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We Belong Together

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hey this is my fanfic some of you have probably read it on haac

it’s mainly about Martha and Jack. It starts from the dayt Lucas and Matilda break up hope you all enjoy it

Part 1:

Hey Jack” Lucas said as he knocked on the door. “Hey, what brings you here?” Jack said as he opened the door. “I’m looking for dad is he here?” Lucas asked. “Nah he isn’t but he is coming over in a second with Beth so do you want to come inside and wait?” Jack asked as he stepped sideways so Lucas could come in. “Sure” Lucas said in a low voice. Jack could tell something was wrong. “Anything I can do” Jack said. “Umm… No not really” Lucas replied as he was unsure to tell Jack about him and Matilda. “Everything alright at home?” Jack asked eager to know what was wrong with Lucas. “No” Lucas replied. “Go on” Jack said. “Ok well Jack I was wondering if I could move in with you” Lucas asked. “What for” Jack asked. “Well me and Matilda broke up and we barely even talk to each other and if we do we always fight so if I move in with you Beth and dad won’t have to worry about us fighting” Lucas replied. “Wow I can’t believe you guys broke up” Jack said “Me too” replied Lucas. “Mate look you can move in if you want to, but I don’t think dad will let you” Jack said. “Well I’ll ask him” replied Lucas. “I better get going now and if dad comes here can you just tell him that I need to talk to him” said Lucas. “Yeah ok and if you need anyone to talk to I’m here” Jack replied. “Ok thanks bye” Lucas said as he walked out of his brothers house and towards the place he now shared with Matilda.

Jack sat back on the couch, it was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and he had just finished his shift at the police station and he was glad he was home now. He grabbed the

newspaper and was about to open it when he heard a knock on the door. “Coming” he said as he got up. “Hey Jack” Tony and Beth said as they entered. “Do you guys want to come in” Jack asked. “No we just stopped to say hello we have to get back home to check up on Matilda and Lucas” Beth replied. “Oh ok, listen dad Lucas was over just before and he told me to tell you that he needs to talk to you” Jack said “Ok then we better get going” Tony said as him and Beth started to walk off. Jack closed the door and went back on the couch. He turned on the T.V and watched it.

Martha was glad she had just finished her shift she was free for the rest of the day. She was headed for Jack’s place, she spent most of her time there, it was almost like she lived there. She hoped Jack would have finished work by now as she promised Tasha and Robbie that she would meet them at the beach later. She knocked on the door. “Hey it’s Martha”. Jack turned of the TV and stood up with a huge smile on his face, he loved to spend time with Martha. “It’s open” Jack said. Jack watched as Martha walked in, he walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek followed by a hug. “Hey” he said. “Hey” she replied. “Can I get you anything” Jack asked. “Nah I’m fine” Martha said as she walked over and sat down on the couch. Jack followed her and sat down beside her. “So what did you get up to today” Martha asked. “Nothing really just work oh and Lucas came by today” Jack replied. “Everything ok?” Martha asked. “No not really him and Mattie broke up” Jack said. “Oh my god are you serious?” Martha asked “Yeah and he asked if he could move in with me, see I don’t mind but I don’t think dad will let him. “Oh ok I see, I’m sure eventually that him and Mattie will work it out.” Martha replied “Yeah I hope so” replied Jack. “Do you have anything planned for today?” she asked. “No not really why?” Jack asked. “I promised Tash that I would meet her and Robbie later at the beach and I was wondering if you wanted to come.” Martha asked “Sure” Jack replied with a smile. “Thanks” Martha said as she leaned forward and gave Jack a quick kiss. “Is that all I get one kiss” Jack said joking around. Martha smiled at him and leaned closer until their lips met and they shared a passionate kiss.

Part 2:

Martha headed for the bedroom and Jack followed her. He went and sat on the bed. “I just got to grab my towel” Martha said, as she searched through her draws looking for her towel. “I know I put it here somewhere” Martha continued. Jack just kept smiling as he watched Martha go through all her draws looking for a towel. “Found it” Martha said. She walked over to Jack who was sitting on her bed. She stood in front of him. Jack gave her a smile, he couldn’t be happier; he had everything he wanted right in front of him. “What are you smiling at?” Martha asked. “You” he replied.

He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her down on top of him on the bed. Martha looked down at Jack and leaned closer to him and placed a kiss on his lips “C’mon Tash and Robbie are probably waiting for us” Martha said. “Hey I was waiting for you” Jack said laughing. They got up from the bed and headed to the beach.

“They are perfect for each other” Tasha said to Robbie as she saw Martha and Jack walking towards them hand in hand smiling at each other and enjoying each others company. “I agree” Robbie said. “Hey” Martha said as they approached Robbie and Tash. “Finally you guys are here” Robbie said. “Yeah that’s Mac for you she is always late” Tasha said. They all laughed.

“Are you guys up for a swim” Robbie said. “Yeah sure” They all replied. Robbie and Jack took of their tops and ran straight into the water, jumping in. “C’mon girls” Robbie said as he saw Martha and Tash walking slowly. “It’s cold” Martha replied as the water reached up to her waist. Jack and Robbie walked towards them. “It’s not that cold” Robbie replied. “Easy for you to say” Tasha said. Robbie splashed Tasha. “Robbie don’t” Tash said with a smile. He splashed her again, but this time Tasha started swimming after Robbie trying to get him back. “What are we going to do about you?” Jack said. “Don’t you dare splash me” Martha said giving Jack a glare. “Don’t worry I won’t” Jack said as he gave her a cheeky smile. He picked up Martha and started to carry her. “Jack put me down” Martha said kicking her legs.


Now that was fun” Martha said, as they walked over towards their towels to dry “I agree” Tash said. Martha and Tash sat down on the sand watching as Jack and Robbie were kicking the footy around. “You really do love him don’t you?” Tash asked Martha. “I guess I do” Martha said smiling. “So tell me how things are going with you and Robbie?” Martha asked. “Yep they are really great, I now realize how much Robbie loves me, all that stuff with the believers and he still wants to be with me” Tash replied.

