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Wed 31 May 06 - " Heartfelt Farewell "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Heartfelt Farewell "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 31 May 06 - Episode # 4198)

OUTSIDE STORAGE FACILITY – Peter & jack continue to give chase. When peter gets close, he orders the person that they are chasing to stop. When they don’t, peter fires his gun at the person they were chasing. The person falls to the ground, and jack checks on the person and rings an ambulance.

HOPITAL – As Rachel & the medical staff the MALE that peter shot, peter badly wants to speak to the person in question.

DINER – Alf ,Beth leah & others are talking about a surprise engagement party, and they “suggest” that colleen shouldn’t let the surprise slip, but when martha enters, colleen all but does tell her.

Talk turns to Hyde, and Beth seems partic concerned that Kimmy seems to be the only one who visits him.

DINER FLAT – Hyde tell Kimmy hat shouldn’t be spending so much time with Hyde. Kimmy is reluctant, but he eventually bails.

OUTSIDE DINER – as Kimmy approaches his car, he sees that someone has gratified his windscreen with something lie “Daddy’s A Killer” (note – Hyde sees this, as he looks out of the diner flat window).

HOSPITAL – peter continues to get more aggro as her really wants to speak to the guy he shot. Tracy convinces him that they should bail, and that jack will inform that when the guy who was shot can be questioned.

POLICE STATION – Tracey tells peter that she thinks that he REALLY has lost all perspective.

One of the uniformed police tells them that someone is waiting in Peter’s office.

When peter & Tracy enter, sally shows them THAT lightbulb, and peter is forced to tell sally that not only did the stalker fake her own death but that she is back in the Bay.

Peter adds that they have kept this quiet form the public, so the ensuing panic allows the stalker to not be caught by the police. Sally insist that she WILL tell ppl about the stalker – if the police don’t.

DINER FLAT – Beth talks to Hyde. After Hyde asks about Irene, Beth offers to speak to Irene, but Hyde insists that she should not.

Hyde also says that he is going to find a solution that will prevent ppl (esp. Kimmy & Irene) form breezing hurt further.

SOON AFTER – Hyde ruing Morag. He needs to see her, but Morag tell him that she is busy at the moment. She will be there as soon as she can.

VAN PARK HOUSE – The reason why Morag can’t meet with Hyde becomes V apparent, as sally enters, with Peter & Tracy.

The likes of alf, Morag, cassie & Ric are SHOCKED/outraged when Peter reveals that the stalker is back in the town etc. martha however seems relieved that other now know what she does.

Peter & Tracy insist that alf & Co need to keep this info to themselves, and tell the police about anything suspect that they see etc.

HOPITAL – the guy that peter shot is now awake, so peter & Tracy enter his room. Peter wants t9 know everything straight away, and gets WAY physical with the guy – to the point that Tracey &* jack have to stop peter form doing so.

When peter I more reasonable, he shows the patient a pic of the stalker, who admits that he IS working for somoeone – who always rings him with instruction (like to trash the van park house).

The guy, after being “leaned on” by peter & the others, tells them that the person he is working for goes by the name of Maxine Trood.

DINER FLAT – Morag is quite surprised when Hyde tells her that he wants her help to move to the city, as his presence inn the bay is causing too much pain form various ppl.

SOON AFTER – Kimmy tries to persuade Hyde to stay bayside, but hyde's mind is made up.

OUTSIDE DINER – Hyde says his goodbyes to Kimmy, and when Irene sees this, she once more turns her back on him.

Before he gets in Morag’s car, Hyde gives Kimmy to give a letter to Irene. Morag & Hyde then drive off.

DINER – Kimmy gives Irene the letter. She says that she won’t read it. However,, soon after Kimmy is gone, she begins opening the envelope the letter is in.

NEAR DINER – Irene DIES read that letter. She is totally in tears as Hyde (with the usual voiceover) expresses that he deeply rejects hurting her; that she never stopped loving her, and hopes that she can forgive him etc. (note – the letter also incl. a pic of Hyde & Irene in MUCH happier times)

POLICE STATION – peter suggest that Maxine Trood may be another anagram (like Wall Harrisse is of Psycho Sarah). Peter also suggests that the name (Maxine) seems familiar.

Peter hen way goes off because his whiteboard markers aren’t in his office. Whilst jack gets some more, Tracy insist that Peter should go home and get some sleep (as he is overstressed and has lost perspective). Tracy tells peter that she DEF will inform him of any new developments straight away.

BLOCK OF FLATS – peter is talking to Tracey (on phone) as he enters his flat. He (ironically) says that he feels that they are getting really close to the stalker) – as said stalker peers through her blinds (in the flat next dor to peter).

POLICE STATION – after Hyde signs the appropriate paperwork (for the transfer of bail conditions to his new city residence etc), he thank Morag for all that she’s done for him (friendship, bail money etc).

As a police officer is about to lead Hyde out of the station, Hyde is given a note by one of the other officers. The note is form Irene – it says “I’ll miss you too”

ROCKS NEAR BEACH – Rachel approaches Kimmy, and tries to comfort him.

ROAD OUT OF BAY – Hyde is in the back of a police car when he asks the policeman driving to stop for a moment. Hyde takes one last look at the Bay before the policeman continues the journey to the city. (end of ep)


Leah & Dan have a WAY romantic lunch, whilst it sounds like Charlie tries to kill his Gran?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally's cream (with a multi coloured foral print) top

SILVER – Beth's orange singllet top.

BRONZE – Morag's "earth tones" jumper

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