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Fri 2 Jun 06 - " Family Encounters "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Family Encounters "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 2 Jun 06 - Episode # 4200)

SURF CLUB - Alf & co are up in arms that Amanda is the producer of the movie - even colleen seems less excited at the idea of a walk on role in the film. Amanda's usual cheeky facial expression are to the fore as she wonders if the baysiders will EVER change their small town attitudes.

HOSPITAL - Rachel & Charlie's talk about his Gran's death. Rachel tries to comfort charlie, but he SOLIDLY telling her to leave him alone.

BACHELOR PAD -Dan & Leah are still on a high (after their romantic lunch, which seems to have ACTUALLY taken place in the backyard of the Bachelor Pad) when Ryan AND Amanda enter. Amanda comments more than a few times about Dan going back & forth in his love for Amanda & Leah. Leah of course is WAY death starring her arch enemy.

Amanda then insists that she's not taking compromises about Ryan now, and that Dan WILL have him back to her by a set time.

when Amanda is gone, Dan insists that her return won't change anything tween he & Leah, but she doesn't exactly look convinced.

DINER - Alf, Robbie & co are talking about how to get the message about Amanda's film across to the community (now that the town meeting is way over, and no one knew that Amanda was involved). they agree to print up some flyer's and deliver them EVERYWHERE around town.

HOSPITAL - Rachel & Kimmy are tal;k about Charlie's gran. Rachel tells Kimmy that she got nowhere when she tries to comfort Charlie, but when Charlie approaches, he WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY fondly hugs Kimmy.

SOON AFTER - nurse Julie shows/tells Rachel that an EMPTY morphine syringe was found in a normal rubbish bin in the hospital. Rachel tells nurse Julie that she gave Char;lie;s gran some of the morphine in that vile, but she thinks that if someone administered the rest of the morphine is the vile, it MUCHLY could have caused Cahrlie's Gran's death !!!

DINER -Robbie & Tasha enter with lots & lots of the just printed anti-film flyer's. bell is quickly roped into helping distribute the flayers.

Dan, Leah & Ryan and Dan talk to Irene about Amanda's return.

McADAMS MANSION - Belle is about to put one of the flyer's in the letter box when she is almost run of by Amanda (the person that shes doesn't know is her mum). they WAY clash.

when Amanda goes inside the mansion, she speak (on phone) to a member of the local council. she insists that if she doesn't have approval by the end of the day, then she'll take her business (the movie) to another town.

HOSPITAL - Rachel tells Kimmy her suspicions that CHARLIE may have given his Gran the extra morphine. she thinks that he merely plans to extend her stay in hospital, so he could continue to have a life (hanging out with Kimmy etc) rather than having to spend all his time caring for his gran.

Not surprisingly, charlie overhears much of this.

McADAMS MANSION -Lean & Dan return Ryan, and Amanda makes more comments about Dan flitting tween Amanda & Leah. Leah feistily insists that Amanda WON'T come tween them this time.

HOSPITAL - Rachel approaches charlie, who tells her that he overheard her earlier. he thinks that she is jealous of how close that Kimmy & charlie has become. charlie is WAY aggressive, and creepy, as he says these things.

BACHELOR PAD - Rachel tells Kimmy about what Charlie said. Kimmy suggests that he should talk to charlie.Rachel isn;'t so keen on the idea.

NOAH'S - Kimmy's chat with Charlie goes badly. Kimmy DOES get angered with charlie when he suggests that Kim,my & Charlie have a WAAAAY spacial bond.

DINER - Alf & Co talk about Amanda buying the McAdam place, and trying to run Belle down. Alf insists that they;ve got to keep that pressure up, and "rattle her cage".

McADAMS MANSION - Amanda answers the door, and her cage is rattled form another reason ..... as the person at the door is her (MUCHLY estranged) MUM !!!

BACHELOR PAD - Kimmy tells Rachel that he tahinks that she should tell ppl about her suspicions about charlie.

HOSPITAL - Rachel tells the CEO her suspicions about Cahrlie, but he responds by telling her there's been a complaint about her (regarding Gran's death). the CEO says that Rachel COULD be looking at a charge of medical negligence occasioning death !!! (end of ep)


The public become VERY aware that the stalker is still alive, Peter is confident of catching said stalker, AND Charlie is keen to get Rachel TOTALLY of the picture !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's velvety, shimmery jacket

SILVER – Leah's scarlet halter neck dress

BRONZE – Leah’s primarily purple top.

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