“What are you guys chatting about” Robbie asked as him and Jack sat down next to them. “Nothing important” Martha said giving Tash a smile. Jack put his arm around Martha and she leaned back onto Jack’s chest. Martha looked up at Jack and gave him a kiss. Robbie and Tash started talking to each other secretly and laughing. “What’s funny?” Martha asked. “You guys” Robbie replied. “Us?” Jack asked confused. “Yeah you and Martha have come such a long way; I remember when you guys first met” Tash said smiling. “Now that was funny, Martha couldn’t stand you Jack.” Robbie said. They all laughed.

“Yeah I guess Martha was stubborn” Jack said joking around. Martha sat up letting go off Jack’s grip and looked in Jack’s direction. “I won’t even begin to describe what I thought of you” Martha said. “Irritating, Annoying?” Jack asked. “Both” Martha replied. They all laughed. ”Yeah but you knew you couldn’t resist me” Jack said with a smile, he placed his arms around Martha again “I guess I couldn’t” she replied.

They all sat on the beach talking for ages, until Martha and Jack decided to go home and have shower and dinner. “Ok well we better get going” Jack said. “Bye” Robbie replied. Martha and Jack got up picked up their towels and headed for Jack’s place hand in hand.

They arrived to Jack’s place to find Rachael and Kim in the kitchen. “Hey guys, do you want to come to the diner for dinner” Kim asked. “Sure, but first we are just going to go grab a quick shower” Jack replied.

Part 3:

“I’m full” Rachael said as she sat back into her seat in the diner. “Same here” Martha said. “Martha Alf was telling me about how busy work was getting I was wondering if you needed anymore workers at Noah’s?” Kim asked. “Yeah it’s never been this busy, and we could use a extra person do you know someone that would work there?” Martha replied. “Yeah me” Kim replied. “You? What about you’re old job in the gym?” Martha asked. “Yeah the gym has been pretty empty I hardly have any work to do there” Kim replied. “Ok well I’ll talk to granddad about it and see what I can do” Martha replied. “Thanks” Kim said. He and Rachael stood up. “Well me and Rachael are going to go home” Kim said. “Yeah I got an early shift at the hospital tomorrow” Rachael said.

”Ok well we are headed home soon as well we will see you there then” Jack said. “Ok then” Kim said as him and Rachael walked out.

“Listen Rachael maybe it would be better if you stayed over tonight since you know Dan is at Leah’s house now” Kim said as they were walking. “Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I want to give them some space” Rachael replied.

“Ready to go home?” Jack said as he stood up. “Yeah” Martha replied. They walked out of the diner. “So when do you have work tomorrow morning or in the afternoon” Martha asked as they arrived to Jack’s place “Morning what about you?” Jack asked. “Same” Martha replied. “Guess I’m stuck with you again tomorrow” Jack said with a smile. “I guess you are” Martha replied. Jack gave Martha a kiss on the cheek and put his hand around her as they walked into his house.

“We are off to bed goodnight” Rachael said as Kim and her headed of towards Kim’s bedroom. “Well I better get going home” Martha said. “No you can’t” Jack said. Martha stopped walking and turned around. “Why not?” She asked confused. Jack walked up to her “I’m not letting you, you’re staying here tonight” Jack said as he put his hands around her waist. “If you say so” Martha replied


Jack lay in the bed watching as Martha was sleeping next to him. He was so lucky to have her. This had been the only relationship that had really worked out since ages and he knew the reason for that.

“Good morning” Martha said as she opened her eyes and found Jack looking at her. Jack leaned closer to her and gave her a kiss “Good morning” he replied. “How long you been awake for?” Martha asked. “Not long” he replied. “What’s the time?” she asked. “It’s around 7:30” he replied. “Oh god I’m going to be late for work” Martha said as she got out of bed and started getting dressed as fast as she could.

Jack couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s funny?” Martha asked. “It’s only 6:30” he replied. “Jack” Martha said as she gave him a playful slap on the arm. “Come here” Jack said as he opened his arms hoping Martha would come back to bed. She gave him a smile and came back to bed lying on top of Jack with her arms on the either side of him. He placed his hands around her waist and kept moving them up and down her back. Martha looked down at him; she knew Jack was the one for her. “I’m so lucky to have you” Martha said. “No I’m the lucky one” Jack replied. She leaned down and gave him a kiss. “I love you” Jack said. “I love you too” Martha replied, as she kissed him again but this one lasting longer.

Part 4:

“Good morning” Rachael said as she saw Martha and Jack coming out of the room. “Good morning” Martha replied.

“Don’t make any plans for dinner tonight because me and Rachael are going to be cooking it, to thank you guys for everything you have done” Kim said.

”Thanks” Jack replied.

“I better get going I’ll see you after work Jack” Martha said as she kissed him on the cheek and left.

“I better get going as well” Rachael said as she went and grabbed her stuff and left. Jack sat down with Kim and had breakfast. After breakfast they both headed of to work.

Jack arrived at the police station; there weren’t much people in because it was early in the morning.

“Good morning Jack” A familiar voice said. Jack turned around to find Peter standing there

“Good morning” Jack replied.

“Any new evidence come up?” Jack asked.

“Nah not yet, but listen I was wondering if you wanted to come back to the station tonight?” Peter asked.

“Why?” Jack questioned.

“Well I am going to be interviewing some guys that Josh knew and I was wondering if you could help me out since you’re working on this investigation as well” Peter replied. “Yeah I would love to what time?” Jack asked.

“Around dinner time” Peter replied.

“Yeah ok” Jack said he had to tell Kim he wasn’t coming for dinner; he needed this right now he wanted to be part of the investigation. Jack went to his office and grabbed his mobile.

“Hello Kim its Jack” he said.

“Hey Jack what’s up” Kim said.

“I’ll be home in the afternoon but I have an extra shift around dinner time so I can’t make it tonight” Jack replied.

“Oh ok, don’t worry about it then, we will just cook dinner some other day” Kim said. “No mate, you guys go ahead” Jack replied.

“You sure?” Kim asked.

“Yeah listen you Rachael and Martha have it all planned out so just go ahead with it, I’ll be home around 9” Jack said.

“Ok mate bye” Kim said as he hanged up the phone and headed over to Noah’s

Jack placed his phone down in his office and smiled to himself, everything was going perfect; he had the best girlfriend, the best life and a great job

“Hey Martha” Kim said as he entered Noah’s.

“Hey Kim what can I get you?” Martha asked.

“Oh nothing I just stopped by to tell you that Jack can’t make it to dinner, he will be home this afternoon but will have to go back to work around dinner time so I was wondering even though Jack isn’t coming are you still going to come?.”

