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Fri 14 Apr 06 - "A View To A Kill"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " A View To A Kill "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 14 Apr 06 - Episode # 4165)

Robbie goes into the bedroom and tries to explain to tash that what he said was said in the heat of the moment etc, but tash isn't buying it.

Next morning, at the van park house, Morag can see that Alf’s mind is working overtime. Alf says that he's V worried about his prison friend Davey (proving how differnet Alf is to Dani, who never talked about Georgie after her time inside)

At the beach house, Robbie continues to try the convince tash, but she think that what Robbie said, in the heat of the moment, was TOTALLY the truth.

Tilly & co are having breakfast at the hunter house, and tally is way annoyed that Luke has a later curfew that she does - after Luke &* Tilley planned to go to the movies tonight.

At the police station, peter & Lara discuss the morag/robert Radcliff situation. and they decide to pay Morag a visit.

When the police arrive, Morag denies that she's had contact with Mr. Radcliff since the business that had with the court case etc. Alf is annoyed that the police are further harassing his family, and tells then that he thinks its AWESOME that josh is dead !!! Peter & Lara then bail.

Back at the hunter place, Tilly is still annoyed about the curfew thing, whilst Robbie enters, and after some probing questions from Beth, Robbie tells them that he isn’t the father of tash's baby. Robbie is distraught - as he feels he has betrayed tasha again.

Alf "goes off" at Morag when she tells him that she paid Robert Radcliff to spy on josh - as she was trying to get the info she needed to proof that he was involved with the construction company for project 56.

At the police station, peter insists that Lara that they HAVE to begin surveillance on Morag ... despite the country police station’s limited resources.

Beth goes to the beach house and talks to tash. She assures tash that she DEF believes Robbie when he says the heat of the moment thing. Beth also tells tash that long before the believers etc, she remembers when tash & Robbie returnee from a camping trip and said that they were happily now married etc. to further her points, Beth tells tash that all relationship go trough tough timers, and Beth cites her recent issues with Tony when he told jack that she said that she thinking of switch off Grahams life spt machines.

Tilly & Luke enter the van park house looking for ric. Morag says that he is out, but Tilly & Luke decide to wait for him to come home.

Soon after, they approach Alf. He had fallen asleep on the lounge chair, and goes off at Luke & Tilly for startling him. They decided to go. Morag then wonders what is happening with Alf, so he tells her of his time in prison, esp., the LONG, silent nights etc.

Robbie returns to the beach house, and he further apologizes to tash. Tash insists that they can work things out and she surprises Robbie when she shows him that she has recovered his assignment. She says that she found it in a temporary back up file. Robbie & tash are pleased that things are getting back to a bit of normality.

At the police station, Lara is worried about all the resources they are using to keep an eye on Morag, but peters insists that this plan will bear fruit, so to speak.

Morag answers her mobile at the van park house. It’s Robert Radcliff. He tells her that he is in hiding, as he was at the council chambers on the nights of the murder. Morag is astonished !! Robert adds that he heard the gunshot ... and saw the murderer exiting the scene of the crime (end of ep)


Did Martha kill josh (after her gun, with her prints on it is found), and by week's end, another person will die !!!

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