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Fri 26 May 06 - " Jack & Martha Are High On Life, But Macca …

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Jack & Martha Are High On Life, But Macca … “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 26 May 06 - Episode # 4195)

BEACH HOUSE – Belle suggests to Robbie & tash that Irene should have something like a punching bag – with a pic of Hyde’s face on it.

As belle bails, jack enters. He asks Robbie & tash if they can join him tonight for dinner here, where he plans to propose to Martha. Jack adds that he is going to really surprise Martha with the proposal, as he is going to tell her today that he thinks marriage is stupid (as a practical joke). Tash doesn’t think it good idea, but jack is enthusiastic, so she agrees.

BACHELOR PAD –macca is trying to sleep (on the couch). He is way annoyed when Dan (who is about the bail) and Cassie (who has just entered) make too much noise (as far as he’s concerned.

DINER –colleen wants to know if the like of Alf, Morag, ric & sally are coming to her birthday drinks at Noah’s tonight. She also mentions that madge Wilkins has set her up with a man from the bowls club.

Robbie & tash, and then Dan enter. All 3 are approached by colleen about her birthday celebrations.

BACHELOR PAD – Cassie tries to talk to maaca about his bad mood, but gets her head bitten off (so to speak).

Macca decides to actually go into one of the bedrooms to sleep, whilst jack & Martha enter. Jack tells Martha that Robbie & tash have invite them for dinner at beach house tonight, but Martha says that jack not have to pick her up before the meal as she has late dentist appointment (and will geo straight to beach house from there).

Jack then starts bagging out the whole idea of marriage, which clearly has Martha is the spin that jack was hoping for.

DINER – tash enters, and Martha tells her what jack has said. Martha is devastated, whilst Tash (who knows the sting) suggests that Martha may have misinterpreted what jack said etc.

NOAH’S – jack shows Robbie the ring that he’s got Martha, and they talk about how coooool (and unexpected) tonight will be for Martha.

BACHELOR PAD – Martha enters – looking for jack. Macca well and truly tells her that jack is not here. Martha takes offence to macca;s bad attitude, and suggests that he picks himself up (so to speak) unless he wants to loose casseie as a g/f.

When Martha is hone, macca grabs his stash of drugs.

NOAH’S – colleen is waaaaaaaaaay in a festive mod at her party. She even almost wounds Morag when she unpops the champagne cork.

Leah & Dan are getting V friendly at the party, whilst cassie is V pleased when a MUCHLY re-energized Macca enters.

BEACH HOUSE – there’s no sign of Martha, who is way late for the diner with jack & co. tash then tells jack about the way the Martha is feeling (i.e. joke backfired)

NOAH’S – macca continues to be the energetic life of the party whilst colleen tells anyone who’ll listen that she rang the gut that madge had set her up with – and discover that the guy & madge are “with” each other now.

Meanwhile, as macca continues to dance non-stop, ric begins to have his suspicions.

Jack enters, looking for Martha. Alf says that she’s not here.

Ric then talks to macca about his sudden burst of energy. Macca “suggests” that ric should mind his own business. Cassie sees the two talking, but doesn’t wonder what its about when macca returns to her side.

DINER – tash enters, and finds Martha. She is still heartbroken – so tash decides to let her in on jack’s secret.

BEACH HOUSE – tash enters, and tells jack that Martha id REALLY upset – saying that she can’t be with someone who doesn’t believe in marriage etc.

BACHELOR PAD – jack enters, and finds a candlelit table. Martha enters the room. She gets down on one knee and proposes to jack. He waaaaaaaaay accepts … and give her the ring !!!

They waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay KISS !!

NOAH’S – Morag isn’t keen when Alf “suggests” that she should take that somewhat drunk colleen home.

Ric sees macca;s jacket on the couch … and finds THOSE pills in its pocket. Macca returns to the room, and ric hands him the jacket. Ric is clearly way annoyed that Cassie could be heading for a fall. (end of ep)


It sounds like the STALKER kills a cop, whilst Sally finds THAT Tick Tock light globe – and threatens to expose the truth to the public if the police don’t

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Jack’s light blue “Destination Bate” T-shirt

SILVER – Sally’s brown jungle motifs halter neck dress

BRONZE – Leah’s pink spaghetti strapped top

HONORABLE MENTION - Colleen's dark blue, jungle themed button up shirt

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