“Yeah I guess so” Martha replied.

“Ok well I’ll see you when you come over” Kim said as he walked out.

Well I guess I’ll just go see Jack after work before he goes to his second shift, Martha thought to herself.

Jack walked into his house he had just finished his first shift, just one more to go Jack thought as he went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He looked around the house and noticed that it was quiet messy, him and Kim both couldn’t be bothered cleaning it up, it would take them ages anyway. He walked outside to the letterbox to check the mail. He looked at it was just a bill.

“Oh great” Jack said to himself. He was just about to head back inside the house when he heard someone call out his name.

“Jack” the mystery lady said. Jack turned around and got the shock of his life.

“Lauren?” Jack said shocked he still couldn’t believe she was here.

Part 5:

“Surprised to see me” she said with confidence, she loved to see Jack freak out it put a smile to her face.

“What are you doing here?” Jack asked.

“That’s no way to welcome a friend” Lauren replied.

“A friend you’re nowhere close to that” Jack replied sounding annoyed.

“You thought you could get away didn’t you?” Lauren asked.

“I never got away with anything I still regret for what I did” Jack said.

“You know Jack, her dad Harry Chambers might have given up, but you listen to me you killed my best friend and you’re not getting away with it” Lauren said raising her voice. “Don’t you get it I’m not getting away with it-“Jack tried to finish his sentence but was interrupted.

“Save it Jack” Lauren said.

“Just leave me alone, you have made my life hell before and I don’t want to see you ever again.” Jack said as he walked back inside the house, he hoped that she would go away and leave him alone; he hated her, why did she just keep on doing this. “Jack just come down” Jack told himself.

“Well since you’re not going to invite me in I’ll do it myself” Lauren said as she walked in.

“Nice place” she added she picked up a photo from the table it was of Jack and Martha

“Get out of here” Jack said, as he saw Lauren looking at the photo, he knew what she was capable of ,he was now getting more and more worried she had made his life hell before, but she couldn’t possibly do it again people in this town respected him.

“So this girlfriend of yours” Lauren said.

“Don’t you dare go near her, just get out” Jack said, he was worried for Martha now. “Oh you actually care about her, well not for long” Lauren replied.

“She loves me, she wouldn’t listen to anything you have to say” Jack replied as he was practically yelling. Jack went and stood next to Lauren who was sitting on the couch.

“Hey Jack It’s just me Martha” Martha said as she was about to enter. Lauren grabbed Jack and started kissing him. Martha walked in getting a huge shock. She stood there for a second it was probably the longest second of her life.

“Jack I thought you” Martha couldn’t finish her sentence tears starting coming out she started to run out of the house.

“They say actions speak louder than words” Lauren said after Martha ran out of the door. As she sat back down on the couch enjoying what had just happened.

“Martha wait” Jack said as he ran after her. Martha ran even faster, but Jack caught up with her and grabbed her hand.

“Martha listen to me I…it’s...” Jack didn’t know what to say how was he supposed to explain all this to Martha.

“Jack I thought you loved me, I have nothing to say to you stay away from me” Martha said as ran off, she could not control her tears.

Part 6:

How could he do this to me? Martha said to herself as she was running down to the beach. All that stuff about him saying that he loved me was just to cover up whatever he has going with that girl. Martha couldn’t believe that Jack would do that to her, how could he after all they have been through. Over these few weeks Martha couldn’t see her life without Jack, but now it was all changed.

She thought she had met the one person she wanted to spend her life with, the one that loved her for who she was “But I guess I was wrong” Martha said out loud. She fell on the sand with her head in between her legs. Words couldn’t explain what she was going through right now.

She had a lot of questions to ask but she couldn’t get the answers. Who was the girl? Why is Jack with her? And most of all she wanted to know how long Jack and her have been seeing each other. She looked up at the water, it reminded her of the happy days her and Jack used to spend just watching the ocean and how happy they were.

She didn’t understand any of it why did Jack cheat on her, she felt like someone had grabbed her heart and ripped it out, well at least that was the best way to describe what she felt like when she saw Jack and the girl kissing. She stood up and started walking towards Noah’s.

“So Tash what can I get you” Beth said.

“Oh nothing I’m just looking for Martha have you seen her?” Tash asked.

“Yeah she finished work and I think she was headed for Jack’s” Beth replied.

“Ok thanks” she replied as she started walking out of Noah’s when she bumped into someone.

“Oh sorry” she said as she turned around and saw it was Martha, but her face was covered in tears.

“Martha what’s wrong?” Tash asked. Martha didn’t reply she started running and didn’t stop until she reached her apartment and fell on the couch crying.

“Mac what’s wrong?” Tash asked as she ran in wondering what was going on. Martha didn’t say anything.

“C’mon Mac tell me what’s happened?” Tash said.

“How could he” Martha replied as even more tears came down her cheek.

“Who Martha who’s he?” Tash asked confused. Martha didn’t say anything for a minute the only sound that came out was Martha trying to calm herself down and stop herself from crying.

“Jack” Martha replied eventually

“Jack, what did he do?” Tash asked.

“Tash I saw him he was with someone he cheated on me right in front of me, it was like it was planned” Martha said as the tears came back. Tash didn’t know what to say, she just comforted Martha. Tash couldn’t believe that Jack would cheat on Martha, it’s not like him to do that Tash thought to herself.

“He wouldn’t do that” Tash said.

“Tash I saw him, they kissed right in front of me” Martha replied.

Jack was walking back towards the house, he couldn’t believe what had just happened, Martha probably thinks I’m cheating on her Jack said all because of Lauren she had come back to ruin his life once again, he thought after Harry left that Lauren wouldn’t come back, but he was wrong.

He walked into his house to find Lauren still on the couch

“Get out what are you still doing here” Jack said as he yelled at her.

“No need to be so angry, it’s not like she even liked you and I’m sure you will get over it” Lauren said as she walked out the door but stopped.

“Now you know how it feels to loose someone you love and care about” Lauren said as she walked out Jack was so angry; he knew that Martha had loved him and he needed to go see her even though he knew she didn’t want to see him. He picked up his phone and dialed Martha’s number.

“C’mon pick up Martha” Jack said to him self. After a couple of time trying to reach Martha he decided he would go and see her. He grabbed his car keys and headed to Martha’s place.

