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Eve's Stalker

Guest Stuart2006

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One sunny hot day a blue car pulled up to Summer Sea.

It was Eve Jacobson.

She Drove across the Summer bay bridge and into the part of summer bay which is called Summer Sea. She seen Sally's hotel and went in. She said have you a room from an old friend. Sally said Who is this old friend. Eve said Eve jacobson? Sally said YOU TRIED KILLING ME! Definitly no. Eve smirked and said How's Flynn oh i forgot he's Dead . Eve started laughing. Sally said I've had enough and then she gave Eve a good punch and kick . Eve fell down. She staggered to the car with blood dripping from her head. She blacked out then She seen Flynn going to shoot here and then she heard a noise 3...2...1......NOW. She had been hurt by Sally and ended up in hospital. She soon Discharged herself. She went to kims and stayed there. When she was alone she heard bumps. She went to the door to find a letter saying Come to the abandoned factory at 6.30AM By your friend. It was 6.00AM and she got ready. She brushed her hair and put a light pink lipstick on. She stood outside the doors and then a lady came and said Come in. The lady took here to a room on the room door it said Toilet she went in and then came out a young lady took her to the Room. When she walked in she seen Josh West. He said please sit down. She did. The young teenager handed him a piece of paper and he said OK keep me one i'l be there soon. Josh said when i return you will get a shock. Josh walked out and the television turned on that watched Big brother . The teen was Tasha.

Meanwhile outside the door Josh and tasha looked at each other and then kissed. Tasha said Oh sorry i forgot about the secret. Josh went outside and lit a cigarette. Tasha watched him. Josh said Do you want one? Tasha said Robbie wouldn't like me. Josh said Go On. He opened the pack and handed her one. thanks josh she said. Tasha and josh had a laugh. Josh said are you ready? Tasha said no i'l catch up. Josh run and got Eve and said I think tashas going to start a fire they escaped. outside tasha got paper and re-lit the cigarette and then lit it and started a fire she then quickly finshed it of and stamped on it . Josh kissed Eve outside because he loves her but who was watching Eve in the bushes?

Is Josh lying?

Is tasha going mad?

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Epiosde 2

In the bushes you seen Eves stalker pull a gun from there bag and then loaded the gun. They aimed at Josh but hit tasha she was instently killed. The stalker put her in a bag and tied the bag to the roof. Josh and eve kept kissing until tashas body dropped from the roof. Josh jumped. Eve found a note in the bag it read THIS IS JUST THE BEGINGING Eve was terified. Eve said in her sweet voice i love you josh but i have a stalker will you protect me? Josh noded and said only if you do work for me. what is this work she said. He replyed saying dispose tashas body so the police don't get involed which will make the stalker angry. she agreed. She also said i will do what i done last year withe the factory and burn her. I'l start at the moment. Her and josh drove to a old factory and put tasha in it. Eve said do you have something that will burn slowly. Josh noded and gave her a cigarette. Thanks she said. She lit it and took one smoke from it and said one smoke won't do any harm and then placed it a gas pipe. they got out. Inside the factory a person took the cigarette and held it in there hand and then put a bomb down and walked off just as eve and josh got out the bomb exploded. Outside round the back the stalker's friend smoked the cigarette.

Meanwhile Eve and Josh quickly drove away and a car followed.

Is eve's stalker going to be revealed?

Find out next time

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The Finale

Josh and eve jumped out of the car and run away. The hooded person continued to run after them. Josh and Eve seen a home so they run towards that and the person got a remote out of there pocket and pressened a button the home exploded. Eve pulled a gun from her pocket and shot the hooded person. They took the hood of whoever it was and it was a robot. A sheet started printing out it read I WILL GET YOU ALL

They walked back to Eves car to find it in flames. She broke down crying. Luckily Robbie turned up and said here is a flask off water for you Josh and Here is coffee for you idot Zoe. Eve said IT'S EVE JACOBSON!! Robbie looked at a bottle of eyedrops and put it in her coffee. He made a mistake he was to put sugar in. She pulled it away from him and drunk it. She froze. Josh got her back to life and gave her a drink off water. Robbie said i accendently put my eyedrops in it. Robbie drove away. Just then she got a phone call the number never appeared but it said Stalker. She answered and the person said I will get you and Josh. Then the person hung up. Josh said for fun do you want to have a sword fight. She noded. They started fighting until Josh dropped his sword. They finished. Eve got a Text saying Tick tock. She cryed and said Just Kill me. Robbie came back and said I will. Josh got shot by robbie and he said Eve i'l do this to you. Eve pulled out two guns and shot Robbie lots of times. She drove away into sunrise.


Eve got arrested of killing Robbie and Joshua West.

Peter decided she learn't her lesson and let her go.

She now lives in Summer bay and made up with all people in the bay and stays with Sally.

Eve got a letter saying

Eve Jacobson

Summer bay House

Summer bay

Dear Eve,

We are sorry for stalking you.

We will not anoy you again


Joshua West's Ghost


Robbie Hunter's Ghost

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

She was now happy



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