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Thurs 12 Apr 06 - " Meltdown "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Meltdown "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 12 Apr 06 - Episode # 4164)

The guy in charge of the prison questions Alf about what happened, and who was involved. when Alf doesn't tell the boos of the prison anything, the boss says that this will no doubt mean more prison time for Alf. however, Alf stands his ground.

when Alf goes back into the yard, Davey (who obviously didn't escape) approaches him. Alf has a go at Davey for not telling the gusrads etc that he was involved. but Davey is pleased that Alf hasn't dobbed him in.

at the beach house, Robbie is working on an assignment that he's already had an extension or two on. Tasha wonders how she can help, and Robbie asks her to try and find quotes to back up his argument. however, Tasha becomes ill again, and she, then Robbie rush to the bathroom (this is no doubt another bout of morning sickness.

morag enters the police station, and Peter tells her that they;ve discovered, in Josh's files, proof the the judge in Alf's trial was corrupt. morag is delighted .. as she can have Alf out of prison today.

Robbie & tending to the still V ill Tasha in the bedroom when Irene arrives home. she suggest that she will look after Tasha so Robbie can get back to assignment.

morag arrives a the prison, and is astounded when she hears what has happened. she wonders to alf "how could you be so stupid?". she also suggests that Alf should tell the guards etc who was really involved in the escep, but Alf insists that he can't. morag, however, sees davey throughout the window of the visit room.

soon after, she speaks to Davey in the visitor room. he denies thet Alf is covering for him, but morag KNOWS that Davey is lying.

Robbie is still trying the complete that assignment when colleen arrives. she raves on about Italy, esp. the Italian names that she thinks would be perfect for Tasha &* Robbie's' baby.

at the prison, NOW morag AND Ric are trying to convince Alf, but Alf won't budge in her stance about the escape.

Robbie & Irene talk at the beach h house. Roobbie admits that everything - school, the baby etc - are REALLY getting to him.

at the prison, Morag & Ric are about to bail when the guy in cahrge of the prion informs Alf that davey has come forward and told of all that happened, so Alf is free to go.

after an ad break, Alf has one last conversation with Davey - who admits that the escape attempt means more time in prison for him. I'm surprised that Alf didn't suggest that Davey visits the bay when he is released.

as Alf (now in normal clothes), morag & Ric are about to leave the prison, the guy is charge tells the,m that the 2 troublemakers who escaped have been caught. Alf looks at Davey and is clearly worry bout his mate's safety.

at the breach House, Robbie continues THAT assignment. Tasha asks Robbie to come to bed. Robbie's isn't keen on the idea, but compiles when Tasha asks for a back massage etc.

moarg,. Alf & Ric arrives at the van park house. Alf likes the "welcome home grandad" sign that they've made, but when morag & Ric exit the room, Alf sits down ... and safe to assume that he is thinking of Davey (and probably his mates in the Vietnam war as well).

it's REALLY late at night at the beach house. Robbie gets up and begins working at the computer on his assignment again.

soon after, the computer crashes. Robbie is mortified and makes enough noise to wake Irene. he tells her that the assignment, and all computer files pertaining to it, have been lost.

Robbie then frantically tells Irene that he REALLY isn't coping .. and that his life is a mess. he tells Irene that things would be WAY different if Tasha had listened to him and NOT gotten involved with the Believers. when Robbie turns around, he sees Tasha is the doorway - she has clearly heard much of his rant (end of ep)


Will Robbie be able to patch things up with Tasha ???

After preview Ch 7 did the SMS etc GOLD Logie thing for Ada & Kate

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