“Martha just answer you’re phone” Tash said.

“No I don’t want to speak to him right now” Martha replied.

“Ok if you say so” Tash replied.

“Listen Tash I’m feeling kind of tired I’m going to go head of to sleep” Martha lied as she went into her bedroom and lay there. Tash decided to make herself coffee and sit down on the couch and wait for Martha to wake up, she didn’t want to leave her right now well at least not like this.

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Part 7:

Jack reached Martha’s apartment and knocked on the door. Tash got up and went to open it.

“Hey Tash” Jack said as he was surprised to see her there.

“Hey” Tash replied.

“Is Martha round, I really need to speak to her.” Jack asked.

“Yeah Martha told me what happened, she’s in her room now” Tash replied0.

“Well can I see her?” Jack asked.

“Um. I don’t think that’s a good idea” Tash replied.

“C’mon Tash I just need to see her” Jack said desperately as he really wanted to see Martha.

“She’s probably asleep” Tash replied trying to come up with something as she knew that Martha didn’t really want to see Jack right now

“Well I can wait” Jack said as he tried to convince Tash

“No Jack I don’t think that’s a good idea” she replied

“I didn’t do it, I would never cheat on Martha” Jack said as his voice started to get louder and louder, he couldn’t believe what people were assuming.

“Ok Jack I believe you” she said, she knew Jack wouldn’t cheat on Martha there had to be another reason

“Ok good then now let me see Martha” Jack said.

“No Jack I don’t think she really wants to talk to you now, please just understand” Tash said

“How am I supposed to get through to Martha, she doesn’t want to answer my phone calls and she doesn’t want to see me” Jack said.

“Look I try talk to her, and I’ll tell her you stopped by” she replied

Jack couldn’t believe this but he had no other choice what was he meant to do

“Ok” Jack said as he understood he walked off dissapointed

Martha decided to get up as she couldn’t fall asleep she had heard someone talk to Tash but she didn’t know who it was. She entered the kitchen to see Tash still there.

“You still here?” Martha said.

“Yeah I couldn’t leave you like that” Tash said.

“Tash, you don’t have to stay here and look after me” Martha said.

“No I’m not here to look after you I’m here because I’m you’re best friends and I hate seeing you like this” Tash replied. Martha didn’t say anything.

“Jack stopped by before” Tash said.

Martha stayed quite and didn’t say anything, now she knew it was jack how was talking to Tash before.

”Mac?” Tash said again

“I don’t care anymore” Martha replied she knew that was a lie but what was she supposed to tell Tash.

“Martha you have got to stop doing this to you’re self, Jack still loves you and he came by here because he cares about you and I know you still want him” Tash said.

“Yeah well he should have thought about what he was loosing before he went of and cheated on me” Martha snapped at Tash.

“Martha are you sure he is cheating on you, it may just be some kind of misunderstanding?” Tash said thinking of the conversation she and Jack head before.

“Not this again Tash listen I saw him, he kissed her right in front of me” Martha replied.

After a long pause Tash finally spoke

“So what are you going to do all day” Tash asked.

“Nothing” Martha replied.

“C’mon Mac, you can’t just sit here all day, you must have had something planned for today” Tash said.

“Well I was supposed to go to dinner with Kim and Rachael” Martha said.

“Perfect, why don’t you go to that, it will take you’re mind of things.” Tash said.

“I don’t know Tash, I don’t really feel like seeing Jack” Martha said.

“But didn’t you say it was going to be just Kim and Rachael?” Tash asked.

“Yeah but what if jack comes home early” Martha said.

“He won’t Martha stop worrying and if he does you can just talk to him” Tash said. Martha didn’t reply.

“Well I better get going” Tash said as she left. Martha went and sat on the couch, Tash was right she wasn’t going to spend all day sitting in the house; she was going to go to that dinner.

Jack just had one more guy to interview and then he could go home, he wanted to do it as fast as he could so that he would be able to catch Martha before she left home after her diner with Rachael and Kim.

Martha was enjoying her self at dinner, Tash was right it was what she needed. The only problem was that she never told Rachael and Kim that her and Jack had broken up so they kept on bringing him up in the conversation. They had all finished dinner and now where sitting on the couch just talking, Martha didn’t even realize what the time was. Then she saw the door open and Jack entered. Rachael’s phone started to ring, she answered it.

“Hello, Rachael speaking” Rachael said. She listened for a while and didn’t say anything. “Ok I’ll be right over” Rachael said as she hanged up the phone.

“Kim could you give me a lift to the hospital they are short of staff” Rachael asked. “Yeah ok” Kim said as he grabbed his car keys and they both left. Martha stood up and saw Jack, she tried to ignore him and walk out, but she couldn’t Jack had grabbed her hand. “Martha we need to talk” Jack said.

Next Time:

-What happens between Martha and Jack?

Yeah that’s it for this chapter all your comment s are appreciated heaps thanks for them all

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sorry it took so long here the next chapter

Chapter 8:

“What is there to talk about” Martha replied practically yelling at Jack, she couldn’t believe he had the guts to even talk to her.

“Martha please” Jack pleaded; Martha was so convinced Jack was cheating on her.

“No Jack just leave it” Martha replied.

“It’s not what you think” Jack said, he wanted to tell Martha who Lauren really was and to tell her that he wasn’t cheating on her, but Martha was so worked up that she wouldn’t even let Jack speak.

“What am I supposed to think, I walk into you’re house and you’re kissing some random girl, Jack I really thought you loved me.” Martha replied. Jack couldn’t believe this it had to be a dream, he would wake up and everything would be fine, sadly it wasn’t a dream it was all happening.

“That’s what I thought you have nothing to say” Martha said. Jack was about to reply to that but couldn’t as Martha turned around and walked out.

“Martha are you even going to listen to what I have to say?” Jack asked angrily Martha was so worked up that she didn’t even let him tell her the truth. Martha was so stubborn at times, whatever she though that’s what it had to be. Martha stopped at the sound of Jack’s voice but didn’t turn around she stood facing the door, what was the point of listening to what Jack had to say it would just hurt her even more Martha thought to herself, so she decided to go home, she left Jack’s house leaving Jack disappointed and angry.

