'd always told him not to.

“Owwww” he cried where he sat on the ground with a grazed knee.

“Sweet heart” Martha called out as she ran to where he was, by then Morag had already gotten to him and was helping him up.

“Lets get you inside hey” she suggested, “I'll get him cleaned up, you go and relax ok?”

“Sure?” Martha asked.

“Yes, go home to Jack and stop worrying” she ordered.

“Yes Mum” she chuckled before giving Dylan a kiss on the head and walked back down the path along the front of the cottages that led to the car park.

“Martha” a voice called out from one of the middle cottages, it was Colleen.

“Hey Colleen” Martha said, faking a happy smile, gosh she was kidding herself if she thought she could get away quickly.

“Oh dear, it was terrible hearing about that Jesse, you must be terrified” Collen said in her worried voice as she made her way out to the foot path, hobbling along with her walking stick.

“Yes that was terrible indeed” Madge Wilkinson agreed sipping her tea from where she sat on the veranda.

“Yeah it is a bit scary, but I really have to go” Martha insisted.

“No you must stay and have a chat, it's not often we get visitors” Colleen told her, almost like she didn't have a choice, and reluctantly she walked over to the veranda and sat down with Colleen and Madge.


“Hey can I give you a hand?” Danielle asked, walking into the kitchen where Rose was washing up dishes.

“Yeah sure” she smiled, chucking her a tea towel.

“So how's Martha today?” Danielle asked, she'd heard a lot about all the stuff with Jesse, Rose had been really worried about her.

“She seems ok, but you can tell she just want this all to be over with” she answered.

“Yeah anyone would”.

“So did you see the letter on the bench for you?” Rose asked.

“Yeap” Daniele said quickly, not even looking up from the plate she was drying.

“did you read it?”


“Dani, she's your mum, you can't ignore her forever” Rose told her, stopping what she was doing and looking at her.

“Yeah I can, it's not like she ever cared about me” she said softly, placing the plate down on the bench.

“Hey, I'm sure she does deep down” Rose encouraged her.

“You don't know her like I do, she never loved me” she explained, looking down.

“How could she not love you” she told her, “Danielle look at me, you are a beautiful girl with a good heart, and anyone can see that” she reassured her giving her a hug.

Danielle couldn't help but let out a few tears, “that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me... you know your the closest thing I've ever had to a real mum”.

Rose looked down at the teenage girl in her arms, she couldn't help but shed a few tears herself, Janae really had messed her up.


“Oh thank god your home I was starting to get worried” Jack exclaimed as Martha finally came though the door.

“Yeah I'm sorry, I was trying to get away quicker” she told him seeming frustrated.

“What's the matter?”

“I got held up by Colleen and Madge” she explained resting her head on Jack's chest and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Oh let me guess, they wanted gossip?” Jack groaned, he really wished people like them would leave her alone, she needed to keep her stress levels down.

“Yeah” she sighed, “I'm just glad I'm home now” she smiled.

“Yeah me too, I thought Jesse had gotten you” he said, releasing his grip around her and guiding her to sit down on the couch next to him.

“Well he didn't, it's going to be fine” she told him, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a kiss.

“I might need some more convincing” he tease, closing his eyes as he took them back into another gentle kiss.

“Looks like we've got the house to ourselves” Martha purred in Jack's ear before kissing a line along his neck.

“Mmm” was all he could get out, he could feel her mouth moving on his skin, it make him shiver with pleasure, “so what did you have in mind?” he said breathlessly.

“Well how about I show you?” she smirked, moving her head back up and capturing his lips again before pushing him down so that she was laying on to of her, then gently she ran her hand down his neck and to his chest, undoing the buttons as she went along.

Jack lost all control as she undid the last one and opened up his shirt, he moved him hands quickly from where they were rested on her sides to the bottom of her shirt and played with the hem as he slowly moved him hands up underneath it.

Just then the door opened and there stood a very shocked Maddie and Lucas. “Um” Lucas shot out.

Martha and Jack looked up, and both sighed, yet again for the millionth time this week they'd been interrupted, Peter had started a trend.


Peter stumbled into the pub at Greensville with Lara beside him, it'd been another day of searching that had still done nothing. “You want anything?” Lara asked him.

“Just a coke” Peter answered sitting down at one of the tables while Lara made her way to the counter.

She looked at the people sitting at the bar stools and was shocked at who she saw, carefully she walked back to Peter, sat down next to him and whispered in her ear, “Peter he's here”.


“Jesse's here, at the bar” she repeated.

Peter looked around to the bar and spotted Jesse looking to the guy beside him. “I'll handle this” Peter told her, getting up and coming up behind Jesse, “Nice for you to finally show your face”.

Jesse looked around to see Peter looking over at him, “Peter long time no see” he exclaimed trying to sound cool about the whole situation, but Peter didn't budge, instead her grabbed him and pinned him to the floor on his stomach, handcuffing his hands behind his back.

Then he grabbed the chain that attached the handcuffs and pulled Jesse to his feet, dragging him out of the pub with Lara following close behind.


An hour later

“So anyone want more cake?” Beth asked at the dinner table.

“Yes please” Lucas answered handing his plate to her.

“Your such a pig” Maddie told him.

“And you love me anyway” he grinned.

“That I do” she agreed.

“Hey guys” Tony interrupted as he entered the room, “I just got off the phone to Peter and they've caught Jesse” he announced.

“Well that's wonderful news” Beth exclaimed.

Jack turned to Martha who was sitting next to him and smiled, just like she was, “see I told you I'd be ok” she grinned.

“Yeah, and you are, I just wish none of it happened at all, it's been a stressful week”.

“Yeah and the number of times we got interrupted was shocking” she said a little quieter so that no on else could here, “but I'm sure that can change” she smirked.

“What's that supposed to mean?” Jack asked innocently.

