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Thurs 1 Jun 06 - " Charlie And The Plan Gone Wrong "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Charlie And The Plan Gone Wrong "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 1 Jun 06 - Episode # 4199)

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy is shocked when he receives some flowers (via a delivery guy) from Charlie !!! with a note “I’m here for you”.

Kimmy is way annoyed, but Rachel thinks that Charlie needs some one to look after now that his Gran is in hospital.

GYM – Charlie proves kimmy's point, by breaking in to kimmy’s workplace.

DINER – Alf isn’t keen when he hears that there’ll be a movie filmed in the bay, whilst that likes of Leah & colleen seems to like the idea.

Kimmy enters and hands Leah an invite form Dan.

Irene approaches Kimmy, and says that she read the letter, and sent Hyde a response. Kimmy hopes that all will go back to normal now.

GYM – Kimmy enters, and is annoyed that Charlie has opened up, and that there are ppl (like Luke) already using the equipment. Kimmy makes it clear that he is annoyed with Charlie (eg gym could loose licence).

DINER – Leah & others think that Alf is over reacting when he proposes a town meeting against THAT film.

HOSPITAL – Rachel talks to Charlie’s gran, ands suggests that she should be kept in hospital for a bit longer (as Rachel is worried about Charlie and what he seems to have done with the pills). Charlie's gran says that Dr Young says that she can go home. Btw, Charlie concurs with Rachel (as he’s far interested in Kimmy now).

NEAR BEACH – Kimmy & Rachel talk about Charlie & his gran. Kimmy disagrees with Rachel when she proposes that Charlie deliberately tries to make his gran ill.

HOSPITAL – A nurse enters Charlie’s gran’s room and wants to give her some medication. The gran isn’t keen, so cahrlie says that he will ensuer that she takles it. The nurse writes it in her book that she had given the patient the medicine. Not surprisingly, it looks like Charlie ISN”T going to give her the pills.

NOAH’S –Alf talks to Rachel & others about the town meeting for the film …and about the mysterious purchase on a BIOG money property in the bay.

Leah enters, dressed awesomely in red. She tells Rachel that she is really looking fwd to this lunch with Dan.

LEAH’S BACKYARD – as Leah approaches the table, red rose petal like things float through the air. Dan, dressed in a tuxedo, is waiting for Leah.

Both have an awesome time eating, charting & dancing etc – and agree that they’ll REALLY make this relationship wonderfully special again. Both thinks its great that no one (think Amanda) is around to get in their way (note – see below)

HOSPITAL – Rachel enters Charlie’s gran’s room, and gran really wants to go home. Rachel says that her BP levels are elevated, whilst Charlie insists that his gran DID take those pills.

SOON AFTER – Rachel is a tad rushed (by incoming patients form an MVA). She quickly gives Charlie’s gran some morphine. However, in her rush to get to the other patients, Rachel doesn’t secure the vile of morphine, so Charlie grabs it – and injects some more.

LATER - Charlie calls out for help with his garn. Rachel & nurse Julie try to stabilise her. Things gets worse – and Rachel needs to use the crash cart, but even THAT has NO effect. Charlie’s gran DIES - whilst Charlie insists that it wasn’t meant to be this way (i.e. I think he just wanted her to stay in hospital longer, but not to actually KILL her)

SURF CLUB – Alf is disappointed by the turn out for the town meeting about the movie to be filmed in the bay.

He’s even more concerned when everyone (incl. Irene, colleen, Tony) seem to think that the film will bring tourists, extra business to the bay),

When Luke suggests that they could tell their concerns to the film’s producer, Alf says that that is another issue (as the person’s identity is unknown).

At that moment, AMANDA enters the room, and says, ”The producer is ME” (end of ep)


Amanda & Belle WQAY clash – and its sounds like Amanda causes trouble for Leah & Dan, AND Amanda’s mum shows up.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s scarlet halter neck dress

SILVER – Leah’s sky blue halter neck top

BRONZE – Rachel’s swirly patterned button up shirt

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