It was now ten o’cklock at night and Martha was in her bed trying to go to sleep, but that was impossible, the image of Jack kissing another girl kept appearing she just couldn’t get over it. She turned around on the other side of the bed, and realized how empty it was. She would normally spend her nights at Jack’s house; he would always keep her warm and safe. How was she going to get over everything that had happened, she couldn’t possibly imagine her life without Jack.

Jack lay in his bed still angry over the whole situation, only if Martha gave him a chance to explain what was happening, now that Lauren was here it had stuffed up his whole life. She would always make Jack’s life hell from the day he shot her best friend he never saw the end of Lauren and Harry Chamber. Finally when he moved to Summer bay everything started to fall in place and Harry Chambers finally gave up and realized making Jack’s life wasn’t going to bring back his daughter or it wasn’t going to make him happy. He had also thought that if Harry Chambers gave up so would Lauren but he was wrong. He turned around on the other side of his bed, and realized for the first time how lonely it felt without Martha. The best part of his day would be waking up next to her and realizing she was all his, but now it was all different.

Jack woke up and walked out of his bedroom realizing it was already 9 o’clock, he had slept longer than normal, but that was because he spent all night thinking about Martha and hardly got any sleep. He looked around the place and had realized that Kim and Rachael weren’t home he grabbed his phone and dialed Martha’s number.

Martha was eating breakfast as her phone started to ring she picked it up and looked at the screen. It was Jack; she held it in her hands and looked at it for a couple of seconds and then put it back on the table and let it ring. It rang every two minutes for 3 or 4 times, but Martha didn’t even bother picking it up.

“Damn it” Jack said as he threw his phone on the couch and gave up; obviously Martha wasn’t going to reply. He understood Martha was angry because she thought he was cheating but he was angry at the fact that Martha didn’t even bother to listen to what he had to say.

Lucas was walking along the beach thinking of the past days, he was so happy with Mattie, and now they were broken up, he looked up and about 50 meters he saw a girl sitting on the beach and it looked like she was crying. The closer he got the more familiar the person looked “Martha” Lucas said quietly to him self. She hadn’t noticed him as Lucas was standing pretty far away from her. Lucas decided it was best to go and tell Jack, he would sort it all out, he didn’t want to go and talk to Martha if he didn’t now what to say, he didn’t know what was happening.

On the way to the Holden house Lucas noticed a familiar face, a face he had nearly forgotten and a face he never really wanted to see, Lucas remembered what she had done to Jack and he couldn’t believe she was back. Still in shock Lucas ran as fast as he could to Jack’s house to tell him what he had just seen. Lucas hoped it was someone else and that it wasn’t Lauren but from what he saw it looked exactly like her. He reached Jack’s house finally and knocked on the door.

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Chapter 9:

This chapter is pretty short and it’s just Lucas and Jack talking mostly

“Hold on” Jack said as he got up and headed for the door hoping it would be Martha.

“Hey Jack” Lucas said as Jack opened the door.

“Hey” Jack replied, disappointed that it wasn’t Martha. He closed the door and went to sit on the couch.

“Did I do something?” Lucas asked as he stood next to the couch, he saw Jack’s reaction when he found out it was Lucas at the door.

“No don’t worry about it” Jack replied.

“Ok well I have some news” Lucas said preparing him self for what he was about to say next, he knew Jack would be angry at the fact that Lauren was back in town.

“What is it?” asked jack, not really paying attention.

“I don’t know if it’s her but I think I saw Lauren she is here in Summer Bay, I didn’t want to tell you but I knew you would want to know” Lucas said.

Jack didn’t say anything he already knew Lauren was back he just picked up the remote and turned on the T.V ignoring Lucas. Lucas walked up to the T.V and turned it off.

“Did you even hear what I said?” Lucas asked his brother, Lucas wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction

Jack turned around and looked at Lucas

“I know I have already seen her” Jack said. Lucas looked shocked he wasn’t expecting Jack to be so calm.

“How can you be so calm she has come back to stuff up your life, do you even care?” Lucas asked. Jack just sat and didn’t speak he stayed quite.

“Summer bay is the only place that has accepted us since the accident that happened and you don’t even care that she is back. She could ruin you’re life again.” Lucas said. Jack still sat in silence.

“She already has” Jack replied as he thought of Martha and what Lauren did, she tried to break him and Martha up, Lauren hated seeing Jack happy. Lucas looked surprise.

“How?” Lucas asked his brother. Jack didn’t reply he wasn’t really up for telling Lucas the whole story about him and Martha. Lucas saw that Jack wasn’t going to answer his question so he continued on speaking

“Did you know that Martha is down at the beach crying?” Lucas asked, he wanted to tell Jack because Lucas knew his brother could cheer up Martha again and help her, they were like the perfect couple nothing could ever come between them. Lucas looked at Jack and Jack looked right back at him. Lucas froze thinking of what he had said last.

“You know she is down there?” Lucas asked, he couldn’t believe Jack didn’t even bother going, there had to be an explanation.

“Jack what’s up with you today, do you even care about what’s going on?” Lucas asked. Jack sat in silence his brother was throwing questions at him and Jack didn’t feel like answering them. Lucas sat down next to Jack in silence, he had thought of the last thing Jack had said to him and then it came to him, Lauren must have done something to Martha and Jack.

Sorry it’s a bit short, more too come soon plz tell me what you think, ill update as soon as I can

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Chapter 10:

“Lauren, did she do something?” Lucas asked his brother. Jack looked up at Lucas; he had a pretty smart brother.

“Well?” Lucas asked eager to know. Jack couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yes Lauren kissed me before Martha entered and now Martha thinks I’m cheating on her, happy now?” Jack said yelling at Lucas. Lucas was shocked at Jack’s response.

“Don’t tell me you like Lauren?” Lucas asked.

“Of course not, she kissed me it was her way of breaking me and Martha up, she knew I loved Martha so much and she hates seeing me happy you should know that” Jack replied, he found it quite weird that Lucas would assume something like this.

“Oh I see” Lucas started. “But C’mon Jack this is kind of stupid, just go and tell Martha what’s going on” Lucas replied, he couldn’t understand what was wrong with his brother he could just go and tell Martha the truth and they could work it all out.

“I wish it was that easy” Jack said.

“What do you mean; you don’t want to tell Martha who Lauren is?” Lucas asked confused.