Martha leaned close and whispered softly, “come to my room after everyone's gone to sleep and find out” she told him before reaching out to take the champaign glasses Beth was holding out for her and Jack.

“Well I think I can drink to that” Jack said, holding up his glass as Martha did the same.


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thanks for the coments guys, here's the next chapter.

Chapter number 45. Not over yet

Jack opened his eyes the next morning to find himself in Martha's room. Martha lay in his arms, sleeping peacefully, he couldn't help but smile, she looked so beautiful there with her head rested on his shoulder, her face looked so innocent, so pure and flawless and her lips, even though they were rested fairly normally, seemed to almost smile. He tried not to move, he didn't want to wake her just yet.

Martha's eyes flickered as she took in a deep breath as she woke. It took her a second to realize that she wasn't alone this morning, she hadn't woken up with someone by her side since before she ran away from the bay seven years ago when she was still nineteen. It felt nice with him there, looking down at her and smiling, “good morning beautiful” he spoke warmly, “did I wake you?”

“No” she smiled peacefully snuggling her head up against Jack's bare chest, she felt so happy today, the sun was shinning through the window and already in the ten seconds of her being awake she was feeling as happy as a child with a bag of lollies, “last night was amazing” she said honestly running her hand up his chest.

“Mmm, it was” he murmured feeling relaxed, reaching his hand down softly to touch Martha's jaw line and gently guide her face up to meet his lips.

Martha cupped his face as she moved her entire body up, “I love you so much” she mumbled with her lips still joined with his.


“Well it's about time you two got up” Tony said as Jack and Martha made there way out to the kitchen, “where did you get to Jack, I checked your room and you weren't there?”

“Um, u I, u” Jack started.

“I don't think we want to know” Lucas butted in, shaking his head and turning back around to eat more of his cereal.

“I agree” Maddie added, looking down at her bowl.

Tony looked at Jack and Martha both standing there, he looked to Jack, then to Martha, then back to Jack again. A flashback came to hims mind, he suddenly remembered the day just over a week ago when he saw Jack coming out of Martha's room looking a bit messed up. “Oh” he managed to say, “well anyway there's more breakfast on the bench, help yourselves”.


“Waaaaaaaaa” Izzy cried at the top of her lungs in the living room of the Macklin's Mansion where the whole family was getting ready for the day, “waaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

“Well someone's in a great mood today” Boyd grumbled sarcastically as he lifted Izzy out of her play pen.

“Yeah and has been all last night” Rose mumbled as she waked across to the kitchen still half asleep.

“Hey was she keeping you up last night?” Boyd asked, putting Izzy back down after she'd settled and walked over behind her into the kitchen.

“yeap” she sighed, lifting the milk out of the fridge and putting it down on the bench.

“Well how about I mind her for the day and you can get some proper rest” he suggested, wrapping his arms around her from behind and planting a kiss on the side of her head.

“you sure?” she asked turning around so that she could see him.

“Yes I am, you just get the sleep you need alright” he told her, rubbing his nose against hers.

“Ok” she agreed, “I might worry about breakfast later than” she told him before giving him a hug and heading back downstairs to bed.

“So did Izzy keep anyone else up last night?” Boyd asked as he rentered the lounge room where Bret, Roo and Danielle were sitting on the couch.

“Not really” Danielle answered looking up from her book, “I hear her one or twice” she added before hearing the door bell ring. “I'll get it” she offered hopping up and going down the stairs quickly to see who it was.

When she opened it she got the shock of her life, “m... mum?”

Boyd walked over to the top of the stairs to see what all the fuss was about only to see the exact person he wanted to avoid, “Janae what are you doing here?”

“I'm here to get my daughter” she snapped, not looking to pleased at all, grabbing Danielle's arm and trying to pull her towards her.

“I'm not going anywhere with you” Danielle protested.

“Oh yes you are sweetheart”.

“No she's not!” Rose's furious voice entered the room as she came up the other set of stairs to see Janae at the door.

“Long time no see Rose” Janae faked a smile.

“Not long enough” Rose mumbled under her breath.

“Well come on Dani, Fred's got the car waiting” said Janae.

“Well why don't you hurry along then, I'm sure you'll both be very happy without me”.

“Dani” Janae pushed.

“She's not going anywhere” Boyd repeated as he made his way down the stairs and behind Danielle.

“Fine, but you better get your self a good lawyer, cause you'll be hearing from mine soon” she warned, holding her shoulders high, straightening up her jacket and turning to walk away all high and mighty.


Jack walked down the drive way of the Holden's place near the beach of Summer bay, he opened the letter box and removed the mail from it, flicking through it as he walked back towards the house, one of them was just a folded up piece of paper, no envelope or address on it, just a piece of paper.

Jack unfolded it quickly, on it was only one line:

It's not over yet, you better watch your back.

Seeing this Jack panicked and rushed back inside, feeling a little more at ease when he saw Martha still sitting at the breakfast table laughing at his brothers stupid jokes.

“Wow, you ok Jack? You look like you just saw a ghost” Lucas teased him.

“We need to call Peter” he spat out.

“What? Why? What's going on?” Martha asked, looking concerned as she walked towards him, he handed her the piece of paper he had read and waited anxiously as she read it, her face going from happy to scared, “It's not over yet is it?”

Jack just shock his head, “I'm afraid not”.


Beth was humming happily to herself as she stood behind the counter of Noah's bar.

“So how's my favorite girl today?” Tony asked as he came up to the other side of the bench.

“Excellent” she smiled, “this Christmas party is going to be a blast”.

“Don't get to excited, it's still another three weeks away” Tony laughed, “and besides, we've still got to focus on a big even in two weeks remember?”

“Yeah of course, I haven't forgot Jack's birthday, how olds he going to be again?”

“thirty one” Tony told her.

“Wow they grow up quick don't they?”

“Yeah tell me about it”.


