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Wed 24 May 06 - " Shock Tactics "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Shock Tactics "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 24 May 06 - Episode # 4193)

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy, Dan & jack are talking about they way ppl are treating Hyde when Charlie arrives. He tells Kimmy that there are currently no reporters or protestors outside the diner flat. Kimmy thanks Charlie for the info, but doesn’t invite him in, which is what Charlie soooooo wanted him to do.

INTERCUT SCENE – Hyde (diner flat) rings Irene (beach house). She listens as he speaks his msg into the answering machine. Irene appears angry that he is even ringing her, whilst belle, Robbie & tash look on – perhaps hoping that Irene will pick up the phone.

HUNTER HOUSE – next morning, Luke is still behaving he way he has been of late, incl. taking offence to tony instructing him to help Beth at Noah’s today. Tilly tries to talk to him – insisting that she thinks that he wants t tell her what’s happening but can’t, but Luke denies this.

DINER – belle is talking to ric, when Tilly arrives. She wants to talk to ric alone. Belle takes offence, before bailing (after getting a knowing look from ric). Tilly asks ric to try to talk to Luke about what’s going on.

HOSPITAL – Rachel enters Charlie’s gran’s room – and is a bit embarrassed when she notices that Rachel is wearing some of the clothes that she wore yesterday.

Charlie enters, and Rachel is surprised, as Charlie is wearing similar clothing o what Kimmy usually does.

DINER FLAT – Hyde & Kimmy talks about Hyde’s situation, and Hyde asks Kimmy to try to talk to Irene.

HOSPITAL – Rachel re-enters Charlie’s gran's room, and Charlie bails. Rachel tells Charlie’s gran that she’d been taking her late husband’s medication by accident. Charlie’s gran insists that Charlie give her ALL her medication – as it’s in a locked cabinet !!!

DINER – Kimmy enters hat kitchen, and tries to talk to Irene bout Hyde – she is sooooooooo not interested !!

DINER FLAT – Kimmy tells Hyde that bad news.

NOAH’S – Luke is helping Beth begrudgingly. Ric enters and tries to talk to ric, but that goes nowhere (as Luke suspects that tilly asked ric to speak to him).

HOSPITAL – Rachel speaks to Charlie about his gran’s claims about the medication. Charlie say that his gran moist be confused in her old age etc. Rachel comments that Charlie’s aftershave is like Kimmy’s. Charlie says that it’s a coincidence.

NOAH’S – Luke speak to his new friends (minus lee) they are keen to graffiti the lighthouse.

Luke tells Beth that he is taking his break. She is MOST unimpressed, but Luke bails anyway.

DINER FLAT – Hyde looks out he window and sees Irene walking to her car.

OUTSIDE DINER – Hyde tries to approach Irene, but she gets in her car and drives off.

Luke & his new pals comments about Hyde’s fall form grace, and decide to get some revenge for all those times he reprimanded them in class.

DINER FALT – Luke & his friends break in – and now want to graffiti Hyde’s new place. Luke isn’t keen, but begins doing so anyway.

BEACH HOUSE – Hyde follows Irene home, and tries o get her to talk to him. He tries to slam the back door in his face, but her literally gets a foot in the door.

He is able to get inside, and tries to ell Irene the circumstances behind both murders. It’s an intense scene, and Irene begins to seriously cry. You think for a time that Hyde has broken through Irene’s emotional wall, but she then push him away again.

After Hyde is out of her house, Irene REALLY starts belling her eyes out.

OUTSIDE DINER – Hyde encounters Tony, and Hyde is pleased that Tony doesn’t want to “lynch” him like most other ppl in town.

DINER FLAT – Hyde & Tony enters, and are shocked to see graffiti like “murderer” all over he walls.

GYM – Rachel tells Kimmy about Charlie’s clothes & aftershave, whilst Kimmy comments that he seems to have lost 2 of his gym’s nametags of late.

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy is most surprised when he arrives home ands finds chalie there, chatting with Dan & jack.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony arrives home, and has a go at Luke for bailing on Beth at Noah’s. Luke apologizes, and thinks he’s got away with the graffiti, but as he walk away, Tony sees some paint on his shirt – and suspects that Luke was involved in the vandalism on Hyde’s place.

BACHELOR PAD – Tony talk to jack about what’s happened. Jack thinks he may have a solution to the Luke problem.

HUNTER HOUSE – jack enters and tries to get Luke to talk to him about what’s happened.

That doesn’t work, so jack reverts to plan B – 2 other male police officers enter and charge Luke with willful destruction of property !!!! (end of ep)


Macca is back in town – and keeping a secret (drugs) from Cassie

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