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Tues 23 May 06 - " Let's Face It, This Is ALL Dani's Faul

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Let's Face It, This Is ALL Dani's Fault "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 23 May 06 - Episode # 4192)

OUTSIDE DINER - Peter further reacts to THOSE gunshots.

POLICE STATION - Next morning, Peter instructs the assembled uniformed police officers about searching for the bullet casings.

when Peter is done speaking to them, Harper (1-st time we've seen him for ages) about getting some sleep and getting some perspectives. these comments are backed up by Tracy Thompson, who enters that office mid the Harper/Peter chat.

BACHELOR PAD - Kimmy answers that phone. its 6.30am - and he tells yet another journalist to get lost. when off the phone, Kimmy & Rachel are both way worried/.annoyed about that way that Hyde is being treated by the public and the media.

DINER FLAT - Hyde sits on the couch. he is clearly anxious about what is happening.

POLICE STATION -Peter & Tracy talk about the stalker being V sure of herself etc, when Harper enters. he says that they've found no bullet casings.

OUTSIDE DINER - Peter absolutely tears strips of the searching uniformed officers

POLICE STATION - In Peter's office, Tracy "suggests" that this has got way to personal for peter. he then sees a box on his desk - he opens it. there's a small box of blanks, with a note "next time the bullets will be real".

Peter goes into the main area of the station - and asks the uniformed officers who delivered the box. he is sooooooooooo not impressed when they don't know.

BACHELOR PAD - Kimmy & Rachel are talk about Hyde, when phone rings again. Kimmy verbally attacks the caller, assuming it to be another media person, but its Hyde. he wants Kimmy the come to the diner flat.

OUTSIDE DINER - Kimmy & Rachel discover why Hyde wanted them by his side. there's a swarm of protesters and media there. Kimmy & Rachel literally have to fight there way through the crowd.

DINER FLAT -when they get inside. Kimmy & Rachel notice that charlie has helped that do so., they thank him, whilst Hyde suggests that all move away form the windows. Kimmy thinks that the protesters etc shouldn't be so vile towards Hyde, but Hyde himself seems more calm bout things.

POLICE STATION - Tracey suggests that peter shouldn't be so hard on the other cops, but he disagrees and would rather go over the facts that they've got so far.

peter & Tracey enter the main bit of the station, and they hear that Peter's flat has been broken into.

BLOCK OF FLATS -Peter & Tracy race arrive. they enter Peter's flat. it is trashed - and Peter knows that its the stalker who is responsible. they notice that one drawer is still in its normal place (unlike all others which are strewn about). Peter opens the drawer - there's a BOMB !!! in there. Peter attempts to cut the wires etc to deactivate. whilst Tracey instructs all the residents of the block of flats to get out of there apartments. Tracey then rejoins Peter who have cuts 3 of the wires - without success. both then dive to the floor - both when the countetr reaches zero, a modern alarm clock goes off !!!!

POLICE STATION -Harper, tracey & Peter discuss the "bomb" that wasn't AND Peter's lack of perspective about all this. Peter insists that he can't just walk away form this until its done (note - i guess being put into coma by Psycho Sarah can be that to a person).

SURF CLUB - Rachel & Kimmy talk about Hyde before Rachel bails. Kimmy then enters gym, where Caralie has already begun setting up for the day. Kimmy & Charlie talk about the annoying media etc.

OUTSIDE DINER - Charlie physically attacks the reporters who with covering the protest against Hyde earlier.

POLICE STATION - late at night, peter hears something. he goes form his office into the main part of the station. he sees, on one of the desks, it small clock (and the sounds of the clock are accentuated V nicely). peter throws the clock down in frustration.

DINER FLAT - Hyde watches the news reports about the protests against him.

BACHELOR PAD - Rachel tells Kimmy that she'll way be here for him - just as he was for her during all that kerfuffle with her dad.

INTER CUT SCENE - the phone rings, and he see Charlie at the gym or Kimmy at the pad, depending who is talking. charlie tells Kimmy that he didn't mean to beat up the reporter, but he lost control and did so etc.

GYM - when the call ends. we see that Charlie haws put on one of Kimmy's personal trainer singlet. he then pins Kimmy's gym name tag to the singlet - continuing his obsession with Kimmy (end of ep)


Charlie obsession continues

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