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Wed 11 Apr 06 - "Alf …. In Dani's Clothes, Now In Her Shoes A

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"Alf ..... In Dani's Clothes, Now In Her Shoes As Well"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 11 Apr 06 - Episode # 4163)

Dan enters the bachelor pad and tells the likes of kimmy & jack that Amanda has left town.

Leah & Hugh are walking near the surf club, and Hugh isn’t exactly impressed when Leah describes the date they've just had as nice & lovely (Hugh was hoping she'd say it was HOT).

At the bachelor pad, Dan is annoyed about Amanda for running away again, whilst jack tells him (after jack gets off phone) that Amanda & Ryan are on a flight to Europe.

Morag, at van park house, is preparing to visit Alf. Martha wishes to come too, and Morag is plesed when Martha offers to go with her to visit Alf.

Just before they bail, cassia (awesome tropical, pink dress) & macca enter the room, and bail before them. Martha looks unimpressed.

Macca & Cassie enter the diner, and macca talks about how he is a sausage sizzle legend in the country town he comes form. Cassie laughs at macca because of comments like this, and she mentions that this is the 1-st time she's really laughed since Flynn dies.

When macca mentions that he's a chocolate milk drinking comp king, Cassie insists that she will drink him under the table, so to speak.

In the yard at the prison, A mate of Alf (davey) approaches Alf, and wonders why Alf is always playing cards in there. Alf says that it keeps his mind active etc, like it did in Vietnam,

The prisoners are called in by the guards, and as davey & Alf walk, davey "slips" over & grabs onto another inmatre. Davey then gloats to Alf about the chewing gum that he's just stolen from the other inmate. Alf chastises davey for doing this ... as you never know when you'll need a mate etc.

A guard informs Alf that he has visitors. Alf then enters the visit room, and greets Morag &* Martha. The guard "suggests" that they shouldn't hug. Martha tells Alf that rich would like to have come but ..... and then Morag informs Alf of her "progress" with the appeal process.

Soon after, Alf re-enters the prison yard, and tells davey about the visit. Davey wishes the he had visitors .. as his family seems to have abandoned him (memories of dani's prison friend, georgie).

Alf notices that 2 known prison troublemakers are watching davey. Alf suggests that davey shod satay away from them.

At the diner, Cassie claims the milkshake victory ... but macca insist that he took it easy this time.

At the prison, Alf and other inmates are taking the bins to be collected. Davey "slips" again, but this time, he grabs onto the keys of one of the guards. We then see that davey has some plasticine in his hands ... in which there is now an imprint of one of the keys. The plasticine is then passed to several other inmates.

At the bachelor pad, Dan is talking to jack, Rachel & kimmy about what happened tween him & Amanda.

Leah & Hugh are talking in her lounge room. They are enjoying each other's comp may when Rachel enters. She clearly wants to tell Leah bout Dan, but doesn't because of Hugh’s presence.

Martha, at the bachelor pad, talks about the prison visit ... and about how she is worried for cassie (because of macca).

Macca & Cassie return to the van park house. Cassie teases macca a bit before they kiss.

Soon after, they are still kissing but they are lying on the couch. They stop doing so just in time, as seconds after they stop kissing Martha enters. Martha however still "talks" to macca about not adding another notch to his belt with Cassie.

Alf is talking to davey in prison, before davey sees another prisoner and approaches him. The other guy quickly hands davey a freshly cut key (no doubt from the mould taken earlier). Alf tries to intervene, but he is warmed of by THOSE 2 troublemakers (see above).

Leah & Hugh are walking near the surf club, when Leah suggests that she is going to ring Rachel ... to see what Rachel wanted to talk about before. When Hugh gives her some space, Leah is about to phone when she sees Dan. As they begin to talk, Hugh returns, but as Leah & Hugh walk away form Dan, Leah looks back towards Dan, and Dan does the looking back thing as well.

In prison, Alf follows davey.... and "suggests" that davey shouldn't try to escape (as davey has just a few months of his sentence to go). Alf continues to try to persuade davey to stop and really think, but when they are at the door that THAT key unlocks, those troublemakers arrive, and punch (and wind) Alf. Davey & the other 2 unlock the door, and rush out to the just arrived garbage trick. They overpower the driver and escape, whilst the guard arrive and easily detain the still winded Alf (end of ep).


Will Alf dob on his mate davey (to save himself more prison time?)

After preview Ch 7 did the SMS etc GOLD Logie thing for Ada & Kate

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