“No Lucas believe me I have tried, Martha can be so stubborn she won’t even let me talk to her she is so convinced that I’m cheating on her she doesn’t even want to listen to me. At first I didn’t want to tell Martha who Lauren was, because I thought if Harry Chambers gave up so would Lauren but now that Lauren is back, I have been trying to explain to Martha who she is and I have tried calling her, but she just seems to ignore me and doesn’t want to hear it. Martha jumps to conclusions to quickly” Jack said.

Lucas sat in silence, not saying anything; he didn’t know what else to say. Martha had a right to be upset she didn’t know what was going on, what else was she supposed to think. He came up with an idea he was going to go and try to talk to Martha. He stood up and left the house without saying anything.

Jack grabbed his mobile as soon as Lucas left and tried dialing Martha’s number again. Martha wouldn’t talk to him he knew that, but he wasn’t ready to give up on her. He went to have a shower and after that he was going to go find Martha,

Martha looked at her phone then put it back on the sand, she looked up at the water, hoping that it would take all her problems away, but it didn’t. She wished that the girl that kissed Jack never appeared in their lives. They were the perfect couple and everyone knew it.

Lucas saw Martha and called out her name. Martha turned around to see Lucas, but turned back around to look at the water. Lucas came and sat next to her, he wasn’t sure what he was going to say to her, but he knew he had to tell her what was going on.

“Hey” Lucas said as he faced Martha.

“Look Lucas if Jack sent you here I don’t really want to know what he has to say” Martha said looking at Lucas.

“No he didn’t, he doesn’t even know I am here, but I do know what is going on” Lucas said. Martha looked at him and then down at the sand.

“What do you mean what’s going on, isn’t it a bit obvious” Martha asked, she knew Lucas probably knew why her and Jack weren’t together so why was he here to talk to her.

“What do you mean?” asked Martha confused.

“There’s something you should know” Lucas began

Ok that’s it for this chapter hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think.

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Chapter 11:

Just before Lucas could say anything to Martha his phone started to ring.

“Hello” Lucas said picking his phone up.

“Hey Lucas its dad” Tony said.

“Hey dad what’s going on” Lucas asked.

“Beth and I need help at Noah’s now, its way too busy and we can’t do it on our own” Tony said.

“Dad can I get there in 20minutes I just have to explain something” Lucas said, he really wanted to tell Martha what was going on.

“No Lucas we need you NOW” Tony said over the phone, the bar had been busy and people just kept coming in.

“Ok Ok I’m coming now” Lucas said as he hanged up and placed his phone back in his pocket.

“Is everything ok?” Martha asked Lucas.

“Yeah it is I have to go” Lucas replied standing up.

“But Lucas you were going to tell me something” Martha said she was eager to know what Lucas meant.

“Sorry” Lucas said as he started to run of the beach in to the direction of Noah’s.

Jack had just got out of the shower when he heard someone enter.

“Hey Jack you home” Kim asked. Jack came out of the bathroom and saw Kim.

“Yeah I am” Jack replied.

“Listen Jack I am heading towards the diner, if Martha comes can you please ask her when I am going to get the paper I have to sign for Noah’s, she said she would bring it over today. If she needs me ill be at the diner” Kim said. Jack stood in silence, he didn’t know whether to tell Kim about him and Martha, but he was too late anyway Kim didn’t give him a chance to speak.

“Ok thanks mate I have to go” Kim said rushing out of the door. Jack picked up his phone and checked the screen incase Martha had sent him a message or called, sadly there was nothing. Jack decided to try one more time. He started to dial Martha’s number.

Martha who sat on the beach stared at her phone, she just wished that Jack would leave her alone; he just didn’t know where to give up so Martha decided to pick up her phone.

“Hello” Martha said in to the phone

“Hey Martha” Jack said surprised that she had picked up her phone.

“What do you want?” Martha asked.

“I just want a chance to explain so if you will-“Jack was cut of before he could finish his sentence.

“Jack just leave me alone seriously I don’t care what you do anymore you can go and do anything you want. I hope you and Lauren are happy together” Martha said practically shouting over the phone, she knew she didn’t mean what she had said

“Martha-“ Jack tried to say but couldn’t.

“Jack I don’t care anymore, just leave me alone” Martha replied. Jack had, had enough he couldn’t stand this anymore, he was getting more and more angry not just at the situation but also at Martha, she didn’t even want to hear what he had to say.

“You know what Martha if you don’t want to listen to what I have to say you don’t have to” Jack said as he yelled into the phone and then hanged up.

Martha was shocked Jack never yelled at her, the last time he did that was when she put him in hospital because of his hearing. It just wasn’t like Jack to do that. A tear fell down her cheek; she knew if she listened to Jack he would hurt her even more. She couldn’t believe her and Jack were coming to this, she never thought they would be apart. She decided to do what was best go over his house and tell him it was over, there was nothing else she could do. She got up and headed for Jack’s place she knew she couldn’t face him, but she had to sooner or later.

Jack turned on the TV and laid back on the couch watching it, he had felt bad for yelling at Martha, but she just didn’t want to listen what was he supposed to do.

“Hello Jack” a voice said. Jack turned around to look at her.

hey i just like to thank you all for your comments.....hope u like this chapter

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wow bay girl pretty close, anyways heres the next chapter

Chapter 12:

“What are you doing here” Jack said confused, why couldn’t she just leave him alone.

“I don’t know I just wanted to drop by” Lauren said she could see Jack was upset and she loved to see him down he deserved everything he got.

Martha who was up nearly up to Jack’s door stopped. She knew she had to go through with this and tell Jack it was over. But Martha didn’t move she heard two people talking and it sounded like Jack and some other girl. She tried to get closer and listen without being seen she knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she couldn’t help her self.

“Haven’t you already caused enough trouble” Jack asked Lauren.

“No this is just the start Jack, but I’m already loving this all I had to do was give you one kiss in front of your girlfriend and you are already so upset” Lauren said with a huge smile. Jack couldn’t stand Lauren he didn’t understand why she was doing this.

“Harry Chamber gave up why didn’t you?” Jack asked, he really wanted to know the answer.

“Funny you ask that Jack, Harry couldn’t take it anymore when he heard that this place accepted you and you’re family he had nothing else to do to you, but on the other hand I will never give up, you don’t know what it feels like loosing someone you love she was my best friend and you killed her” Lauren said.

