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Thurs 4 May 06 - " Billy Jean - Part 3 "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Billy Jean - Part 3 "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 4 May 06 - Episode # 4179)

LEAH’S PALCE – Leah & sally are talking as Leah prepares that house for Dan’s imminent departure from hospital. Sally notices that Leah seems to go overboard with her preparations.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony & Beth arrive home … and the distraught Tilly tells them what happened.

BACHELOR PAD – Tony enters and “suggests” that Luke should come home. Luke verbally fights him, but eventually complies.

HOSPITAL – Rachel tells Leah to expect mood swings form Dan (because of the brain injury). Dan shows that Rachel is way telling the truth when he gets frustrated easily when he can’t zip up his bag.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tiny & Luke enter and Luke is still fighting being dragged home (and being told what to do). Whilst this is going on, Beth tries to console Tilly.

LEAH’S PALCE – Dan & Leah arrive, Dan is paleased/surpsieed that Leah still has their wedding photo on her mantle piece.

HOSPITAL – Nurse Julie shows Rachel that newspaper headline “prominent doctor in hiding” (referring to Rachel’s dad of cse). Rachel decided to bail a little early form her latest shift, but as she is going, she encounters Robbie & Tash, who are waiting for their 1-st ultrasound.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony & Beth talks about how stressing that Tilly/Luke situation is.

HOSPITAL – Tash & Robbie see their bub on screen. The stenographer says that this is the 1-st bonding that the father has with the child, but although Robbie is smiling, you can see that he is mostly doing it through gritted teeth.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel arrives. She & kimmy talk about the newspaper article, and Rachel suggests that they should take her mum out for a picnic.

LEAH’S PLACE – Next morning, Dan has made Leah breakfast, but things go south when Dan accidentally knocks a plate of the table. Dan gets V angry when Leah says that Rachel expected this kind of thing.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony tries to talk to Luke about what’s happened, but Luke wants to go surfing. Tony lets him go.

DINER – Hyde & colleen talk about visiting Dan later.

Kimmy enters to pick up the picnic hamper. Kimmy sees Robbie and invites him to the picnic … kimmy also give Robbie that “heads up” about Rachel’s mum.

BEACH – Kimmy & Robbie talks about the ultrasound … and kimmy is shocked to hear that Robbie is not the father.

LEAH’S PLACE – Leah is about to bail when colleen arrives. Dan takes offence … he leaves the room and has a TOTAL death stare happening (as he thinks that he is being babysat).

BACHELOR PAD – Robbie, Robbie & co prepare for the picnic, and kimmy tells Rachel that he’s told Robbie bout Rachel’s mum.

LEAH’S PLACE – colleen & Dan have patched things up, but when Hyde arrive, Dan gets angry again.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly puts a note saying, “I really hate this, we should talk“ under Luke’s door. She then talks to Tony, who says that he let Luke go surfing earlier because he knows that Luke hates being pressured like that.

Tilly tries to get the note back – but Luke catches her. He reads the note and tells Tilly that things like this are why they can’t be together.

LEAH’S PLACE – Dan continues to be angry at the idea of colleen &* Hyde keeping an eye on him.

After they bail, Dan trashes the kitchen (end of ep)


Dan kisses Sally, and Robbie tells Tash how he feel about bub !!!

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