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Mon 29 May 06 - " MUCHLY With The Deja Vu "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " MUCHLY With The Deja Vu "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 29 May 06 - Episode # 4196)

BLOCK OF FLATS – Peter awakes in her bed suddenly, but things look surreal (ie dream like). He goes outside, and encounters the masked stalker. Peter gets shot …. and then WAKES UP in fright.

BACHELOR PAD – Jack, martha & their friends are celebrating the engagement announcement.

NOAH’S – Ric, deep on thought about Macca & the drugs, all but ignored Belle when she tries to talk to him.

When belle bails, Ric asks alf a hypothetical situation based on the drugs situation.

BACHELOR PAD – Ric has now joined the engagement celebrations, but its getting late so all bail.

Jack agrees to walk martha & cassie, but before cassie bails, she way thanks macca for being so lively tonight etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE –Ric is in the lounge when cassie enters. Cassie confronts him about the “moment” he had with Macca at colleen’s party. Ric insists that it was nothing.

BACHELOR PAD – next morning, jack & martha bails, as Ric enters.

He confronts Macca about the drugs. Macca said that he started taking them because he needs them for work – and that they are widespread in the transport industry.

Macca insists that he can go without them though – and “proves it” by throwing them down the sink.

POLICE STATION – peter is keen to go on the offensive about the stalker, by predicting her next move. Peter points out theta so far the stalker been randomly been doing some of the same things she did last year.

Peter also expresses his concerns about martha knowing that the stalker is still alive.

After jack leaves Peter’s office, peter looks at some of the things in the stalker’s files – incl. a damaged ID card

BEACH – Macca isn’t exactly the life of the party and he mucks around with Cassie.

POLICE STATION – as Peter & Lara bail, martha enters.

As jack answers the phone, martha looks at the stalker file tat jack is working on. When jack is off the phone., martha TOTAALY goes off at him – for not telling her that the stalker is in the bay. Jack insists that if martha tells anyone, jack will be in a LOT of trouble with Peter & the senor officers at the station.

NEAR SURF CLUB – Cassie (having just been for a swim in the ocean) meets up with Macca. She accidentally knocks the juices that he’d bought form Noah’s onto the ground. Macca is annoyed with her because of this.

cassie decides to go back into the water, whilst Macca phones his supplier )asking for more drugs).

The nearby Ric sees all of this, and belle confronts him – thinking that he’s way jealous that Cassie now has a b/f. Ric, however DOESN”T tell her the truth (about Macca & the drugs)

POLICE STATION – Peter WAAAAAAAAAAAAY goes of at jack because martha knows that the stalker in back in the town. Jack assures peter that martha won’t say anything (and cause a massive public panic).

NEAR SURF CLUB – Alf, Beth, Tony, Robbie & Tash are talking about Jack & Martha’s engagement when Martha just happens to walk by. They wonder why she seems way pre-occupied. Martha tells them that its because of all the preparations she’ll need to make for the official engagement party.

We then see Martha & Co from another person’s (stalker ???) perspective.

BACHELOR PAD – Macca & cassie enter. And cassie comments about Macca getting his second wind (so to speak).

When he goes into the shower, cassie is picking up some of his clothes off the floor – when she finds THOSE drugs !!!

VAN PARK HOUSE – Sally & Alf enters, and are SHOCKED to find that the place has been TRASHED.

BACHELOR PAD – When Macca exits the bathroom, cassie confronts his about the drugs. She can’t believes when he this to blame this on her (ie “I did it all for you”).

Things then get REALLY serious – and Macca ends up back handing Cassie in the face !!! (end of ep)


Sounds like Cassie IS going to take Macca back (Note – given Cassie’s history, I can understand this)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's pink (multi rose motifed) top

SILVER – Cassie's white (with large blue spots) bikini

BRONZE - Ric's yellow (with orange & blue horizontal striped) T-shirt

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