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Wed 10 May 06 - " Shocking Times "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Shocking Times "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 10 May 06 - Episode # 4182)

BUSH – Rachel tries desperately to save Charlie – whose broken rib (caused by Dan’s punch_ has punctured a lung. Rachel is able to release the air build up and save Charlie.

Meanwhile, Dan continues to stumble about. Thankfully he wanders on a path being search by alf & the search that alf is leading. Dan try to fight them (still thinking that want to take Ryan away), but they are able to subdue him.

LEAH’S PLACE – Leah is elated when she gets the phone call and the rescue via phone.

HOSPITAL – Rachel & Kimmy go into see Charlie. He thanks Rachel fir saving him.

Meanwhile, Leah is talking to the also hospitalised Dan. He is shocked when she tells him that Ryan is overseas with Amanda and that he (beaches of the brain injury caused by the car crash) was chasing an illusion.

Leah & Dan talk about recent events when Dan begins to violently shake. Leah calls for help.

The doctors are able to get Dan back to normal.

In the corridor, they tell Leah that Dan had a seizure, which was caused by complications resulting for the brain injury.

Leah goes back into Dan’s room and tells him that the events of recent weeks have made her realise that she can’t live with Dan … and that she wants them to try to get back together.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Belle wants Ric to speak up to the owners of the garage about what Dom was done to him. Ric disagrees, and insist that bell promises that she won’t say anything either.

Dom arrives, and tells Ric of a staff meeting this afternoon at the surf club. Belle makes mention that its Ric’s day off, but Ric insists that he will be there.

BEACH – belle isn’t giving up. She ties to convince Ric to talk about what’s happened, but he is also adamant.

HOPITAL – Kimmy & Rachel bail form Charlie’s room, and they speak briefly to Leah (about Dan of cse).

DINER – colleen is raving on about Leah & Dan, whilst Irene is concerned about how quiet belle is.

NOAH’S – The manager of the garage tells Ric, Dom & the others that all the recent pranks etc must stop.

When the meeting is done, and most have gone, Ric approaches the manager wondering who he could talk to if he was being bullied. When the manager ask, Ric insist that it’s a hypothetical situation. Not surprisingly, Dom has overheard that whole conversation.

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel, Leah & Kimmy talk (in the kitchen) about Charlie’s underdeveloped ppl skills (because of his isolation).

HOPITAL – Charlie backs up Rachel’s theory when he tells Nurse Julie that he, Rachel & Kimmy are the closet of friends, who go to the movies etc together.

GARAGE – Ric is keen to get a start on working on a partic car before he goes home for the day. Dom says that all is set to go. When Ric is at the car, he reaches down to get a tool form the toolbox. As soon as he goes, Ric literally gets that shock of his life. He writhes in pain for a bit … before bringing it back in control. Ric then sees that someone (Dom) has left a tampered with electrical cord (which is turned on) touching the toolbox. (end of ep)


The Battle tween Tilly & Belle continues …. Incl. an awesome slap to Belle’s face form Tilly

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