Half an hour later

Peter walked down the cold building of the local prison, he had to act quick, he'd got a phone call from Jack just before he came about a letter they'd received in the mail. It couldn't be from Jesse, he'd been in top security since his arrest, there had to be someone else... he didn't know who, but there was more too this than Jemma had told them, that's why he was here now, he had to get more out of her, he had to find out the whole truth.

He came to the cell she was locked in, number fifty five just like the guard had told him, and there she sat on her chair, bored and tired, “hey” she smiled, she hadn't had many visitors, and when she did she didn't want them to leave, she needed anyone to talk to to stop her thinking about Matt who was still in the cell next to her.

“Hey Jemma, mind if I ask you a few more questions?” Peter asked pulling up a chair on the other side of the bars and sitting down.

“Not at all what's wrong?”

“Well Jack Holden got some disturbing mail today and I was wondering if there was any other contacts Jesse had that could still be out there” he explained.

“I wouldn't be able to answer that one properly for you, he had many contacts, but I never had anything to do with them, they were always kept very tight lipped and he never put more than one of his associates in the same room as him at a time” she told him, “sorry I wish I could give you the answer you wanted”.

“Thats ok, just one more question though” he started, “did you ever hear any of his conversations with any of these other contacts?”

“No sorry, like I said it was all very tight security” she answered shaking her head.

Peter nodded, getting up on his feet and turning to go before Jemma stopped him, “I can tell you something though” she grabbed his attention, “he's got an office underneath the basement he kept me and Lara in, it's under the wooden book case that's not attached to the wall, anything that might help you would be in there”.

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Chapter number 46. I couldn't let myself

Two weeks passed in Summer bay, Jack's birthday party was tomorrow at the Holden's place, Tony and Beth had insisted on doing something for him. Janae hadn't lived up to her promise of taking Boyd to court, her lawyer had pretty much looked at the case and told her that cause Danielle was over twelve and didn't want anything to do with her that she'd have not hope what so ever in winning. Martha had moved her stiff into Jack's room finally, Jack had insisted that she did before he turned thirty one. Izzy was back to normal sleeping patterns and Rose was getting a full nights sleep again. And as for Colleen and Madge Wilkinson in the retirement village, well they'd been there usual selves again, Morag had even started locking the doors during the day and pretending that her and Alf weren't home to try and stop being visited by them.


Danielle sat on the end of her bed reading her book, well she was kind of reading it anyway, her mind wasn't concentrating properly, she had to many other things to think about; her mum for starters, she couldn't believe the fuss she'd caused over the last few weeks. There was also the suggestion that her dad had made this morning; going back to school, she knew she had too, but she really didn't see the point, not this year anyway, there was only a week left which Boyd realized, but he'd told her that she'd have a better chance of making more friends before next year.

Down the hall way Izzy's loud cry could be heard, Rose was out for the morning to Danielle put her book down and went to leave the room. As she got to the door way she heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement, she didn't know why, but she felt uneasy about it, no one ever went down there, well not that she knew of anyway. She stepped back in her room and watched as her dad went passed without even noticing her or looking in, he seemed distracted, like he'd been working on some hard jobs and his brain had gone to mush. He opened Izzy's door which was next to Danielle's and walked in, lifting Izzy out of her cot and holding her gently to settle her.

“Dani, I'm just going to take Izzy for a walk ok?” he called out.

“Ok” she called back sitting back down and pretending to still be reading her book in case he came to check on her, but he didn't and about a minute later she heard the sound of the front door closing.

Danielle put her book back down stepping forward and looking out into the hall way both left and right too make sure the coast was clear, there was something about that basement that she wasn't quite sure about, it seemed so isolated and secluded, not that that wouldn't be unnormal, but there was something about it that puzzled her.

She stepped out of her room, turning to the right to reach the end of the carpet that turned to tiles before turning left and down a small stair way. The tiles were white, perfectly lined and not a foot mark on them, the walls cream to compliment them. As she reached the bottom she slowly took the last few steps before she reached the wooden dull blue painted door. She reached one hand out to the silver door nob, placing it gently on the top before moving to turn it, but it didn't budge. So she tried again, with more force this time, then with two hands using all the muscle she had she finally opened it, hearing the rusty creeping sound it made as it moved... then she stopped, looking puzzled, she'd heard that sound before, she'd heard it every night at midnight..... someone had been in here a lot, which wasn't what Rose had first told her, she'd said it was never used. Feeling a sudden fright come over her, Danielle closed it steadily again, taking in a deep breath before proceeding to reach out and open it again.

“Well she was easy to put to sleep” Boyd commented as he walked back through the front door, Danielle panicked and ran straight back to her room berrying her nose straight back in her book before Boyd could look down the hall way.


“So is that the last one then?” Peter asked Lara as he carried the last suit case into his flat, Lara was finally moving in today.

“Yeap, it sure is” she smiled, “I'm so glad were finally doing this” she sighed, bringing him into a warm hug and resting her head on his chest.

“Yeah me too” Peter grinned


“So big guy how does it feel to be thirty one?” Martha tease as she wrapped her arms around Jack from behind him where he stood at the kitchen bench, even though his party wasn't until tomorrow, his birthday was today, and so far Jack hadn't been to happy, well not that he had time to think about his age properly, he was more worried about Martha, the longer it took for something to happen the more well planed it would be, thats if Jesse or who ever sent the letter was planning anything, for all he knew they could just want him scared.

“Well pretty depressing really” Jack grumbled.

“Aww, does Jacky boy need some cheering up?” Martha said in a baby voice.

Jack turned around to face her just nodded, he usually would of gone along with her silliness, but right how he couldn't really see the silly side of life.

Martha saw this and suddenly her face turned serious, she looked down at her feet for a second before looking back up at him, “Jack I'm going to be fine”.

“How did you know I was thinking about that?”

