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Fri 31 Mar 06 - " Tasha And I Are Pregnant "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Tasha And I Are Pregnant "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 31 Mar 06 - Episode # 4155)

At the beach house, Hyde totally goes off his nut at kimmy & Rachel.

Tash & Robbie are at the hospital. Tash is stressing about recent events, and another bout of morning sickness - mid sentence doesn't help.

Irene arrive at the beach house, and she tries to calm things down, Hyde however isn't keen on listening to anything kimmy & Rachel have to say, despite Rachel vehemently defending their relationship. She’s then had enough, so she bails.

Kimmy follows her to the beach. Kimmy is angry with Hyde, but Rachel doesn't want this to come tween father & son, indeed, Rachel thinks that Hyde will come around eventually. She then walks away form kimmy.

Beth is helping Tony pack at the Holden house. She sees his vinyl record collection and suggests that they sjhouldmn't6 move in together (because of his love of heavy metal music). She’s joking of course. Luke & Tilly enters, and are annoyed that Beth & Tony are beining affectionate. Beth is then concerned when Tilly says that she saw Robbie & tash enters the hospital.

Meanwhile, Robbie & tash are frustrated that there’s no quick fix for tash' morning sickness (after a nurse speaks to them). Tash is still way sytresing, but Robbie insists that they will get through all this.

At the beach house, Irene & Hyde are talk about kimmy/Rachel. Kimmy then returns home, and as another clash with Hyde.

Hyde goes over to Leah’s place to speak to Rachel. He insists that he’s just truing t protect kimmy from being hurt yet again. Rachel tells Hyde that this relationship is V real, but by the end of the scene, you get the feeling that Hyde has convinced Rachel to back away form this relationship.

At the Holden house, Beth is worried that Robbie’s mobile is turned off. Another show of affection form Beth & Tony leads to a discussion that perhaps like should satay at the Holden house, but then he & tilly REALLY like the idea of being under the one roof (*fro obvious reasons).

Robbie &^ tash enter, and Beth wonders whets happening. Robbie waffles on for a bit (totally with the stalling) before he exclaims "Tasha & I are pregnant" !!!!

At the beach, kimmy approaches Rachel, who suggests that they should "cool" their relationship. Kimmy immediately thinks that Hyde has "gotten" to Rachel.

Kimmy goes to the diner, and confronts Hyde, letting the "world" know about he & Rachel. Irene suggests that they take to argument outside.

At the Holden house, Beth & the others are really excited abouy6 the pregnancy, and they joke about robbie & tash having more problems when their child become a teen than things like 2am feeds when its a baby.

At the beach house, tash wonders why Robbie told his family etc that the bub is his. Robbie insists that it’s easier this way, and that he feels like the child is his. Tash is concerned however, that Robbie appears to be distant, and that fact that he's facing away form her intensifies these views.

At Leah’s place, Rachel is worried about her meeting with the CEO of the hospital tomorrow, and the many ppl who will see kimmy & Rachel’s realationship as "wrong".

Next morning, Rachel prepares for the meeting, but things get intriguing when kimmy shows her the front page of the newspaper - the headline reads, "doctor-patient love scandal exposed".

At the hospital, Rachel is stressing at her meeting, before the CEO leads her into a room. He confronts her with the newspaper article, and Rachel tries to defend herself. Kimmy overhears all this outside, and can’t help himself when he charges into the roo, kimmy tells the CEO that Rachel has tried to push him away many times etc, before kimmy bails. Rachel looks as though jimmy’s performance has made things worse.

Rachel & kimmy enters the beach house, and when Rachel; gets off the phone, she says that the decisions could takes weeks. She then WAY thanks kimmy for what he did today,

Hyde then enters, and surprises both kimmy & Rachel by offering to have morning teas with them both !!!

At the Holden house, Beth & Tony talk about tash & Robbie. Beth is concerned about tem starting a family so young, but tony thinks that they are mature enough for it (esp. having moved out of home etc).

Robbie & tash are talking in their bedroom at the beach house. Tash is way worried about the bub .... and about other things.,... indeed, she shocks Robbie when she says that she killed josh !!!! [end of ep]


We see flashbacks of tash confronting josh, and the police say they have the security camera footage form the night of the murder !!!

H&A Memorable Moments

On this (Apr 1) date last year, the ep is which Robbie claimed that he has a role in the Aussie film "Summersault 2 - Double Pike" screened in Australia.

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