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Fri 5 May 06 - " A Very Gypsy/Jude Moment "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " A Very Gypsy/Jude Moment "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 5 May 06 - Episode # 4180)

LEAH’S PLACE – Dan sits (almost in tears) in the trashed kitchen.

DINER – Leah is about to take Vj how, when Colleen & Hyde arrive. They tell her about Dan’s behaviours.

LEAH’S PLACE – Leah (and VJ) arrive home. Leah confronts Dan … who now seems to be in a fun loving mood.

PARK NEAR WATER – Rachel introduces Elaine (her mum) to Robbie & Tash and the picnic begins.

LEAH’S PLACE – Dan is paly slot cars with Vj, when Leah wants a word with him. They go into kitchen, where Dan insists that he got a little bit annoyed with colleen & co because he doesn’t want ppl fussing over him.

PICNIC SPOT – Rachel & co are talking when Tash gets a nosebleed. After they’ve tended to tash, Rachel realises that Elaine has wandered off. A search begins.

LEAH’S PLACE – Leah is worried about how Dan is now in a V frisky mood … esp when sally arrives. When Dan leaves the room, Leah insists that she EALLY can’t handle Dan’s mood swings etc.

NEAR PICNIC SPOT – jimmy finds Elaine talking to a old woman at a house close by. By the time Rachel arrives at this house, the old woman’s grandson Charlie quickly takes him ran inside the house. Btw, there’s seems to be something not quite right about Charlie & his gran’s situation.

SOON AFTER – Rachel & co are packing up the picnic things. Rachel was way stress about her mum wandering of, but things its good that they had an outing with Elaine now that all is well.

Talk turns to the old woman, and Rachel tells jimmy that she is keen to give the woman a check up (as Charlie’s ran seemed rather ill).

LEAH’S PLACE – saly suggested to Leah that she could offer to takes Dan for a coffee the diner. Leah is pleased, as is Dan when sally asks him to accompnay her.

NEAR PICNIC SPOT –Rachel & kimmy arrive at Charlie’s house. Chalice is reluctant to let Rachel examine his gran but complies.

When Rachel suggests that the old woman needs to go to hospital, Charlie objects … as his grandfather died in hospital … but Rachel insists that she won’t let that occur this time.

BEACH – Robbie & Tash talk about their bub, and Robbie reveals that he’s REALLY not sure how he is going to deal with the fact that the baby is not his. Tash knows how difficult it is for Robbie and says 'As long as we love each other, this baby has got the best chance we can hope for.'

HOSPITAL – Rachel tells Charlie that they’ve done further test on his gran and that she will need to stay here overnight at least. Charlie wants to sleep in his gran’s hospital room. But he accepts at offer to at least have dinner tonight with kimmy & Rachel.

DINER – sally & Dan are talking when an unknown teen male accidentally spills a drink of Dan. Dan GOES OFF at him, whilst Irene suggests that Dan should takes his attitude outside.

BEACH –Dan & sally are sitting on the sand when Dan tells dally that he hate ppl fussing over him like this. Sally tells Dan that although she tried to push ppl away and do everything herself after Flynn die, she realises that that is when she needed friends that most .. friend like Dan etc. Dan takes sally comment as a sign … and kisses her !!! ( Note 1 - end of ep Note 2 – this is V reminiscent of when Jude kissed Gypsy in 2001 …. The line between friendship and something more blurred then as well)


Dan id in danger in the bush, as is Charlie, whilst Ric is also in peril (at the garage) and Jack continues his search for more evidence about Peter (and TT)

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