“Maybe cause it's the same thing you've been thinking about for the last two weeks... Look Jack he's just trying to scare us, he's in top security, Peter's made sure of it” Martha reassured him.

“Yeah I keep telling myself that, but I just can't seem to see it that way, I'm really scared of loosing you Martha, I can't make my brain think of it any other way” he said honestly wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his chest where her head lay.

“How else am I supposed to convince you I'll be fine” she whispered.

“You can't” he admitted, “just stay here with me, I can't let you out of my sight, I couldn't let myself”.

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Chapter number 47. You'll be fine

At the entrance of Summer bay drove a very happy Sally, Brad, Ric, Cassie and Pippa, all headed to the caravan park which Brad had managed to bye, Ric and Cassie weren't staying though, they were just helping Sally and Brad move, but none of the less they were glad to be back for the mean time.

“So Pips, do you remember anything now?” Sally asked turning around to look a her eleven year old daughter.

“Nope, doesn't look even remotely familiar” Pippa sighed, “why couldn't we just stay in Perth, all my friends are there, I don't know anyone here”.

“Well I'm sure you'll have friends in no time” Brad encouraged her, turning around the corner that lead to the caravan park.

“Yeah Brad's right, they'll love you” Cassie reassured her.

Pippa sighed and put her nose up against the window watching the trees that went past, “well as soon as someone pulls my cheek and tells me that they remember me when I was only this big I'm out of here”.


Jack walked along the path of the park on his way back from the dinner, he sighed as he thought about Martha back home by herself, she'd convinced him that he needed to start giving her some space, he could see where she was coming from too, he'd been over protective of her in the last few weeks.

Up ahead on a park bench sat Tasha, he hadn't seen much of her since he got back from prison, it was like she was avoiding him, “Hey Tash” Jack smiled as he sat down next to her.

“Oh hey Jack I didn't see you there” Tash answered in surprise, “anyway I should probably get going” she added in orquadness, grabbing her back and racing to stand up.

“Tash” Jack stopped her, “why do you keep avoiding me?”

“What? I'm not avoiding you” Tash smiled nervously, almost laughing under her breath.

“Yeah you are” he told her, “Tash just tell me what's going on..... is this still about Serena?”

“Jack I just feel so bad” she blurted out, almost looking like she could cry, “It's all my fault, it really is, you must hate me”.

“No I don't hate you at all, it wasn't your fault Tash” he said warmly, “hey come on sit down”.

Tash just nodded, bitting her bottom lip to try and swallow back her tears, “I can't help it, I gave her that cold Jack, if she hadn't of got it from me then she would still be alive” she explained.

“No Tash, Serena was in a very bad health state, if she hadn't of died from that cold then she would of died from something else”.

“Yeah but it was still my cold” Tash pointed out.

“Maybe so, but how do you know that it wasn't from the lady that walks around and says hello to patients and wished them good luck. And besides, it didn't matter whether she got sick, the doctors should of checked her before they put her through Chemotherapy, if anyone's to blame then it's them” Jack sighed.

“I guess” Tash agreed, still feeling guilty. “So how are you holding up then, I mean it must be pretty tough”.

“I'm great actually, it's still part of me, but it doesn't hurt” he admitted, “but it's good being able to move on”.

“Move on?”

“You know with Martha, things have been great, it's like we picked up right were we left it seven years ago-”.

“Wow, wow, wow” hang on a second” Tash stopped him seeming confused, “you and Martha are back on? That's great Jack” she exclaimed with a happy smile.

“Yeah it is” he nodded, “so you coming to my party tomorrow night?”

“You sure you want me there?” she asked seeming hesitant.

“Of course, and I'll say this once more, I don't hate you Tash, the truth is we all miss having you around”.


“You know, Martha, Dad, Beth, Maddie, Luc” Jack explained. “So is that a yes?”

“Ok” Tash nodded, “I'll be there”.


“So chocolate or caramel?” Beth asked Tony while holding her shopping list on one hand and a pen in the other.

“Um..... both” Tony answered leaning back in his chair and stretching his arms.

“Your such a pig” Beth giggled.

“And is there a problem with that?” Tony asked pretending to be offended.

“I guess not” she shrugged as a knock could be heard at the door, “I'll get it” she offered.

“Ok, but if that's more carol singers again then tell them to rack off” Tony told her.

“Oh be nice, what's wrong with carol singers?”

“Nothing, I'm just not in the mood for Christmas songs right now, and the last lot bugged the heck out of me” Tony explained.

“Fair enough she answered as she opened the door and turned around to find a familiar face, “oh my gosh, Scott”.

“Hey mum” Scott exclaimed.


“Hey this isn't actually so bad” Pippa smiled as the came through the front door of the caravan park house.

“See I told you you'd come to like it” Brad told her, puffing his chest out and pretending to be all proud.

“Yeah, but I never believed you” she giggled.

Sally giggled along with her, “aww poor Brady baby, rejected and had his pride torn apart” she teased putting on a baby voice.

“Ok Ric I think we need some more blokes in here” Brad called out, “there ganging up on me” he added while the girls still were in hysterics.

“Sorry your on your own there” Ric laughed as he carried another back through the door.


Martha drove along the road to the beach, it was a beautiful day and Jack had finally been convinced that she'd be fine as long as she was in public. She pulled up the car in the car park, undoing the seat belt and reaching behind the drivers seat to get her bag, she pulled it to sit on her lap and chucked her keys in there before getting ready to hop out of the car.

Before she could open the door she heard a smashing sound, she looked around to see what it was, only to find a brick on her back seat and glass everywhere.

Please tell me what you think.

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Chapter number 48. Covering up

Martha drove quickly through the streets that exited Summer bay to Yabbie creek, she had to get this fixed quickly, she'd cleaned up as much as she could before she left, but one thing she couldn't fix was the fact that her back window was completely gone. Normally she would of just called Jack, but she couldn't, if he, or any of the others found out about this she'd be back to being on a short leash.

