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Thurs 6 Apr 06 - " Kathryn Lansdowne "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Kathryn Lansdowne "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 6 Apr 06 - Episode # 4159)

The ep begins with Amanda & Dan still kissing./ Leah is horrified, and storms off. Dan than breaks away from Amanda. he says that this shouldn't have happened, and that he have to take VJ home to Leah.

at Leah's place, Kimmy in wondering about Rachel's parents, when Leah charges into the house. she goes straight to her room.

Ric & Cassie are in the kitchen of the van park house when Ric suggests that Cassie should join him, Luke & Tilly At the beach today. Cassie disagrees, and when Luke & Tilly arrive, Tilly decides to hang with Cassie rather than got to the beach with the boys.

when Luke & Ric are gone, Cassie tells Tilly that he hares that Ric has gotten over their relationship so quickly.

Kimmy ^ Rachel are kissing when Dan enters Leah's place with VJ. Leah lunges into a verbal attack on Dan, and Rahel takes VJ into his room,

Leah shouts at Dan that she can't believe that he would kiss Amanda in front of the children etc, and, mid fight, Rachel re enters the room and says that VJ will waaaaaaaay be bale to hear their argument.

meanwhile, at the diner, Ryan wonder if Amanda & Dan will get back together. Amanda says that she hopes so.

Leah is in the longer of her house. she tells Rachel that she hopes that dan doesn't get hurt by Amanda again, but Rahel sense that Leah's thoughts are saying more about her strong feelings for Dan than anything else.

Tilly & Cassie enter the diner, and whilst Cassie is raving in about the Ric moving on thing, Tilly suggests that they go to a boxing demonstration today.

at the beach Ric tells Luke that he's getting frustrated about not being able to get an apprenticeship etc.

Ric then sees belle and goes over to her. she tells/shows him the things that her adopted parents have send her (letters etc).

at the diner, Tilly is still trying to convince., Luke enters, and Cassie finally caves in to Tilly's suggestions about the boxing demo.

at the beach, belle shows Ric some of the letters, many form her biological mum, that her adopted parents send. belle finds the signature AND the NAME of her biological mum - Kathryn Lansdowne !!!!

Ric insists that they can use the phone book, or go on line to find belle's real mum. they get up & charges away form the beach.

near the diner, Cassie & Tilly are at the boxing demo when the instructor is looking for a volunteer. Tilly suggest Cassie, who is annoyed the Tilly did so - but Cassie realises what Tilly is up to when the instructor suggests that Cassie should think of a person she hates (belle, Ric) and throw a punch with an appropriate amount of force based on those feelings. Cassie smiles at Tilly for all this.

Kimmy arrives at the diner flat, and talk leads to the suggestion that perhaps these two when share a new place together.

the topic of conversation turns to Amanda ... and Dan admits that there are DEF still feeling there.

soon after, Amanda arrives (with champagne in hand), but Dan insists that he is not very good company at the moment so Amanda bails.

she goes to Leah's place, and confronts Leah. amanda insists that she was right to try and stop the Leah/Dan wedding (given what's happened).

Amanda also insists that Leah is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in Dan's past now.

soon after, Dan & Leah encounter each other at the seaphone wharf. Dan tells Leah that, no matter what Amanda thinks, they (Dan/Amanda) aren't;t getting back together.

at tyhe beach house, Ric searches the online local phone directory. he finds 3 ppl listed under K.Lansdowne. Belle has no luck when she rings the 10st 2, but BIG success with the 3-rd.

bell tells Ric that the person she rang (Kate Lansdowne) will be leaving her home to go to the airport. belle insists that she has to go now to try and catch up with her esp. since the place is some distance aways form the bay. belle bails, and Ric follows her lead.

Leah is talking to Rachel (int the lounge at Leah's place) when she "breaks" and totally cries when she admits that she REALLY still loves Dan.

near the surf club, Ric catches up with belle as she is trying to hitch hike. Ric suggests that there are other options. Belle agrees .... as she;'s just seen Hyde get out of his car nearby. belle runs to the car and starts it. Ric tires to stop her, but Belle drives off !!!!! (end of ep)


there's more Leah Vs Amanda, whilst Belle looses control of Hyde's car

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (Apr 7) last year, the ep where we 1-st REALLY got the inkling that Cassie is the victim of sexual abuse (think THAT Mockingbird song) screened in Australia.

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