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Tues 16 May 06 - " A Love Beyond All Others “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " A Love Beyond All Others “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 16 May 06 - Episode # 4187)

VAN PARK HOUSE – Morag offers the killer a drink. We see their hands 1-st before the killers’ face is seen – its’ HYDE !!!!!!!

Morag wonders why and Hyde tells her that he was going to approach Josh earlier on the day that josh was killed, but he saw Amanda pointing a gun at josh, so Hyde bails.

He went back later that night, o confront josh bout the school being chopped in half by project 56. Josh insists that project 56 WILL go ahead – and if Hyde doesn’t want his secret about killing his wife Kerry revealed to the police (courtesy of Morag’s files) AND the fact that Kimmy knowing about the secret as well, then Hyde will publicly back P56. Josh adds that the attractive Kimmy will make LOTS of “friends” in prison. Hyde then grabs the file, and josh reaches for a gun in his drawer, there is struggle. Shot is fired during struggle – his is how josh was shot.

Hyde ells Morag that he ripped out the incriminating pages, and grabs that proof that josh was involved with P56/ Hyde had to quickly bail – as Robbie (with another gun) enters.

Hyde tells josh that he DID pay off Robert Radcliff for the pics, but hasn’t heard of him since – and there wasn’t a struggle.

Hyde hopes that Morag can keep his little secret – but Jack & other police emerge form the laundry etc.

POLICE STATION – Hyde is charged, has mug shot & fingerprints taken & is handcuffed.

Kimmy, Rachel, Morag & Irene enter and he police tell kimmy that Hyde is charged with 2 counts of murder (josh & Kerry). Kimmy wants o see his father. Peter isn’t sure about this move, but agrees to it.

Irene however is adamant that she NOT want to see/speak to Hyde.

When kimmy goes into interview room, Hyde tells him that his is poetic justice – as Hyde deserves to go to jail ever since he kill Kerry. Hyde also admits that he did all of this to protect kimmy.

Talk turns to Irene. Hyde wants to see her, so kimmy goes out to main area of station to try to talk to her, but kimmy is not successful. Indeed, Hyde WAAAY hear that Irene NEVER want to speak to him again.

Kimmy is summoned into Peter’s office, and peter is V annoyed at both kimmy & Morag for no tell police about Hyde killing Kerry. Kimmy is somewhat pleased when he hears that Morag has cut a deal with he police to keep her & kimmy from being charged etc.

Kimmy & Morag go back into main area of station, where the handcuffed Hyde is led away. Irene literally turns her back on Hyde.

BEACH HOUSE – Robbie & trash nervously await the arrival of Irene, kimmy & Rachel. When they do, Irene not wants to talk bout Hyde.

When Irene goes to have a shower, kimmy & Rachel go outside and talk bout Hyde.

Kimmy almost can’t believe what lengths that Hyde went to protect him. Kimmy then comments on his being an example of the lengths parents must go through for their offspring.

Back inside, Irene enters the lounge (dressed in bathrobe). She tells Robbie & tash that she can’t believe that Hyde committed himself to another go at their relationship, knowing the he has the blood of TWO ppl on his hands.

Irene tells ash etc hat she hopes that Hyde rots in hell .. although she admits that even THAT is much better than he deserves !!!!

POLICE STATION – jack enters Peter’s office, and apologises for all his suspicions about peter killing josh etc.

Talk turns to eve/Zoë – and peter hopes that they are ready for her when she returns to the bay !!!

ROADSIDE – A car pulls up in front of the “welcome to summer bay” sign. Eve/Zoë (dressed in black singlet top reminiscent of Psycho Sarah) emerges from the car !!!! (end of ep)


Dom threatens to harm Belle, and what’s Eve/Zoë (now wearing glasses, and having straight hair) up to now ??

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