A thousand thoughts were running through her mind, she couldn't get her head around all of it, Jesse was in prison, her night mare was supposed to be over, well that's what she had said after the letter Jack found too. It was like who ever this was was try to make a statement, she wasn't safe, not even in public where everyone could see her, she'd never be safe.

She couldn't imagine who was doing this, they were obviously pretty messed up... just like Jesse, they new how to make someone scared, and how to do it when you least expect it.

Then there was the note on the brick.... gosh she almost forgot about that, she still remembered pulling it off the string around the brick and reading it, she didn't even want to think about what she had read, it was worse than reading the letter they'd gotten two weeks ago.

Martha took in a deep breath as she pulled into the car park of the service station in Yabbie creek, she just hoped they'd be able to fix it today, she didn't know what she'd do if she had to go home and tell the others why her back window was smashed.


Boyd sat in the lounge room watching little Izzy as she played on the floor with dangling toys from a bar that was above her head.

“Hey” Rose called out as she came in the front door and made her way up the stairs with the biggest grin on her face.

“Hey, someone's in a good mood” Boyd commented, “where'd you get to?”

“Oh just down to the hospital” she told him calmly sitting down next to him and admiring her beautiful baby girl.

“The hospital?” Boyd repeated, seeming concerned all of a sudden, “is everything ok?”

“Yeah of course it is” she smiled, “Boyd I'm pregnant again”.

Boyd stopped for a second to think about what she said properly, then a smile grew on his face, “you serious?”


“Oh wow, that's wonderful news. Wow I'm going to be a dad again” he beamed, wrapping an arm around Rose.

“Yeah, this kids going to be very lucky too” Rose told him, rubbing her nose against his and giving him a gentle kiss which he responded to imediently.

“Gu gu ga ga” Izzy interrupted them, making them both laugh.

“Don't worry we haven't forgotten you” Rose cooed, “your going to be a big sister, isn't that great hey?”


Martha walked down the hallway after arriving back at the Holden's, she'd managed to get her window fixed in Yabbie creek after waiting around for about an hour and a half, and now she really needed to rest and a good cry. She stopped when she got to the door of the bedroom that used to be hers before she moved in with Jack, she'd come in here every now and then over the last few weeks when she wanted some quiet time.

Gently she opened the door expecting it to be empty like it always was, but it wasn't, there at the end of the bed was an open suit case and Scott unpacking it.

“Hey” he smiled.

“Oh hey” Martha answered in surprise, “what are you doing here?” she faked a smile coming towards him to give him a hug.

“Oh I thought it might be a nice time to come and visit” he explained.

“So is Hayley here too then?”

“No, her and Noah decided to stay in France this time” he told her, the truth was there were other reasons he was here, in fact Hayley didn't even know he was here, not that he'd seen her in a year.

“Oh ok, fair enough”.

“So how are you holding up, I heard you had a bit of a rough time recently”.

“Yeah that's a long story” Martha sighed, “I'll tell you later, but I should probably leave you to unpack” she told him turning to leave, she needed to get out of there, she felt like she was about to fall apart, that crying session was calling out for her.

“Alright then” he agreed as she left, not knowing that as soon as she closed the door she began to cry, covering her mouth to try and not make a sound until she reached the bathroom and locked the door.


Peter wandered his way down the main street of Yabbie creek looking through the shop windows as he passed, he was looking for something in particular, well it had to be if he was actually going shopping for it, usually he dreaded the thought of sales assistants and expensive boutiques, but today was different, today was a very beautiful day.

He opened the door as he came to the shop he was looking for, stepping inside and looking at all the diamonds and gold on display. There was bench tops of glass that held them all, displaying their beauty, all neatly placed in rows. There was so much to chose from, diamonds of pink, purple, blue and red, pearls that were so white and shinny that there wasn't a single flaw in it and lockets that were so neatly calved that it had to be the work of a perfectionist.

“Hello can I help you?” the blond sales assistant asked as he came further into the middle of the shop.

“Yeah I need a bit of help, I'm looking for an engagement ring” Peter smiled.

Author note: There's only going to be two more chapters till the end of this fic. Please review.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated lately, I've been really bussy with Exams and school finishing, but here's the next chapter, hope you enjoy it.

Chapter number 49. Yes

The next day, Lunch time

Peter smiled as he listened to Lara speak from across the table, he was so nervous, not just because it was the first time he'd taken a girl to a fancy restaurant since.... well he couldn't actually remember, but more than anything he was worried that she might say no.

Lara giggled as she her a loud crash from the kitchen and a yell from the head chief, in the time that they'd been here already she'd picked up on the fact that the head chief didn't like any stuff ups, and the poor little beginner chiefs had to put up with it.

She looked over at Peter, he hadn't really been himself since he picked her up only an hour earlier, she didn't know what was going through his head, but she wished that he'd let her in, she'd already asked him if he was ok, but he'd simply told her he was.

“So you up for desert?” Peter asked.

“Maybe a bit later” she sighed, “but right now I'm moving over there ok” she told him getting up and sliding her chair around the round table so that she could be closer.

“That's a bit better” Peter smiled, placing his arm around Lara's and drawing her in so that she could rest her head on his shoulder.

“So what's the real reason you brought me to a fancy restaurant Pete? You sure your feeling alright?”

“Yeah of course why wouldn't I be?” Peter answered trying to stay cool and calm.

“Cause it's not usually your thing, and you haven't been yourself all day” she explained.

“Well were all aloud to do something different for a change”.

“Yeah I know”.


“So are you sure you've got everything?” Sally asked as she came out the front door of the caravan park to see Brad closing the boot of Cassie and Ric's hire car.

“Yeah, I think so” Ric replied coming over to give her a hug with Cassie close behind.

