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A Shoulder To Cry On

Guest xGlowingAngelx

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Hey people. I thought I'd write a Mattie/Ric fanfic. Tell me what you think please :)

Chapter 1

Painting on a fresh layer of ligloss, Matilda Hunter looked at her reflection in the mirror. She smiled to herself. "He won't be able to resist you' she thought to herself. Pulling on her gold bolero jacket, she placed her handbag strap over her shoulder and walked into the living room. "Right Mum. I'm going now. Catch you later!" she called.

"Hang on missy!" Beth shouted back to her daughter. Matilda slid to a halt and turned to face her Mother. "What?" she asked, looking around in case she'd forgotten something. "Where are you going?" asked Beth. Matilda looked at her, as though the answer was obvious. "I told you yesterday, I've got a date with Lucas tonight". Beth looked at her, confused. "Did you?" she asked, shaking her head. Matilda nodded. "Yes Mum. Now if you don't mind I'm going to be late!" she called and headed out of the door. "Have a good night then!" called Beth.

"Oh sorry!" called Matilda as she turned around the corner and bumped into someone. Lifting her head up, she came face to face with Ric. "Whoa, Mattie, you in a hurry?" he laughed. Matilda playfully whacked his arm. "It's not funny Ric. Tonight's my date with Lucas, remember?" she said. Ric laughed. "Of course I remember. It's all you've talked about". Matilda rolled her eyes. "Shut up Ric!". She looked at her watch. "Oh no. I'm going to be late!" she called running off. Ric turned and looked at her. The smile wiped from his face as he watched her walk away. Why was she so blind to see how he felt about her? "Have a great night Mattie" he whispered, before turning his back, and walking in the opposite way.

"Come in!" called a voice. Matilda walked into the Holden household. Emotion overtook her as she saw the effort Lucas had gone to for tonight. Candles scattered in the living room. Soft music in the background. Walking over to her he whipsered "You look amazing". Sending shivers down her spine as he kissed her cheek. She smiled at him. "Thanks, you too". Soft butterflies gathered in her stomach as she sat facing him.

Ric sat on the sofa in the living room. A gentle tear trickled down his cheek. He gently wiped it with his thumb. He didn't want to cry. Yet, he knew that until she realised how he felt about her, he wasn't going to be happy....

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