“So you think destroying my life will help you do what?” Jack asked Lauren.

“Maybe it won’t bring her back, but at least you’re suffering just like all her family and friends did once you had killed her” Lauren said she was getting more and more worked up, she hated the sight of Jack Holden if it wasn’t for him her best friend would still be alive

“So that’s why you kissed me, you wanted to show me what it feels like loosing someone you love” Jack asked.

“Yeah, but it’s only the start I’m sure you’re precious girlfriend didn’t even love you, you will get over it.” Lauren replied

“No I won’t she was the best thing in my life” Jack replied.

“Oh look at poor Jack he actually cares about her, if my first plan has affected you so much wonder what you will be like after I am finished with you” Lauren replied as a huge smile creped up on her face just thinking about Jack suffering even more made her smile

“So what are you planning on doing?, people already know what I did and they all know it was an accident so why are you doing this it’s not going to work” Jack asked.

“Oh you would be surprised” Lauren.

Martha who was listening to the whole conversation couldn’t help but feel sorry for jack and what he had to go through, she felt even worse for not listening to him when he tried to tell her what was happening. She decided to go before anyone saw her listening to the conversation. She went for a walk along the beach and was going to wait there until Lauren had left Jack’s place.

Lauren who was still at Jack’s house decided it was time to leave but before she left she noticed the photo of Jack and Martha. She looked at it then back at Jack.

“Bye Jack” she said as she headed and knocked over the photo of Jack and Martha it fell on to the ground with the frame breaking.

“Oh what a shame” Lauren said Jack watched her as she exited the house

Once Lauren had left the house Jack grabbed the photo and picked it up he looked at it closely and wished that he and Martha were as happy now as they were on this photo.

Martha who had seen Lauren leave Jack’s decided it was time to go see Jack, she wanted to apologize for everything that had happened and hoped that her and Jack could get back together, she had missed him so much even if it was only for a day or two, she couldn’t live without him. She missed his cuddles his kisses and hugs and just seeing Jack made her happy. She didn’t know why she didn’t believe Jack at first. “I’m so stupid” Martha said to herself if she didn’t assume anything her and Jack would still be together and none of this would of happened. She didn’t know why Jack didn’t tell her about Lauren earlier but she was soon going to find out

Jack was cleaning up the broken frame when he heard a knock on the door.

“What do you want now I told you to go away” Jack said as he opened the door and was shocked to see who it was.

“Martha” Jack said surprised.

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Hey sorry it took ages to update.... heres the next chapter

Chapter 13:

“That’s no way to welcome a guest” Martha said with a smile. Jack returned the smile, he was glad to have finally seen Martha and she looked to be in a happy mood then she was in before.

“Sorry I thought you were someone else” Jack replied thinking it was Lauren. Jack wondered why Martha would be here, he soon began to feel the anger again. Martha didn’t want to even listen to what he had to say so what was the point of it all.

“Martha why are you here?” Jack asked determined to know the answer to the question, he didn’t know what he was feeling right now, he had still loved Martha but the way she had treated their relationship like it was nothing, she didn’t even have trust in him. Martha was shocked by Jack’s question he didn’t look to happy with her but she didn’t blame him.

“I’m here to talk to you” Martha said.

“Come in” Jack said as he steeped on the side so that Martha could come in.

Martha stood still and in silence as she entered Jack’s house she didn’t know what to say how was she supposed to t ell him that she had everything wrong and she felt bad for not trusting Jack.

“Martha I just want-“Jack began to say but didn’t get time to finish it.

“It’s ok Jack you don’t have to explain to me I know what’s going on” Martha said. Jack began to get more and angrier, only if she gave him 10seconds to speak he was sure that he could tell her what was going on, but that was impossible Martha could be so stubborn

“Martha are you even going to give me a chance to speak?” Jack asked raising his voice he knew he shouldn’t be but he couldn’t seem to stop.

“No Jack now I know what is really going on and I know who Lauren is I’m sorry for believing you would cheat on me” Martha replied as quickly as she could she could tell Jack was getting angry.

Jack looked confused, how did Martha all of a sudden know the truth, he wondered who had told her, this was supposed to make Jack happy all he ever wanted was for Martha to know the truth, but now there was a different issue, Jack wondered to himself if him and Martha had ever had trust in their relationship which led Jack to ask Martha the next question.

“So you think it’s all going to be solved now, I don’t know why we are even having this talk, if you believed me at the start and if you listened to me none of this would be happening” Jack said, he didn’t know why he had just said that.

“But Jack I-“ Martha tried to say but was interrupted by Jack.

“No Martha it’s my turn to talk now, so listen up, here I was thinking we had the perfect relationship and I am sorry for not telling you about Lauren, I never thought she would come back, but Martha I never knew we had no trust in each other, I don’t know how you could believe I would cheat on you I love you Martha and I would never do that” Jack said as he went and sat on the couch

Martha went over and sat by Jack on the couch, she had now realized how much all this had had hurt him and she didn’t blame him, she had no one else to blame but herself. Martha sat looking at Jack but Jack didn’t return the look he looked down at the floor.

“So what does this mean?” Martha asked after a long pause.

“I don’t know” Jack replied “I really don’t”. And with this Martha decided to leave the house, nothing she said or did would change any of it.

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Chapter 14:

Jack sat in his house it seemed so lonely and quite, he kept thinking about the conversation he had earlier with Martha, he regretted saying all of it but he was just angry and couldn’t help himself.

Martha sat outside Noah’s with Tash and Robbie. She was telling them about everything that had happened with Jack.

“I feel so bad” Martha said.

“I know Mac, but I’m sure you guys will work it somehow” Tash said trying to make Martha feel better.

“I hope so” Martha replied. Robbie who didn’t say a word ever since Martha had told them the story, he hated seeing Mac upset him and Tash had been best friends with Martha for along time. But he couldn’t help but worry about Jack, what he would be going through. He was determined to find some answers and to fix this up.

“I’m just going to go for a walk” Robbie said as he stood up.

“Ok then” Tash replied, she had realized Robbie didn’t say much.

Robbie headed towards Jack’s house he didn’t know what he was going to say to him. He knocked on the door there was no answer, he knocked the second time but louder.

“I’m coming hold on” Jack said. “Wow he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood” Robbie thought to himself but then again who could blame him.

“Robbie? Hey” Jack said, he was surprised to see him but he knew why he was here.