“Well you two take care ok?” Sally told them starting to look a bit sad, “now if you ever decide for what ever reason that you'd like to come back-”

“Then well call ok, just don't get all teary on us ok?” Ric laughed.

“Alright I'll try not to”.

“Well I'm sure we'll come visit soon” Cassie told her as she turned to get in the front passengers seat.

“Ok, let us know when you get there safe” Brad said as Ric too opened the door.

“Yeah we will” Ric called back before closing the door and driving the car away with him and Cassie in it.

“They'll be back” Brad reassured Sally, rubbing her shoulders and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah I know” she answered, giving him a small smile.


Peter placed another kiss on Lara's head that was nested on his shoulder, they'd been like this since the waitress took there dishes from desert about ten minutes ago. He was still nervous inside, but things had calmed down a little more, and Lara had stopped asking what was going on which was probably a good sign that he was acting normally.

Lara sighed and moved her head to look up at him smiling right at her, things were so perfect and she just wanted to stay like this forever, she could feel Peter holding her hands in his, stroking the back of her hand with his thumbs, but then right when she though he was going to lean forward and kiss her she was surprised to see him getting down on the floor.

He released her right hand and reached into his pocket, pulling out a little dark blue velvet box and opening it, “Lara, we've been through a lot together, I know it hasn't really been that long, but I feel like I've loved you my whole life, will you do me the honour of marrying me?” he asked warmly, yet nervously.

Lara smiled, she was still trying to get her head around the fact that this was really happening, but she knew the answer, “Yes” she beamed, “Yes, I'd love that”.

Peter pulled out the gold ring and placed it on her wedding finger, it was simple yet beautiful, “I love it, it's beautiful” Lara smiled.

“Not as beautiful as you” he whispered as he sat up in the chair next to her and wrapped his arms around her, “I love you so much”.

“I love you too”.


On a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean Serena's father sat waiting for his arrival to Sydney airport. He hadn't been back there since just after his daughters death. He wished he could of left on better terms, but he couldn't change that now he could only deal with it, why he was doing this he still didn't know, but it was going to be done, he got a phone call from someone claiming to know Serena, they wanted revenge on her behalf, not that it was what she would of really wanted, but for now he had to make himself believe it was, he had to make himself think he was doing one last thing for her to make up for all his mistakes. He had to go through with the plan, wrong or right, it was what he had to do.


“So are you sure you want to stay?” Rose asked one last time as Boyd grabbed Izzy's Pram and wheeled it to the door.

“Yeah I really need the rest” Danielle lied, “but tell Jack I said happy birthday”.

“Alright then, but if you change your mind then just give us a call and we'll get you a cab ok?” Boyd told her.

“Ok, I will” she smiled as they left the house. As soon as they were gone and she could hear the car driving down the drive way she turned around and headed down the set of stairs on the right, making her way down the hall way past all the bedrooms and came to the end where the tiles started. She turned to her left and looked down the small flight of stairs that lead to the basement, she was going to find out what was in there, and nothing was going to stop her this time. “Well here goes” she told herself before taking in a deep breath and making her way down.

Author note: Next chapter's the last chapter of this fic.

Next time:

Plans unfold as the pieces fall together.

What's in the basement? (I promise you'll find out this time, for all we know there could be nothing to fear at all)

Someone's dark side is reveled

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Hey guys, this chapter is a lot longer than the other ones cause I didn't want to give to much away in the previous chapters. Anyway here it is:

Warning: not suitable for children, contains violence.

Chapter number 50. It can always get worse

Danielle made her way into the basement and closed the door behind her, reaching for the light switch that lighted up the room.

She looked around the large concrete room, there were hundreds and hundreds of boxes, all neatly placed and piled up on top of each other so high that they almost reached the roof, there was a pathway down the middle of the room formed like a corridor with walls of cardboard boxes. She walked down it until she reached the end where it separated so that she could got left or right, looking both ways before choosing she decided to go right, looking around curiously as she walked.

As she reached the corner there was a metal topped table with rolled up papers on top, carefully she reached out and unrolled one of them reading it's contents out loud, “16th of December 2013.... wait that's today.....” she commented scrolling further down the page, “Hit list-” she paused looking further down to see a list of names, “No, no, I'm dreaming” she trembled, chucking the paper back on the table, and looking along it too see a black case that she'd seen before... she just couldn't figure out where... 'wait... Fred had one like that” she throught to herself.

She picked up a cloth from the table and placed it over her hand as she opened the case and looked inside shocked at what she saw..... it was a gun. Freaking out completely she dropped the cloth and ran, turning off the light and closing the basement door, leaping up the stairs and racing into her room where she slammed the door and slid down it on her back until she touched the floor. A tear ran down her face, this couldn't be happening, her mother was supposed to be the evil one in her family, but now that she knew the truth she didn't think Janae was all that bad.


Frank (Serena's father) make his way in the dark along the west wall of the Yabbie creek prison. He knew exactly what he had to do, he'd gone over it a million times on the plane, '8, 9, 10, 11' he thought to himself as he walked past each metal grated window, '15, 16, 17, 18, 19' he stopped as he reached the nineteenth one and pushed a large rock up against the wall so that he could stand on it and look in, and sure enough there Matt was waiting for him right as he'd been told.

“Well it's about time” Matt whispered in frustration.

“Shhh keep your voice down” he snapped quietly, as he pulled a screw driver out from the inside of his jacket and began to unscrew the screws that were in screwed into the stone bricks at the bottom of the bars that held Matt in the prison.

He had to do this, he'd been through it many times in his head, he had to do this for Serena, not that it would have been what she wanted, but to keep himself sane he had to convince himself that she would of wanted this. A few weeks ago he'd gotten a phone call about Jack his son in law that he'd never met, this guy had told him that he was now with Serena's best friend. He'd said that he'd been a close friend of Serena's and wanted to make things right for her, which unknown to Frank was a load of complete garbage.

