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Mon 1 May 06 - " Jack’s Sock Drawer "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack’s Sock Drawer "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 1 May 06 - Episode # 4176)

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric enters. His legs are a mess. He hides them behind his backpack when sally & Cassie enter the room. Ric goes upstairs … he is totally in pain (whilst the oblivious cassie & sally chat)

BACHELOR PAD – Martha arrives. Jack is preparing for work … as he has a shift tonight (someone call in sick). Jack wonders where his other sock is …. Martha finds it .. when she looks in the fridge !!!

Martha and jack talk about his job .. and Martha suggests that he should ask the progress at that drug case etc … to show he’s way eager.

POLICE STATION – Peter is on the phone (I assume to TT). Sounds like she wants to come to the bay ./. but peter insists that he has things under control.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric grabs the 1-st aid kit at is about to tend to his legs when sally arrives at his bedroom doorway. She tells him that dinner is ready, and wonders about the 1-st aid kit. Ric say that he’s about to put some heat rub on his tired muscles.

DINER – Belle stressing about herself & Ric. Irene suggests that belle should go over to ric’s place.

POLICE STATION – when jack arrives, he asks peter about the stone creek (drug) case. Peter says the case is closed and all the files are at back at HQ in the city.

VAN PARK HOUSE – sally & co are about to begin dinner, when Ric enters the room and sits with them. Belle arrives, and she says that she is going to bail. Sally invites her to eat with them. Belle sits beside Ric and puts his hand firmly on his sore leg. Ric (mostly) absorbs the pain without a sound.

Whilst they eat, Ric decides to bail to his room. He says that he has headache. Belle wants to help, but Ric says that all he needs is lie down.

POLICE STATION – jack wonders, to Laura, about the investigation into Josh’s death. She says that the files are in Peter’s office. Jack goes in there and begins to look at the files .. but Laura tells his to tend to a burglary just before he gets his hands on the hair sample DNA info.

SOMEWHERE – Jack investigates the disturbance. It tuns out that it’s just a cat making all that noise. Jack however sees Peter driving past him (its pretty late at night).

VAN PARK HOUSE – Bell enters ric’s room. She sits on his bed beside Ric. He insists that all he needs is sleep. Belle bails, and seconds later, Ric vomits.

POLICE STATION – next morning, jack & Laura are talking about the cat “burglar”. When peter arrives, Laura asks his what he did last night, peter says that he went to sleep V soon after he got home. Peter wonders why /… and Laura says that she try to contact him last night as a woman (TT ?) rang the station last night.

Soon after, peter & jack at in the former’s office. Peter tells jack that they are going back to square 1 of the current case (josh’s death) as the trail of Roberts Radcliff’s disappearance is too cold.

Laura enters, and tells peter that TT called again and wants him to phone her. Jack bails form the office.

DINER – Bell is REALLY stressing about Ric (the way he treat her last night). Sally (with little pippa) enters. She tells belle that Ric was vomiting after Belle bails last night. Belle can’t believe it when sally says that Ric was getting ready for work this morning when sally left the house.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric is in the kitchen when Cassie approaches/ she also heard the vomiting last night /… and think Ric is silly for going to work. She also is a bit amused when she thinks that Ric has hit his shin against the side of the table.

POLICE STATION – Peter tries to calm down a soumewhat peeved TT. Peter eventually agrees to meet her … and when he says that he is going out, jack wonders where/. Peter says that it’s to see accountant. When peter is gone, Laura & jack talk about peter constantly being out of the office.

Laura then rings HQ about a case …. And she asks about the Stone Creek case as well (as Jack asks her too). Laura says that HQ haven’t heard out that drug case. When Peter talks to talks to HQ, he is further suspicious of Peter.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric arrives home (for lunch maybe). He looks even worse that earlier .. and he collapses (end of ep)


Jack is getting closer to the truth about Peter

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