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Fri 21 Apr 06 - " Out Of The Frying Pan ..... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Out Of The Frying Pan ….. "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 21 Apr 06 - Episode # 4170)

Kimmy & Rachel are having breakfast at the bachelor pad when jack & Martha enter the room. When jack comments on his current problems, Rachel sarcastically suggests that she & jack should start up a club form suspended employees.

When jack & Martha bail, Rachel tells kimmy that she is sick and tired of waiting for the board to make its desicin. She tells Kimmy that she is going to confront them.

At the van park house, Cassie enters the kitchen. She makes it clear that she is still mad at sally for the way this macca thing has turned out. Sally suggests that they should start again, but Cassie thinks it’s too little too late.

Macca arrives, and Cassie & he almost immediately bail.

Meanwhile, ric is clearly V annoyed (although he doesn’t actually say anything) when he sees that sally has washed his work overalls – as the oil etc stains as “badges of honour” etc.

Rachel [bachelor pad] gets off the phone, and tells Kimmy the board has agreed t meet her. Rachel now wonders if she wants to hear their decision (could be end of career).

Cassie & macca enter the diner and Cassie goes off at sally again (after colleen has a go at macca for what happen). Macca surprises cassie when he says that this IS all his fault, and that cassie shouldn’t be treat sally is bad guy.

Martha & jack enter, and after hear that macca is sleeping in his car, jack suggests that macca move into bachelor pad. Macca thanks him – and insists that they won’t have parties every night.

Dom enters that auto shop, and (accidentally?) taps his skateboard against the side of a Mercedes. Dom sees that ric is at work already m … and comments on the clean overalls. Dom then “accidentally” flicks a can of oil onto Ric with his skateboard.

Sally enters the diner and colleen continues to do the Italian thing, whilst Irene wonders how little pippa is readjusting to life back in oz.

Cassie & macca approach, and offer to have a fresh start with sally over some coffee.

At the auto shop, Ric & Dom are benaeth a car about to do all oil change. Ric is injured … but Dom suggests that he thought any one with a brain would have avoided the injury. Dom then sys that it’s lunch time …. Btw, you get the felling that ric is the latest in a long line of apprentices (Dom incl.) who’ve cooped this kind of treatment.

At the diner, maaca & Cassie tell sally that they are going to bail (to move his things into bachelor pad). As they bail, they run into Belle & ric who are entering the diner.

Irene “suggests” that belle shouldn’t have another cup of coffee as she has already has several this morn, whilst Belle discovers that ric has been injured. She hates that he won’t confront Dom etc about this.

Rachel approaches the hospital CEO, and hopes for a quick resolution. He says that the hospital board are meeting today, and that he incl. it on the schedule.

At the diner, Irene n approaches ric & belle. She wonders about Ric’s new job, and colleen doesn’t help the situation when she says that its great that Ric can now pay sally some board money etc. whilst Irene hauls colleen into kitchen, ric “promises” that he will confront Dom etc.

At the hospital, Rachel enters a room and greets the fully assembled hospital board. The CEO informs Rachel that she can no longer perform her duties as a psychiatrist at the hospital, and the board will suggests that she is “stuck off”.

When ric returns form lunch, the owner of the auto shop is waiting for him. The owner goes off at ric for not saying anything about damaging a panel of a Mercedes (think skateboard). Ric is dumbfounded that Dom won’t speak up … and things get worse when the owner says that the respray of the Mercedes panel is coming out of Ric’s wages !!!

Rachel enters the gym and tells Kimmy what happen. She then gets a phone call, and then tells Kimmy that the board want to see her again.

Rachel enters the boardroom at the hospital. She is surprised when offered a position in the ED. The CEO says that its based on Dr Young’s recommendation …. Rachel say that she thought she was be getting a further reprimand for tending to the son of her friend.

When Rachel exits the room, she is clearly annoyed that she will be a junior registrar in the ED (with a drop in pay too match).

At the auto shop, the owner has another go at ric, whilst Dom big notes himself for something else. Ric then confronts Dom, who makes fun of ric for doing so.

Rachel & Kimmy are walking (in the hospital grounds I think), and Rachel wonders if she should accept the ED job. She wonders why she was offered it … and thinks her father would love a dilemma like this (a V ironic statement …. see below).

Rachel enters the boardroom at the hospital. She tells the CEO that she accepts the ED position. She wonders why though, and he tells her that she had another recommendation, form the new regional head of Emergency. Rachel is somewhat surprised to see the regional head is not only in the boardroom now (just entered) but that the person is question id her father !!! (Note – Rachel’s new job in the ED isn’t a case of nepotism …. indeed, from what I’ve read, sounds like Rachel is there as scapegoat for her father).

At the bachelor pad, Kimmy & macca are talking when the phone rings. Kimmy answers, and when he is off the phone, he tells macca that Dan has been in an accident !!! (end of ep)


Dan fights for his life … whilst Peter blames Leah for what happened

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