“Would you harry up already?” Matt said impatiently.

“Yeah I'm doing my best” Frank insured him.

“What about Scott's number did you get that?” Matt asked, running through all the last minute things in his head.

“Yeap, I told you everything's under control”.


Jack twirled Martha around before gliding her back in towards him in the middle of the Holden's lounge room, he was glad to get some time alone with her before the place would be filled with people, so far today he'd been pretty much surrounded by other people.

“So I forgot to ask earlier if you were ok” Jack broke the silence.

“Of course I'm ok” she smiled looking up at him while moving her hands from around his waist to snake around his neck.

“That's good, after lunch today when you came in you seemed a bit stressed”.

“Oh yeah, I went into Yabbie creek to get my car washed but ended up in a huge line” she lied.


“Yeah anyway I better go upstairs and make sure Scott's still right to watch Dylan tonight” Martha explained releasing her grip on Jack and pulling away.

“Aww do you have to?” Jack winged pulling her back in.

“Yes, people are going to be here any minute”.

“How about we just ditch this party and go some place nice, just the two of us” Jack grinned leaning forward and planting a quick kiss on her lips.

“You can't do that, your the guest of honour” she exclaimed, “but save that thought for tomorrow night ok?”

“Alright I think I'll cope with that”.


“Yeah of course everything's ready” Scott persuaded Matt who was on the other end of the phone he was talking on.

“Why would I lie? This is what I want to, remember” He argued pacing his way around his room, he wished Matt would take his word for it, he'd never let him down, and tonight everything was going to go to plan, he'd make sure of it.

“Scott” Martha's voice called out as she opened the door and gave him the biggest fright of his life.

“Um I've got to go” Scott said quickly hanging up and turning around like he'd done something wrong.

“You alright Scott? you look like someone screamed blue murder” she laughed.

Gosh murder, that was the last definition he'd thought of for what was going to happen tonight, he'd just thought of it as revenge, well not on his behalf, his part was making sure that his secret wasn't exposed, that was why he was doing this, he'd been blackmailed.

Jesse had found out about what he'd done to Hayley, he hadn't been happy either, Hayley was like a little sister to Jesse. Just lucky for him that Jesse was messed up, otherwise he wouldn't of suggested such a crazy way of making it up to him.

“Earth to Scott” Martha exclaimed waving her hands in front of Scott's face, “did you just hear a word I was saying?”

“Um sorry” Scott said shaking his head quickly to wake himself up.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you were still fine to watch Dylan tonight up here?”

“Yeah sure” he smiled, “I wasn't really in the mood for all the questions that would be asked, especially about Hayley” he added, lying straight through his teeth. He hadn't told anyone the real story about Hayley, he couldn't, instead he'd told them that she'd taken off with Noah and he hadn't seen either of them since.

“Yeah, it must be hard”.

“Well I'm sure I'll be more comfortable taking about it as I get used to it”.

“Yeah, well I'm sure the music will be loud enough to hear from down stairs, so I'm sure you and Dylan will still get a few dances” she smiled.


“Well anyway, Dylan's in his room, have fun I better get down stairs, people will be here any minute” she told him.


2 hours later

Martha made her way down the cold passage way of the prison, she'd left the party about half an hour ago, she couldn't stay there, everyone was so happy and all she could think about was the brick that got thrown at her car yesterday. She walked uneasily toward the bars of Jesse's cell, it was dark and cold and she found it hard to believe that not that long ago she'd been to a place like this often to visit Jack. She shivered as she tried to ask herself if this was really going to fix anything, she'd convinced herself earlier that facing Jesse himself was going to help her come to terms with things, Jack had one convinced her to face Corey after he had hurt her, and it had helped, she just hoped that it would work this time too.

“Hello Martha” Jesse Smirked at her as she sat down, “I knew you'd come around, I knew you'd see that I'm the one for you”.

Martha felt disgusted, now she wished she hadn't come, “gosh get it thought that think head of yours that I'm never going to be with you would you?” she snapped.

“Well hello to you too babe” he laughed.

“Don't call me that”.

“Why not, you know you love it”.

“You really are messed up, you know why? Cause you've got some weird fantasy on that messed up head of yours. Your the one on the wrong side of the bars Jesse, I can get up and go when ever I want, but you, your stuck in there with no control, what ever you had planed is history, it's over Jesse face it” Martha finished giving off a sort of half chuckle.

“It's not the end yet Martha” Jesse told her, leaning forward to whisper, “It's only just about to begin sweetheart” he whispered coldly before sitting back in his set upright and giving her a controlling smirk. “Let the games begin” he glared and evil glare.


Back at the Holden's place people were beginning to leave the party.

“Well congratulations to both of you” Beth exclaimed to Peter and Lara.

“Thanks” Peter smiled, “well we better get going then”.

“Yeah we should” Lara sighed, “thanks for inviting us though”.

“Oh your welcome” Beth told them before being interrupted by Jack.

“Have you guys seen Martha anywhere?” he asked, seeming concerned.

“Not in the last half hour no” Beth answered as Peter and Lara left, “I'm sure she's fine”.

“Yeah your probably right” Jack agreed calming down, “anyway I'm just going to go for a walk”.


Scott sat as he watched Dylan play, he couldn't believe he was actually going to do this but he knew he had to make himself anyway. Calmly he got up and walked halfway down the stairs to see if anyone was around, there was only Tony and his mum chatting.

“Hey Dylan how about I read you a story and put you to bed, your mum will kill me if she finds out i let you stay up this late” he explained helping Dylan get up and go to his room. He closed the door and instead of getting a book out he reached into his pocket and pulled out some rope and a tea towel, 'well here goes' he thought to himself.


