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Mon 15 May 06 - DOUBLE EP

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this (double) ep, " Pleasure Before Pain ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Mon 15 May 06 - Episodes # 4185 & 4186)

VAN PARK HOUSE – Jack & Martha talk bout what happen last year. Jack says that the body in the warehouse (presumed to be Eve/Zoë) was never properly ID’d .. and that jack rems that the reports said that sally thought she heard Eve/Zoë talk to someone in the warehouse. Peter thinks that peter may be in league with Zoe/Eve rather than try to catch her like Martha think.

POLICE STATION – peter is on the phone. He tells whoever (TT ?) that all is ready for next week.

VAN PARK HOUSE –jack tries to get Martha to see things is way bout Peter & eve/Zoë. Jack suggests that the reason may be because of THAT coma peter was in (after Psycho Sarah wacked him).

DINER – Robbie talks to tash. He sees Irene & hyde talking, and begins plans to REALLY get them back together.

POLICE STATION – Jack asks another male uniform officer to help him with some follow up on the laura McPherson missing persons file. Peter hears and wonders what its all about – and offers to do the follow up himself. Peter however lets jack take care of it (to not raise further suspicions ???)

DINER – Robbie & tash ask colleen for help with Irene & Hyde. Colleen eagerly agree to help.

POLICE STATION – since peter si away for the station, jack looks in Peter’s filing cabinets. Jack then has flashback – of peter say that there was no important emails to or from Josh’s computer. Jack then phones an IT friend and asks for help with this query.

BUSHLAND – jack then goes for a drive, where he stops at a house. He goes inside. There’s a wall full of news clippings etc bout the stalker. We see peter behind jack.

Peter confront jack – and peter then tells jack that a detective in the city, Tracy Thompson, thought she saw Eve/Zoë at a hospital some months back. We she confront. Eve/Zoë fled. Peter then had the body of the person who perished in the warehouse explosion exhumed – as discovers that it was Laura McPherson. Peter tells jack that nobody but he & Tracy knew bout this … as they want to see if they could get eve/Zoë to “slip up” which she wouldn’t have done if the media were all over the story.

DINER – meanwhile, colleen enters and hands a love potion to Robbie. He drinks some and pretends (I hope) that he is totally in love with colleen … to the point of chase her all over the eatery,

NOAH’S – Robbie & tash talks bout how Robbie has text both Irene & Hyde … to meet him at diner. Colleen enters the room … she tells Robbie & tash that she hopes all goes well.

DINER – Hyde & Irene arrive… they see a candlelit table with roses etc also on the table. They both agree that they’ve like to “kill” Robbie but thinks the food etc is too good to waste.

Both think that something is on the nose – and Irene finds the love potion behind the counter of the eatery.

VAN PARK HOUSE – jack tells Martha what happened when he encounter peter etc. jack gets a call form the IT dude, then a fax, which in one of the emails recovered form josh’s computer. It says that josh KNEW bout peter & eve/Zoë.

Peter thinks this means that peter did kill josh, but he’s concerned that the email isn’t enough evidence against peter (to confront jack’s superior with) but Martha convinces jack to at least try.

BEACH HOUSE – Robbie & tash are still up when Irene & Hyde come home. They thank Robbie & co for there actions, and when Robbie & Tash have gone to bed, Irene & Hyde decide to give their relationship another go.

VAN PARK HOUSE – its really late at night, Martha is in the kitchen with all lights off. Alf come downstairs, and talks to Martha. They hear someone at the door… it’s Morag !!

BEACH HOUSE – next morning, Robbie & tash wonder how things are with Irene & Hyde. The pair in question coming downstairs together gives Robbie & tash that indication that all is well tween them again.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel & kimmy are pleased when tash tell them bout Irene & Hyde. Rachel, Kimmy, tash & Robbie bail – as Martha enters. She and jack talk further bout blowing the whistle on peter.

GYM – kimmy arrives, and it shocked that Charlie is INSIDE the gym when he arrives – the cleaner let charlie in, charlie says. Charlie is keen to have kimmy do a personal training session with him. Kimmy suggests that Charlie does some warm up exercises whilst kimmy sets up the gym for the day.

POLICE STATION – jack enters, and asks to speak to McGrath (superior officer) in private. He tells/shows McGrath the evidence that Peter is in league with eve/Zoë and that he killed josh.

McGrath thinks jack’s evidence is enough to call peter in for questioning.

BLCOK OF FLATS – jack & McGrath arrive at te place that peter live. They knock on door, but a neighbour says that peter drive off in hurry early that morn. McGrath thinks jack has blown their chance to get peter – and should have come to McGrath with his suspicions earlier.

GYM – Charlie is working out on an exercise bike when he suggest that he, kimmy & Rachel could go to movies together – and it will pay Charlie’s shout. Kimmy is uncomfortable with this – so he suggest that Charlie shouldn’t overdo things with the exercise. Kimmy suggest that Charlie should go home, and light exercise to a video tape that kimmy give Charlie. Charley say that he has no money on him … kimmy say that he can pay back later.

BEACH HOUSE – Rachel & kimmy arrive for lunch, and kimmy is REALLY pleased that Hyde & Irene are back together.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Morag is looking for something amongst her files. She virtually ignores Alf because of this. She then tell him that she is going back to the city for the time being … as her actions have led to things like Robert Radcliff’s disappearance/death.

POLICE STATION – Morag enters, and jack gets the files that the police still had of Morag’s, the ones josh stole.

After Morag bails, McGrath (after being on phone) tells jack that peter has been caught.

VAN PARK HOUSE –Morag looks through the files that she’s just got back. There are pages ripped out. Morag is suspicious.

POLICE STATION – peter is hauled in literally kicking & screaming. Jack wants to be there when peter is interview.

McGrath & jack enter the interview room, and peter says that when josh found out bout eve/Zoë, try to use the info to get police off his back about project 56. peter admits meeting with josh the night he die, but not kill him. Peter tells McGrath that Tracy Thompson can back up story.

When McGrath goes to check this out,. Peter confront jack, who says that peter’s latest lie (bout josh emails) made him go to McGrath. Peter hopes that what jack has done hasn’t put everyone in further jeopardy with the stalker !!!

BEACH HOUSE – Irene & Hyde are enjoying each other’s company (whilst doing the wishes after lunch). Kimmy is chocked when Charlie arrives. Charlie gives him the money for the exercise vid .. but when charlie ask, kimmy sys that he & Rachel are busty this arvo.

POLICE STATION – McGrath tells jack that Tracey has confirmed peter’s version of events. Jack wants to keep pushing it … but McGrath insist that jack “let it GO”.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Morag further examines the files with the pages ripped out. She makes a phone call. She insists that she MUST meet the person on the other end of the line tonight …as Morag KNOWS that this person KILLED josh !!!

LATER – the person in question arrive at the door. We see Morag for this person’s perspective(end of ep)


Josh’s killer is exposed – and have their prints taken by police etc, whilst Eve/Zoë returns to the Bay !!!

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