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Mon 8 May 06 - "Sally Isn't The Only Peron With An Imaginery

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"Sally Isn't The Only Peron With An Imaginery Friend "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 8 May 06 - Episode # 4181)

Author Note - This ep guide is less detailed that usual for the simnple reason that there were more important things happening when i got up this morning to do my draft ep guide before work .... . Todd Russell & Brant Webb have FINALLY been rescued ... after spending the last 2 weeks trapped in a mine more that a kilomatre underground in Beaconsfield, Tasmania

Dan realises what he's done ... and runs away form sally. As he runs, dan collides with colleen .... who overexaderates her pain to anyone who'll listen.

soon after, Peter is driving along a country road when he goes past Dan .... not aware of what's heppened .. or sure that it was Dan.

sally arives at leah's palce .,.... and tell her about the kiss ... and about having no knowldge of where Dan is now.

Peter arranges (when he is told about dan being missing) a poiulice car to survey the area in wihich he spotted dan.

meanwhile, dan (badly affected by his cuurent condiotion) THINKS that he sees tyan. he follows his son into the bush.

meanhwile, at the diner, colleen is stilling telling all about how dan bowled into her, while racjhel & kimmy introduced charlie to robbie & Tash. also, rtachel gets a phone call form the hopital - when she is done she tells charlie that his Gran has been taken medaition other than her own (which has casued the problem). cahelrie says that she must have confuesed her pills with the ones his grandad used to takes (before his death). charlie chastises himself for not throwiong them out.

Racvhel & co that hear that ALf is arranging a search party for Dan - so they all go to the surf club, when Alf deatails that plan to saerch for dan. charlie is keen to help - so alf says that he can search with Kimmy & Rachel.

meanwehile, Dan continues to try and catch up with "Ryan" ... indeed, he (in his own mind) even hugs ryan at one point .. but when "ryan" runs away agian, dan cuts hus arm against a tree branch.

As Rachel, kimmy & charlie search, kimmy notices that chalie isn't looking well ... so he gives him his water bottle ... when charlie is by himself, he garbs a tablet bottle out of his bag (i supsect that thsoe pills that he said were his granda'd are actauualy charlie's). he is about to take some pils when he sees some blood on the ground. he calls out to kimmy & rachgel.

They inform Alf of what's happen ..... and al;though ppl assure leah that dan is sutre to be fine, she losses it ...telling everyone that she doesn't belief thaerer optism.

meanwhile, dan is sees Rachel & co nearby .... dan thinks that they are hgere to take "ryan" away form him .... kimmy & co think that see something behind them .... they approach dan ... who getys all feisty .,.... he tries to get free form kimmy & charlie by physically fighting them ... he lands a massive punch on chalie who drops to the ground ... rachel sees that charlie is hard of breathig. kimmy wants to go after dan ... but rachel asks hom to grabn her mecaical bag .... so dan gets away.

as rachel tends to chalie, dan stumbles .... and lands close to a cliff edge (end of ep)


The lifes of Dan, Charlie AND Ric are all in danger (Note - the 4 Logioe winds for the show & its actors was well & truly mentioned)

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