Jack walked through the dark along the path at the edge of the beach, the moon shone across the water, glistening along a trail in the ripples of the waves. He smiled at this, he'd missed it so much, before his life had turned upside down he used to take this place for granted, but now he promised himself that he would never do that again.

Up ahead of him he could see another person walking along the path towards his direction, 'probably just another person out enjoying the view' he thought to himself, although he couldn't help but fell a little uneasy about the stranger making his way towards him in the darkness, alone. The person was unrecognizable, he was not much taller than Jack, his build was fairly strong yet not dangerous, well that's only what it looked like anyway, little did he know, this stranger was a threat to him, someone who wanted him dead, someone who was out for revenge. He was dressed in black, a gun hidden in the inside pocket of his hooded jacket, as he turned his head towards the ocean, the hood that had been hiding his face from the light of the moon suddenly let in the light, showing his identity, it was none other than Matt.

He was supposed to be still in jail, locked away and as far as he was concerned they should of thrown away the key, he stepped closer to Jack, now only a meter or two away. He slowly used both hands to pull his hood away from his face, letting it dangle behind him, as he studied Jack in front of him he realized that now was the time to finish things off, now was when he would finally make things right, he was supposed to wait another hour, but he had to do it now. He unzipped his jacket fiddling around for his gun.

“What do you think your doing here?” Jack asked slowly taking a step backwards.

“What do you think I'm doing?” Matt blabbed back pulling out the gun and pointing it at Jack.

Jack, felling helpless threw his hands up in the air on ether side of him, he was scared, the haunting memories of the events on the night of Sean's death playing over and over in his head, except this time he wasn't the one with the gun, Matt was, and there was nothing he could do, he was defenseless, a sight not many people had seen there much loved cop in. “Matt, you don't have to do this” he started.

“Yes I do!” he yelled trembling, “I'm giving you what you deserve”.

Jack could see the look of fear in Matt's eyes, the gun he was holding with both hands was shaking from his fear. Fighting for his life, Jack lashed out hitting Matt to the ground as he pushed hard on his chest. The gun that had been shaking flew to the ground next to them both. Hearing the sound of it fall to the ground they both stopped their wrestling and looked at it where it sat on it's side on the concrete path, there eyes imediently focused back on each other and a fight broke out, both trying to stop the other from reaching out and snatching the gun from it's position.

Matt paused for a moment, “This is for what you did to Sean” he hissed before using all his strength to roll Jack over so that he could give him one hard punch in the face. He then used one arm to hold Jack down and the other to reach out and grab the fire arm from the path. When it was safely in his hands he stood up regaining the position of having two hands firmly holding the gun out towards Jack. Jack slowly got up on his feet his hands once again up on ether side of him, begging for mercy, “any last words holden?” he said firmly. He knew what he wanted for revenge, and he knew what he had to do to get it, so he did what he had to do, shotting one defined bullet in the direction of Jack, hitting him and towering him to the hard ground of cement.


Tony walked down the upstairs hall way on his way to bed, going past Dylan's room on his way, and for some reason he decided to check on his grand son. Opening the door he came across the sight of Scott tieing Dylan up.

“What the hell do you think your doing?”

“Um” Scott jumped looking up and racing to the door to grab Tony and pull him into the room, this wasn't in the plan, but now he was going to have to deal with one extra person than he'd planned to.

“Let go of me” Tony squirmed as Scott tied him up and pushed him into a chair.

“Don't even think of moving” Scott warned pulling out a gun.

“Scott why are you doing this?”

“I'm doing this for Hayley” he snapped, “you didn't honestly believe that she just walked out on me did you?”


“I killed her Tony, I killed her, and little Noah, it was an accident, they wouldn't want me to be charged, so I had to cover it up, and that ment keeping people quiet, that's why I'm doing this, I'm sorry Tony, but you just happened to get yourself caught up in this, and now your just going to have to deal with it”.

“Scott if someone's blackmailing you-” Tony started.

“Then I just have to go along with it” Scott finished him, “Look this would all just be a lot easier if you cooperated with me. In a minute someone's going to climb a ladder to this window and take you and Dylan away, don't make this difficult of I promise you I'll shot”.

“Look why do you have to get Dylan into this? He's four for goodness sakes, let him go and just take me” Tony pleaded.

“But he's already seen to much” Scott told him before being interrupted by at tap on the glass, he looked around to see Frank through the glass, it was almost over now, all he had to do was get them out of here and his work was over, then Frank would deal with them properly.


“So tonight wasn't all that bad” Rose sighed as she snuggled into the pillow next to Boyd who was already lying down.

“Nah it wasn't” he agreed before getting up.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Just to check on Dani” he lied.

“Alright don't be too long” she yawned.

“Ok” he agreed, leaving the room and walking down the hall way past Danielle's room and down the stairs to the basement to fetch his gun before coming back up and looking back into the bedroom he and Rose shared, she looked so peaceful just laying there, he'd grown to love her over the last couple of years, now it was all going to end, not that he wanted it to, he loved her so much, things had gotten out of control, they were never ment to have a child, let alone start to have a second one, he held out the gun from where he stood at the door, but he couldn't bring himself to shoot. This was his wife, the mother of his children, the woman who was pregnant with his baby right now, he just couldn't do it.

Scared of what he'd gotten himself into he raced into the basement again, making his way to the metal topped table in the corner and taking in a deep breath, he pulled out his phone and found he'd missed two messages, the first was from Frank, 'I dealt with the kid', and the second was from Matt, 'I did it, Jack's dead'.

Boyd hated himself by this point, he through his phone to the ground watching it as it smashed. Then he reached for the gun and put the end right against the temple of his head, he was going to end it all now.

Author note: Ok so that was the end, please review, even if you've never reviewed before and you absolutely hate this fic i still want to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who's encouraged and reviewed over the last three stories that made up this trilogy, It's been great reading all you thoughts and encouragement.


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