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Fri 12 May 06 - " Luke Thinks Life Is ALWAYS GREENER On The Other

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Luke Thinks Life Is ALWAYS GREENER On The Other Side"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 12 May 06 - Episode # 4184)

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony & Luke "discuss" what happened. Beth enters, and is shocked that Luke punched Tony.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Jack & Martha talk about jack’s suspicions. Martha thinks the timing of all this is weird .. as Eve/Zoë died around this time last year. Martha initially says that it was may 2 that she die, but corrects herself to say may 3. jack says that may 2 rings a bell

BUSH – Peter is in THAT shipping container. All the news clippings about Eve/Zoë are back up on the walls etc.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly arrives home. She is shocked about what Luke fid to Tony.

Luke enters the room. Tony confronts him, and Luke insists that all has gone wrong since they move into hunter house.

BEACH – next morning, jack & Martha talk further bout Eve/Zoë & peter, as jack can’t stop think bout it. Martha bails (to set up Noah’s for tonight’s party.

Jack sees Tony and comments about the black eye that Luke gave him. Tony asks jack to speak to Luke.

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke is doing weights in his room when jack enters. Jack is unable to get Luke to adjust his current attitude.

Jack goes to the kitchen, and tells Tony what happened.

Tony goes to Luke’s room. Luke is still defiant and Tony get V angry, and GROUNDS Luke indefinitely.

LATTER – Tony once more try to talk to Luke, but as soon as Tony is gone from the room, Luke climbs out the window.

NOAH’S – Tilly & cassie are trying to enjoy themselves, when they see Luke talking Lee (a platinum blonde played by former Always Greener star Natasha Lee).

POLICE STATION – As peter is about to bail,. Jack wonders what case he’s working on. peter thinks jack more worried about his own workload instead.

When peter is gone, jack comments to Lara about peter, nut she merely hands him that missing persons files – which leads to jack having flashback about a recent missing persons file that he looked at. Jack recall that peter said that Laura McPherson, who went missing on may 2 last year have been solved (found with junkie b/f in QLD).

NOAH’S – Tilly continues to be annoyed as Luke keeps chatting to Lee.

POLICE STATION – Jack asks Lara about Eve/Zoë. Jack is intrigued when Lara says that they assume that it was Eve/Zoë’s body found burnt beyond recognition in the warehouse on May 3 last year.

NOAH’S – Tilly sees Luke kissing Lee … and decides to bail

HUNTER HOUSE – next morn, Beth sees through tally’s attempts at trying to be cheerful.

Toney then decides that Luke should be up by now. He enters Luke’s room .. to fide Luke has got got up …AND that Lee is in Luke’s bed.

Tilly & Beth hear Tony going off at Luke … and are shocked when Lee exits Luke’s room. Luke waaaaaaay takes offence to lee calling Beth "mrs Holden" whilst Tony can’t believe that Luke not only went last night, but bought Lee back with him.

Luke then tries to shift the blame … and mentions the tilly/belle catfight …. which causes Tilly to bail.

BUSHLAND – Beth finds tilly siting beside a river. Tilly can’t believe that Luke is acting this way.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony & Beth talks about Luke … and hope that things will get better soon.

POLICE STATION – jack arrive, and is pleased that the Info he asked for form HQ has arrived. It the missing perrons file on Laura McPherson … he compares the descriptions of Zoë and Laura …. They are exactly the same.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Jack shows Martha the identikit drawing of Laura … looks muchly like Zoë. Jack wonders if peter has ALWAYS know that it wasn’t Eve/Zoes’ body they find in the warehouse a year ago …and that Eve/Zoë is ALIVE !!!!! (end of ep)


Who Killed Josh? Jack confronts Peter, and it sounds like Eve/Zoe is BACK !!!!

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