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Wed 17 May 06 - "Belle .. And How To Defend Yourself “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Belle .. And How To Defend Yourself “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 17 May 06 - Episodes # 4188)

BEACH HOUSE – Kimmy tells irene that he is going to see hyde and he tries to get her to do the same.

Kimmy bails, and belle comes downstairs. Belle asks if she can helop Irene with anything, but irene says that she is fine, anmd asks belle of her plans. Belle says that she is going to go and see ric, whilst Irene tells belle that she is going to go to work at diner like usual.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Alf, sally & ric talks bout the Hyde situation, before sally asks ric how his job is going. When he (again) say it is fine, sally suggests that he should invite workmates over for BBQ, but ric says that he’s’ not THAT close to work mates.

When sally bails from room, Alf wonder why ric not mentyion to sally about clash with dom. Ric insiosts that is has been sorted, before ric bails.

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy & Rachel talks about hyde (and how irene is reacting).

Rachel thinks that should go and do something outdoors today. Kimmy isn’t keen, but Rachel persuade.

NOAH’S – Rachel is father surprised when she sees Charlie. He offers to help Kimmy through this time, but Rachel suggests against that. She does mention that she and Kimmy have an outdoors date today.

DINER – belle & ric are talk about Dom when he enters & approaches. Dom suggests that ric should play by his rules, but ric & belle object. Dom says that both will be put in their place.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene sees that newspaper headline “school principle charged with double murder”. she throws the paper down.

Sally enters, and tries to suggest that Irene that this double murders isn’t as cut & dried as Irene thinks (extenuating circumstances etc). Sally also insists that Irene is just trying to keep going as though nothing happen, like sally did after Flynn die. Irene insist that she have to go to work, so she & sally bail.

GARAGE – ric arrives, and gets in trouble for arriving late for a meeting. Ric disputes the fact that Dom told him the meeting was on ay 8am today =- and Dom adds a not so nice comment about belle.

SOON AFTER – ric is accused of shoddy workmanship that almost caused the death of an elderly customer because of brake failure. Ric checks the work diary – and points out that he had the day off when the work happened, and that the enrty in the diary is clearly in domn’s writing.

Ric “suggests” that Dom should explain himself to management.

BEACH – Rachel & kimmy talk about Hyde. When Kimmy thanks Rachel for supporting him through this, she points out theta he was her rock throughout all the kafuffle with both Dr Helpman and then her dad.

We see that Charlie is watching the duo form afar.

DINER – colleen is speaking of hyde the way that she did to Kane when he was accused of the robbery his father committed, whilst Leah & Alf defend hyde (although Alf wishes that hyde had come fwd sooner – as ric, Martha etc wouldn’t have been put through the wringer by police).

Irene & sally enter, and Leah suggests that maybe Irene shouldn’t be here at work today. Irene disagrees and heads for the kitchen.

Sally & co hears lots of banging so they go to investigate. Irene (still banging things etc) says that the kitchen is a pigsty … and she partic takes offence to THAT love potion of colleens’. She fiercely throws it to the floor .. it smashes .. and irene storms out.

SURF CLUB – ric tells belle what happen at work. He then bails and belle goes into the gym. Dom follows and tries to verbally threaten belle. He then goes one step further – he grabs her in a sexually way, but belle knees him you know where and quickly bails.

BEACH – Rachel & Kimmy are talking when Charlie approaches. Rachel tries the softly, softly approach to try to make charlie go away, but Kimmy yells at him. Charlie bails.

SOON AFTER – Kimmy finds Charlie nearby. Charlie says that even before he start to care for his gran, he never had friends at school, and is way envious of Kimmy & his friends. Before Kimmy walk away he tells charlie that all is well tween them again.

VAN PARK HOUSE – belle tells ric about domn’s sexual advance. Ric wants to sort dom out. Belle tries to stop ric, but he is determined, and bails,

BEACH – ric sees dom emerge form the surf. He approaches dom, voicing his offence at whet dom did to belle. The two come to blows., and dom is left with a blood nose.

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy & Rachel talk about Charlie. Kimmy insists that he won’t go off at lonely Charlie any more.

GYM – its late at night when charlie enters. He picks at one of kimmy’s gym shirts – and runs his fingers over kimmy’s name tag several times.

GARAGE - ric arrives, and the boss wants to see him because of the incident on the beach with dom. Ric is shocked to see that Dom’s face is in a far worse state (mega black eye etc) than when ric left him on the beach (end of ep)


It looks like Ric is trapped under a car at the garage, whilst Tilly doesn’t believe Luke’s reformed act

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