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Mon 3 Apr 06 - " The Usual Suspects "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The Usual Suspects "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 3 Apr 06 - Episode # 4156)

Tash is at the beach house. She has several flashbacks of herself confronting josh in the mayor’s office about what’s happened. Tash picks and the gun (Amanda’s) off josh’s desk and points it at him. She fires the weapon and josh falls to the floor. Tash runs out of the office and drops the gun in the corridor.

At the police station, jack tells Peter that forensic have discover that the bullet was from a handgun. Jack sys that a search for all the handgun owners in the bay has commenced.

Jack & peter talk about the autopsy – as well as the bullet wound, josh also has a hairline fracture to the skull.

Peter tells jack that he thinks Tash is lying about Robbie’s whereabouts that night, and things get more interesting when jack tells Peter that Tash is preggers.

At the beach house, Tash tells Robbie that she can’t get the events of that night out of her head. Robbie says that if they stick to their story, the police can’t do anything. Robbie also syas that they have to think of what’s best fro the bub.

Irene arrives at the doorway of their room. She says that Robbie & Tash has visitors – jack &^ peter, who asks that to come to the station.

At the police station, jack & peter question Robbie 1-st about that night. Robbie says that he & Tash watched a dvd together that night. When asked what dad, Robbie say that it is one of his fave films The Usual Suspects.

Jack & peter then question Tash, who also says that they watched The Usual Suspects, but you could tell that Tash was plucking this info out of thin air.

When Robbie, Tash & Irene are about to bail, peter comments that The Usual Suspects is one of his fave films too, esp. the ending where the cop discovers that Kevin spacey’s character has been lying the whole time.

When Robbie &* Co are gone, peter is way sceptical bout Robbie & Tash still.

When Tash & Co return to the beach house, Irene hopes that this is over with now.

When she goes to bed, Robbie & Tash comment that it’s good that they know each other s9o well (with the movie).

When they enter their bedroom, Robbie removes the surveillance video tapes form THAT night form his bedside drawers, and he & Tash start to trash them.

Next morning, Robbie approaches the garbage skip near the diner which a bag full of the trashed tapes. Robbie panics when he sees Irene nearby.

When Robbie retimes to the beach house, he tells Tash that he couldn’t wait around to see if the garbage truck came & took the tapes away. Tash is streesed, and Robbie says that he panicked when he saw Irene.

Speaking of when, Irene hands THOSE tapes into the police. She says that she hates ppl dumping things in the diner’s garbage skip. Irene tells peter & jack that she hopes that can get some info form the tapes … and stop hassling Tash & Robbie !!!!

When Irene is gone, peter asks jack to get the tapes to forensics for analysis.

When Irene returns to the beach house, she tells Robbie & Tash the “good” news about the tapes. Robbie & Tasha’s glum faces are priceless.

Back at the police station, jack tells peter that he didn’t find any clues near the diner skip to ascertain who dumped those tapes.

Peter then gets a call of his mobile. It’s forensics – 2 tapes are trashed, but they’ve been able to get an image form the 3-rd tapes. Peter asks then to fax the image – and when they do, peter & jack see that its’ an image of TASH in the corridor at the council chambers.

At the beach house, Tash is way stressing, but Robbie thinks there's no way that police will be able to get an image of the trashed tapes …. But peter & jack arrives, and they want to speak to Tash.

At the police station, Tash admits that she DID got to the mayor’s office THAT night. She had a verbal duel with Josh about various things, and she ran out (the recovered image indicated that Tash was running) because Josh said some V hurtful things to her.

Tash tells peter & jack that she didn’t say anything because she thought it would make her look guilty of the crime (memories of Ric and THAT magazine).

Beack at the beach house, Tash tells Robbie that she’s not sure if peter believe her. Tash tells Robbie that she’s thinking of confessing, but Robbie insists that she has to thinks of the baby – and what kind of life it will have if Tash goes to jail.

Tash tells Robbie that she is going to have a shower, and then she’s going to confess !!!

When Tash gets out of the shower, she asks Irene where Robbie is. Irene doesn’t know.

At the police station, Robbie tells peter & jack that Tash DEF didn’t kill josh, because he (robbie) did !!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Tash tells the police the TRUTH about her confrontation with Josh THAT night.

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