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Wed 5 Apr 06 - "Moving On"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Moving On"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 5 Apr 06 - Episode # 4158)

AT the crime scene, Lara suggests to peter that they can still charge Robbie & Tash for hindering their investigation etc, but peter insist that he’ll only worried about Robbie & Tash AFTER the killer is caught.

Dan enters the van park house, and Morag suggests that he can stay at the diner flat whilst she is ways on business in the city for a few days, as the caravan that Dan is in is bound to be not the most pleasant accommodation in the world. Dan eagerly accepts.

At the diner, Dan tells Amanda and then Leah about the move to the diner flat. Dan wonders if Leah will have any problems with him living there but Leah says that it won’t be (a problem).

Kimmy & Rachel are talking about Leah at Leah’s house. Kimmy is worried about how Leah is being affected by their relationship. Rachel says that Leah doesn’t have any issue with tem (but we know that not to be true).

Kimmy suggest that he is thinking of getting his own place soon, and Rachel likes this idea.

She then gets a text msg … and tells Kimmy that her friend will be here r soon. When Kimmy mentions that he’s not met any of Rachel’s family, she thinks that they shouldn’t go there.

Leah comes home, and she & Rachel talk about Dan (the move to diner flat) and Archie’s friend Hugh.

At the van park house, Morag is looking on her work files, and there’s clearly something she can’t locate.

She goes to the police station, and asks for the files that josh stole from her. Peter insists those files are currently needed for their investigation. Morag says she needs that as the information pertains to some V important cases that she is working on.

When Morag has bailed, peter tells Leah that he think that Morag is hiding something.

At Leah’s place, Hugh arrives and Rachel introduces him to Leah * Kimmy.

Peter & Lara, at the police station find a note amongst Morag’s file … the note says, “organise JW surveillance”.

They call morag is for questioning and when Peter & Lara interview Morag, she says that she DID write –hat note, but never acted on it.

When Morag leaves the interview room, she seems V relieved.

At Leah’s place, lunch is going V well. Hugh & Rachel then go into the kitchen, where they talk about Kimmy/Rachel, and how Hugh is clearing interested in Leah.

Amanda arrives at the diner flat. She wants to take Ryan home, but Dan says that they’ve not been to the Beach yet. Dan suggests that they all should go, and Amanda agrees.

At Leah’s place, there is more dinner banter, and it’s increasingly obvious that Hugh likes Leah.

Peter & Lara continue their search through Morag’s things. The find a cheque book …. Most of the cheque butts are meticulously detailed, except one, which simply has R R on it. The cheque is for $5000.

Soon after, Lara tells Peter that she thinks she knows how RR is … Robert Radcliff, who is a bouncer at Reefton lakes. Lara adds that he is known to supply his services for other work, than involves brawn, not brains.

They bring Morag is for more questioning. She claims that she had to pay RR court costs etc but insists that she can’t divulge the reasons why (confidentiality etc).

At Leah’s place, Leah & Co talks about family, and Rachel is clearly uneasy when she tells Hugh that all is well tween her parents

When Kimmy & Rachel go into the kitchen, Hugh asks Leah out to dinner. Leah tells Hugh that she is flattered, but she’s still in the process of her marriage bust up with Dan.

Lara, at the police station, tells Peter that there is no sign of Robert Radcliff. Peter insists that Radcliff must be found, and that he wants and ye kept on Morag.

Speaking of whom, at the van park house, Morag shreds some photos of Josh !!!!

At the beach, dam & Amanda are talking about their current situations when Amanda falls into the water. Dan tries to help her up, but she pulls him into the water. More watery fun ensues …. before they KISS ….. which Leah (of course) happens to see !!!!! (end of ep)


Leah is way annoyed at Dan (because of Amanda) so a catfight ensues

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