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Mon 22 May 06 - " Here We Go Again "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Here We Go Again "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 22 May 06 - Episode # 4191)

POLICE STATION – kimmy tells Hyde that sally will take care of things at SBH.

Also kimmy reveals that Hyde has been evicted from his flat – Rachel takes offence but Hyde takes it all in his stride. Hyde then asked bout Irene, but Peter enters before kimmy can say anything.

Hyde is then handcuffed. He is then hauled away by other police to go to the courthouse. Kimmy isn’t that keen on Hyde being locked in the cells before the court case begins.

Just after Hyde is led out, Lara hands peter an envelope – inside a typed note – in BOLD letters – “Tick Tock” (and peter has flashbacks of some of the stalker events last year).

COURT ROOM – Hyde, kimmy & Rachel are already in there, when Morag enters. Hyde graciously accepts Morag’s offer for her to be his lawyer.

POLICE STATION – peter tells a bunch of assembled uniformed officers that their top priority is the stalker. He says that, without telling anyone who they are looking for, all new residents in the bay must be investigated etc.

COURT ROOM – Morag puts fwd her case to the judge. She insists that, on both occasions, Hyde didn’t act intentionally to kill, so the charges should more so be manslaughter, not murder.

Morag also insists that Hyde should be allowed to be released on bail … as he’s not a flight risk etc.

POLICE STATION – peter talks to Tracy Thompson on the phone. Its sounds like she is V concerned about the stalker etc, but peter believes that he & the officers in the bay can handle things for now.

When the call is done, peter hears the fax machine. He goes to it … and sees that someone has faxed a copy of the newspaper articles for the day after the stalker supposedly died last year. The article (which has a pic of the burnt out warehouse) has a hand drawn love heart round it.

WAREHOUSE – peter drives there and goes inside (with gun upholstered). He looks around for a bit before he finds on the ground another note – Bang.

COURT ROOM – Hyde asks kimmy bout Irene, and kimmy tries t sugarcoat the response, but Hyde can sense that kimmy is doing this.

The judge informs all that he believes that Hyde showed no malice in both killings, so the charges of manslaughter are appropriate, BUT he sets bail of $250,000 !!!!

Hyde & co wonders where they will get that kind of money.

WAREHOUSE – Peter slowly open another dor, and has a flashback of sally bound & gagged). In this room he finds another note – Bang Bang

POLICE STATION – Kimmy, Hyde & Rachel are discussing the bail situation when Lara enters, she says that the bail has been paid and that Hyde is free to go.

Hyde &^ co wonder who paid the bail.

WAREHOUSE – peter goes upstairs, and slowly searches for clues etc. he comes to another door, and slowly opens. He opens an old fashion alarm clock in there. Along with a bullet – with his name engraved on it. Peter is waaaaaaaay startled when alarm goes off on clock.

He hears door-banging downstairs. Runs down there, exits the building, only to see Lara & other cops.

POLICE STATION – Hyde is shocked, but pleased, when Morag reveals that she paid his bail. He is also surprised when she suggested that he can live in the diner flat for the time being.

DINER – when Morag tells Alf about Hyde live in flat, he waaaaaaaaaaaay takes offence (because of the suspicions that Martha, ric, himself were under after josh has killed.

Colleen of course adds her 2 cents worth, whilst Irene overhears this conversation and is suitably not impressed that Hyde isn’t rotting in some jail cell.

DINER FLAT – Oblivious of the chat going on downstairs, Hyde begins to set up his things to live in the new place. Hyde also thanks Rachel & kimmy for being there for him today.

POLICE STATION – Lara tells peter that the stalker hasn’t left any clues in the warehouse. She hopes that forensics will have better luck, but peter thinks stalker is too smart to leave any clues that she doesn’t want them to find.

Peter insists that they REALLY need to find stalker – as she has (no doubt) a MASSIVE revenge plot against the bay.

OUTSIDE DINER (I think)– peter sees a note on the windscreen of his car. It says Your’re Dead, and peter ducks for cover as several shots are fired !!! (end of ep)


Peter tries to defuse another bomb … but he is not successful .. mechanism is different to the one at murder mystery house last year.

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