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Wed 3 May 06 - "Goodbye To You"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Goodbye To You"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 3 May 06 - Episode # 4178)

POLICE STATION – Peter sees that jack is working on the computer file for the Radcliff case/ pater insist that everything for that case should have been sent to HQ.

Jack wonders about the hair sample, and Peter says that the info came thru last night. Peter thought that it was irreverent as he was the 1-st cop at the crime scene.

When peter walks away, jack rings the lab guys, and finds out that peter receives the hair sample info last week.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly tries t noble and begins the reconciliation process with Luke but things remain tense so Luke bails. Beth comments to Tony that can’t cope with the stress.

BACHELOR PAD – jack & Martha enter. Jack tells her about the hair sample, and that he thinks pater is involved in both Radcliff’s disappearance and josh’ death.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly tries to talk to Luke but he would rather go surfing. Tilly is way frustrated.

BACHELOR PAD –Martha & jack talk further about Peter. Jack tells Martha that the guy he met in the bush inn the previous ep was the person who was charged with assaulting jack THAT night. The guy (Jim Nesbit) insists that he was framed.

Martha thinks jack should tell superior officers, but jack wants proof (as he doesn’t want to be risk of transfer again)

DINER – Luke enters and chats to belle. Cassie enters soon after, and both girls think that Luke shouldn’t let Tilly do all the work in saving their relationship.

Tilly of course enters just after the trio start to laugh at a humorous comment. Tilly immediately bails. The girls suggest that Luke should go after Tilly, but he doesn’t

BEACH – cassia goes after Tilly, and catches up with her. Cassie insists that Luke said that he does want them to get back together –n and that the laughter was for one comment (and that cassia isn’t “sleeping with the enemy).

HUNETR HOUSE – Tilly & cassia arrives, with lots of groceries. They are planning a special diner for 2 for Tilly & Luke. Tony & Beth agree to bail for a couple of hours whilst the dinner is talking place.

DINER – Belle tells Luke that it’s obvious that he still cares for Tilly, but Luke thinks it’s to hard.

HUNETR HOUSE – Cassie & Tilly continue to prepare, incl. putting a candelabra on the table etc.

LATER [NIGHT TIME] – Tilly is waiting in the candlelit only house. She was expecting Luke to be home at 7pm. She texts him.

DINER – Luke is annoyed when he gets Tilly’s “where are you” msg. He tells belle that Tilly is too controlling.

Cassie enters the diner – and can’t believe that Luke is talk to belle. Cassie also mentions that candlelit dinner etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Tony & Beth enters and tell Martha that they are giving Luke/tilly some space for their candlelit night.

Martha tells Tony & Beth that she is worried about jack. Tony isn’t that he sed to, but now he is used to jack being in this line of work.

BUSH – Jack arrives at the shipping container. He is able to prize open the lock and enter. He looks in a filing cabinet. There seems to be nothing in there … but jack does find a badly worn copy of the autopsy of Eve Jacobsen.

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke arrive home, and despite seeing the effort that tilly has gone tom Tilly & Luke STILL get into another spat.

Luke bails to his room (where he deletes the txt msg that tilly sent earlier) whilst Tilly sits a candlelit time all but in tears. Luke sticks the knife in (so to speak) when he tells Tilly that he’s moving out (back to his old place next door. Btw, Luke has his backpack on his shoulders.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Jack enters. Martha expresses his concerns at where he’s been. Jack tells her (and shows her) the remainder of the autopsy. Jack is shocked when Martha says that Eve Jacobsen is the stalker’s real name.

POLICE STATION – Jack is on the phone (to TT I assume). Peter is concerned that their plans might be wrecked soon (as jack is getting closer to the truth). As Peter talks he is holding a large pic of Eve/Zoe !!! (end of ep)


Tash has an ultrasound, Robbie tells Kimmy that the bub not his, and sounds like more Tilly/luke angst

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (4 May) last year the ep where Sally battles the stalker is the warehouse (and the stalker was supposedly killed) screened in Oz

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