“Hey, I was thinking if we could talk” Robbie said as he followed Jack to the couch and sat down.

“Talk about what?, there’s nothing going on” Jack said he didn’t want the whole summer bay knowing his problems with Martha.

“Jack I already know about you and Martha and what happened” Robbie replied. “Great” Jack thought Martha had gone of and told Robbie what had happened.

“Let me guess Martha told you” Jack said.

“Yeah she was feeling down and me and Tash wanted to find out what was wrong” Robbie replied. Then there was silence, none of them spoke.

“Is this really necessary?” Robbie asked breaking the silence

“What?” Jack asked confused he didn’t know what Robbie was talking about.

“This whole thing with you and Martha, I mean you both didn’t do anything wrong, so I don’t see why it has to be like this” Robbie said. Jack sat there in silence taking in everything Robbie had just said.

“I know it’s stupid, but she doesn’t trust me she thought I was actually cheating on her and she didn’t even give me a chance to explain” Jack replied.

“Yeah I know, I don’t blame you for being angry but I mean is this really worth loosing Martha over something like this?” Robbie asked. “Robbie is right” Jack said to himself, he loved Martha and he didn’t want something small like this breaking up everything they have.

“Well I have to go” Robbie replied, as he stood up he didn’t actually tell Tash that he was at Jack’s. Once Robbie had left Jack’s mind couldn’t stop thinking about what Robbie had said, sure he was right but how could he know that Martha wouldn’t do that same again.

Martha and Tash still sat in front of Noah’s talking when someone called out Martha’s name. It was a familiar voice.

“Martha” Beth called out.

“Yeah” Martha replied once Beth had reached her.

“Could you please take this to Kim, I am on my break and I have no time these are the papers he needs” Beth said in a hurry.

“Um, yeah… sure” Martha said uncertain.

“Thanks” Beth replied as she walked of back inside. Martha looked up at her best friend and Tash looked back at her. Martha knew taking these papers to Kim would mean she would see Jack.

“Martha just go and talk to him” Tash said trying to convince Martha. Martha nodded and stood up and headed for Jack’s place. She didn’t know what she was going to tell Jack if she saw him, what was she supposed to say, she wanted him back even though it had only been 2 days she had missed him so much.

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hey thanx for all ur comments heres the next chapter

Chapter 15:

Martha got up to the door and stood there for a while, not knowing whether to knock or not. “C’mon Mac you can do this” Martha said to herself. She forced herself to knock on the door. There was no reply; she tried knocking again still no reply. She tried opening the door and to her surprise it was open she walked inside the house and looked around, nothing really ever changed in the house it was messy as always, she smiled to herself remembering all the good memories that she had in this house.

“Hello anyone home” Martha said.

Jack who had been lying in his bed heard Martha’s voice, he got up and headed outside his bedroom, “This is your chance Jack” he thought to himself you have to get her back.

“Martha” Jack said as he appeared from around the corner. Martha watched as Jack appeared from the corner, a smile appeared on her face she didn’t know why she was smiling her and Jack weren’t even together anymore but she couldn’t help but smile at Jack “he looked so cute” Martha thought to herself. Martha snapped out of her daydream as she realized Jack was standing in front of her and looking up at her.

“Hey I was wondering if Kim was home.” Martha asked. Jack’s heart sank; he hoped that Martha was here to talk to him, even though their last conversation didn’t end happy.

“Um, no he is at the diner” Jack replied.

“Ok then” Martha replied “Could you please pass this on to him” Martha asked as she handed the paper to Jack.

“Sure” Jack replied as he grabbed the paper and took it.

Martha was debating to herself whether to talk to Jack and to apologize again, but she just couldn’t do it, she didn’t know what it was but she felt awkward about Jack she didn’t know what to say.

She turned around to walk towards the door but stopped she stopped to think. She turned back around and faced Jack; she wasn’t going to give up until she got him back.

“Jack” Martha said.

“Yeah” Jack replied, he had noticed Martha stopping and turning around.

Martha didn’t know how to say it so she decided to tell him the truth.

“I’m sorry for everything I can’t keep doing this, I miss you” Martha said. Jack was surprised by Martha’s honesty, he didn’t expect her to say it but he was glad she did. He gave her a smile

“No, I’m sorry about before, I just got angry” Jack said.

“That’s ok, I understand, you had the right to be angry, I’m sorry for believing that you would cheat on me” Martha replied. Jack moved closer to Martha now he stood right in front of her.

“I just want you to know I would never do that to you, I love you so much” Jack said as he gazed into her eyes. A smile appeared on Martha’s face; finally things were starting to work out.

“I know, it’s just when I saw you and her kissing I didn’t know what to think, I’m sorry for not letting you explain” Martha said. Jack could tell Martha was sorry.

“That’s ok” Jack replied.

“Really?” Martha asked casually but inside she was jumping up and down.

“Yeah I don’t won’t to loose you over something like this” Jack replied. Jack took another step closer and slid his hands around her waist. Martha couldn’t be happier, she had finally gotten Jack back, she wrapped her hands around Jack’s neck and she moved as close as she could possible get to him. Their lips only millimeters apart. Martha couldn’t take it anymore she wanted Jack and she need him right now. She moved even closer until their lips met. They shared a passionate kiss, both not wanting the moment to end, she had missed this so much, she felt warm and protected being around Jack. After they had stopped kissing they embraced each other in a hug. Jack not letting go of Martha directed her towards the couch where she sat down next to him. She leaned her head on Jack’s chest and stayed there.

Jack wrapped his hands around Martha again, making sure he never let go of her again. He yawned remembering to last night where he had hardly slept.

“Aww is Jack tired?” Martha asked teasing.

“Yeah I didn’t sleep much last night, I had too much things on my mind” Jack replied.

“Aww does that mean you missed me?” Martha asked

“Yeah of course I did” Jack replied, Martha looked up at him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I missed you too” she said. But then remembered to the conversation that Martha overheard Jack and Lauren talking.

“Jack?” Martha said.

“Yeah” Jack replied looking down at Martha.

“Do you think Lauren is going to try and do something else to us, or will she leave us alone?” Martha asked. Jack looked surprised how did Martha know about it? But it didn’t matter.

“Don’t worry about her as long as I have you everything is fine” Jack replied giving Martha a smile.

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