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Thurs 27 Apr 06 - " How Tilly Got Her Claws Back "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " How Tilly Got Her Claws Back "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 27 Apr 06 - Episode # 4174)

Author Note – An evil computer that “ate” my files means I’ve had to quickly type up this less detailed version of events.

After an annoyed Irene catches up with belle, they go to the hunter place, where Tilly is NOT pleased that Beth has offered to give Belle one of Tilly’s SBH uniforms.

BTW, just before Irene & co arrives, Luke suggested to Tilly that she is a V bossy person.

Tilly is V annoyed when Luke offers to show belle around the school – she thinks that Luke shouldn’t be doing so because of belle split up ric & Cassie.

Soon after, Tilly “shows up” Belle during a history class. Luke so takes offence that he wants to do a pairs assignment with Belle.

When they go to the diner, Luke is talking to bell, when Tilly & Cassie enter. Luke tries to ease the tension, but Tilly rejects his attempt.

Soon after, ric & belle are at the hunter place doing their assignment when Tilly arrives home, and makes all kinds of noise … with the TV, then the stereo, and then in the kitchen. Luke confronts Tilly – as he “suggests” that she is a narrow-minded brat.

Sally goes back to school - it’s her 1-st day of teaching after the Italian holiday. Robbie is V pleased that she is back.

Speaking of Robbie, Tash tells Beth that it seems that her morning sickness is over.

Cassie & macca are at Noah’s and Macca tells cassie that he knows that he score a job soon – and when he does, they’ll go to the best restaurant in yabee creek.

The next day, Macca is at Noah’s (again) when he gets a phone call … he;’s got a jogb interview,

Soon after, macca tells Martha that she got theta courier job that he applied for … but it’s away from the bay … and Martha is concerned that he hasn’t told Cassie yet.

Macca approaches Cassie on the beach. He is about to tell her, when Cassie says the L word, and macca doesn’t tell her.

Later, at the bachelor pad, Martha is V annoyed that macca hasn’t told Cassie. Macca insists that it was just a casual thing and that Cassie will understand Cassie of curse enters the house at that moment – and can’t believer that things is happening.

Ric is talking to sally & Alf and says that he LOVES his new job.

When he arrives at the auto shop, ric is annoyed that he’s only receives $50 for his wages this week. This causes another scuffle twenn Ric & Dom (at which the manager is annoyed).

Soon after, ric & Dom are working on a car when ric is almost injured because Dom “didn’t” hear ric’s instruction to switch off an engine. Once again, the manger has a word to both of them.

Later, when ric returns form lunch, he overhears Dom telling of his latest prank against Ric.

Soon after, ric says that he has to go to the bathroom. Dom & the boys laugh in anticipation. Ric then asks where more toilet paper is, and when Dom goes to get it, Dom gets covered in the oil that was meant for ric.

The others congratulate ric for avoiding the trap.

That night, ric and his workmates are having drinks at Noah’s/. The manager congratulates ric once more – for really becoming one of the team, but when Dom & ric are alone, Dom vows revenge (end of ep)


The Ric-Dom war continues, whilst (I assume for relationship woes reasons) Cassie & Tilly are distraught.

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