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Thurs 25 May 06 - " This IS All About Luke's Mum "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " This IS All About Luke's Mum "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 25 May 06 - Episode # 4194)

POLICE STATION - Luke stews in the interview room, whilst Jack [main bit of station] tel;ls Beth & tony that he think this is a REALLY good plan - as good kids sometimes get in with bad crowds and go totally off the rails.

McGrath approaches - and offers to really give Luke the (legal) scare that tony & jack are thinking of.

Mcgrath enters the interview room, and Luke is indeed shocked when McGrath talks about Luke being held in a detention centre overnight before a court case tomorrow etc.

NOAH'S - Tilly tells Cassie she just knows that Luke wants to tell her something, but can't. Tilly adds that Ric had no luck talk to Luke either.

they sit with Martha and are talking when Cassie is way surprised and pleased when Macca arrives.

POLICE STATION -McGrath tells Tony & Beth that he seems to have out the "fear of God" into Luke. jack thi8nks that Luke's been through enough so he goes into the interview room and tells Luke that he was able to talk mcgrath into letting Luke go with just this warning.

Luke enters that main bit of the station with jack - and Luke is still waaaaaaaaaay feisty. he totally goes off at tony & Beth

HUNTER HOUSE - Luke continues to blast tony, and partic Beth, when they get home - whilst the observant Tilly gets that impression that the whole police idea didn't have the desired affect.

BACHELOR PAD -Cassie is waay pleased when macca tells her that there was a job out this (summer bay) way so he jumped at the change to return.

jack enters, and tells Martha and co what happened with Luke.

HUNTER HOUSE - Luke enters the main bit of the house (form his room). tony & Beth decide to bail go their room (rather than face the fired up Luke again).

Tilly however tries one more time to get Luke to reveal what he's hiding .. and you can see that Luke IS affected by what Tilly has said.

SOON AFTER - Luke is in his room, looking at a photo of his deceased mum. he is totally crying.

BEACH - Next morning, jack encounters Luke, who wonders if jack ever thinks of their mum. jack says that he does so everyday, and asks Luke "is that what this is all about?"

Luke decides to bail, rather than answer the question.

HUNTER HOUSE -Tony is concerned that Luke has snick out of the house again. jack enters, and tony thinks that worst (that Luke has been found in a ditch somewhere). jack however tells tony. Beth & Tilly that he thinks that all of this is because Luke is thinking of his mum - as Luke only started misbehaving since he moved into Beth's house.

all think that Luke has been more affected by the move (and now having a mother figure) than they could have possibly imagined.

BENCH UP THE ROAD FROM THE DINER - Beth sits next to Luke and tells him a story form her childhood as the holiday form hell in the country. her parents thought Beth would love it, but she adhored her time stying with her "weird" aunt.

Luke then admits that it's been way hard living with women ... as its like going to foreign country as having to learn their customs etc.

Luke also admits that he realises he much he's missed out on (not having a mum around) and that he started to feel bad because he's begun to love (in a motherly way) beth.

HUNTER HOUSE - Luke & beth return, and Luke way apologises to everyone for his recent behaviour.

when he & Tilly are alone, he REALLY apologises to her and says that he never slept with Lee (he sleep on floor that night that she sleep in his bed).

both are glad that they can waaaaaaaaaaaaay be friends again !!

BACHELOR PAD - Cassie (wearing macca;s flannel shirt) is relay excited when macca says that he has arranged a picnic for them - which will takes place in the cabin of a BIG crane. indeed, Cassie thinks its V original & romantic.

macca gets a phone call - he tells Cassie (when call over) that he has to bail form the bay, as another job has come up.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tony & Beth talk about recent events. tony thinks that this (although stressful) has ultimately been great for their combined family.

tony bails and Luke & Beth chat. it ends a BIG friendly hug (after Beth liked Luke;s little White lie bout her not being too bossy)

BACHELOR PAD - Jack & Martha talk bout the Luke situation, which leads Martha to talk about the kids that she & jack are going to have. jack is clearly taken aback that Martha is thinking THAT far ahead with their relationship.

NOAH'S - Cassie tells Martha about Macca';s latest job. Both comment on how little sleep that macca appears to be getting of late.

BACHELOR PAD - After Macca gets off the phone to his boss, he removes a small container of DRUGS form the bag he's just packed (Note 1 - end of ep. Note 2 - It's great to see H&A tackling another fairly meaty storyline like this)


It sounds like Jack proposes to Martha, but as a practical joke

It's A Designer Label

Author Note - This Is something I did ages ago soon after i started ep guides on the old official site boards about 3 years ago. It's a celebration of anything clothing wise that catches my eye on the show.

GOLD - Beth's aqua singlet top, with aqua cami top beneath

SILVER - Tilly's spangly collar plunging V necked orange-y brown top

BRONZE - Cassie's tropical tube top and orange skirt combo.

HONOURABLE MENTION - Luke's black boardshorts (with a partly light pink stripe down each side)

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