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Fri 7 Apr 06 - " Service WITHOUT A Smile "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, Fri 7 Apr 06 - " Service WITHOUT A Smile "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 7 Apr 06 - Episode # 4160)

Belle is driving erratically in Hyde's car. It didn't help that the roads were wet & winding ... or that ric tried to ring her. Belle however switched off her phone.

Hyde emerges from the surf club carrying a box. He wonders where his car is, and ric is forced to tell him. Martha is about to drive by when ric "suggests" that she should top. He tells her the situation - and both ric & Hyde get in Martha’s Ute.

Belle is trying to change gear and it’s troublesome so she took her eyes on the road to change gears. When belle look up she was on the wrong side of the road. Belle had to swerve to avoid the other car. Belle's vehicle ends up sideways across the road. The other driver goes to help her.

Martha & co arrive at the scene, and whilst ric & Hyde and interested in belle, Martha is more interested in the other guy involved in the incident, as its her brother Macca - who is in the bay for Martha’s birthday.

Back at the beach house, Irene is thankful that Hyde won’t be going o the police about belle. When Hyde is gone, Irene does the riot act thing with belle (AGAIN).

At the beach, Dan encounters Amanda and makes it clear that THAT kiss was a mistake, but he's like them to be friends.

Leah in vacuuming at her place ... and Rachel’s words about telling Dan how she feels are ringing in her ears.

Leah arrives at he diner flat. She intends on telling Dan how she feels.... but bails as soon as she sees as she sees Amanda in the flat.

Martha arrives at the van park house, and introduces Macca to the likes of Cassie & Morag (who wonders what his real name is ..... Macca tells her that it is Mick)

At the diner flat, Amanda reminisces about the past, but Dan insists that they (dan/amanda) are in pat. Amanda thinks there is no reason why they can't create new memories.

At the Holden house, Martha’s birthday party is in full swing. Martha introduces Macca to more ppl ...as does Cassie, but when Cassie tells Macca about the boxing classes; Tilly says things that suggest that she thinks boxing is beneath her.

Ric enters the beach house, and wonders why belle is packing a bag. She says that Kathryn Lansdowne's fight has been delayed until morning. Belle intends going tonight. Ric insets on going with belle.

At the party, Macca & Beth talks about their farm experiences, whilst Martha reds out Alf’s birthday card. She wants to show ric, but she can't locate him.

Elsewhere, ric & bell arrives at the Lansdowne address, no one is home so belle decides to wait.

Son after, someone arrives at the house. Bell wants to confront the person, but ric insists that belle should have a plan before she starts talking to this unknown woman.

At the diner, Leah serves Dan his meal ... and all but slams the dish on the table. Dan follows Leah into the kitchen, abut when he confronts Leah, Leah doesn’t say that she loves him. Instead Leah tells Dan that she can't handle him living at the diner flat and that he has to move out. Dan is a tad shocked.

At the Lansdowne place, belle approaches, and knock on the door, a woman answered, but she denies that she is belle's mum ... despite belle showing her the bumble a letters.

Belle ruins back to ric and they hug, while whoever answered the door picks up the phone, and says something akin to "you'll never guess who just showed up".

Amanda arrives at the diner flat, as Dan is packing. He tells her what happen, and Amanda suggests that Dan can stay at her place till he fined another place. Dan is uneasy but he accepts.

Belle & ric return to the beach house. Belle is disappointed, but ric insists that they will find her mum. They hug .... then kiss.

Dan arrives at Amanda’s flat, she tells him that she’s made up the couch bed for him, but then adds that Ryan is always at a sleepover tonight, so Dan can have Ryan’s bed tonight.

Amanda then enters her own room and lies on the bed. She looks at a pick he has on her bedside ... it’s a pic of dan/amanda on their wedding day (end of ep)


Will Dan & Amanda get back together, and Belle meets her real mum ..... (we are in for a shock)

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