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Mon 27 Mar 06 - " Suspicious Minds "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Suspicious Minds "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 27 Mar 06 - Episode # 4151)

The killer (with black gloved hands) rifles through the drawers in the mayor’s office. They find the project 56 file, and then exit the room.

Next morning at the van park house, Jack comments that Martha isn’t exactly behaving like her normal self. The same thing applies when Ric & Cassie enter the house form the back patio (with Ric all quiet etc).

Tilly & Luke enter and are all fired up about the protest at the launch of Project 56. Jack warns them not to take things too far, or the police will get really involved.

At the beach house, Tash isn’t feeling well at all, but Irene suggests that perhaps Tash should take her mind of other matters (the way the baby was conceived) by joining the protest.

Beth & Tony arrive, and they are surprised that Robbie & Tash won’t be joining them. Irene says that Tash isn’t felling well but Beth & Tony both have the impression that something more is going on (and remember they don’t know about the bub).

Near the surf club, the protesters (incl. Tilly & Luke) gather near the project 56-launch stage. All are surprised that josh & Amanda are late for the launch …. But Dan suggests that Amanda will want t have BIG Entrance.

At her Flat, Amanda is jittery as she applies her lip-gloss ….. Although this may be because she is the one who killed josh, it could also be because she’s no longer keen on Project 56 and is going through the motions because of the threat to Ryan.

At the mayor’s office, we see josh’s mobile … it rings but no one (of course) answers.

Amanda finally arrives at he project 56 launch …. to a sea of protestors. Amanda is surprised when the investors tell her that josh isn’t there yet. This further stresses Amanda who walks away a little from the stage. Beth goes after her, and insists that it’s not too late to turn back to the good side, but Amanda seems to indicate that there is nothing more that she can do.

At the council chambers, the secretary enters the mayor’s office …. She is shocked when she sees Josh’s lifeless body.

Morag, Leah & Hyde exit the diner to go to the protest. As they walk, Morag is not to o pleased to see something on her windscreen … but when she actually looks at whatever it was, you can see that its V good news.

Back at the launch, Amanda tries to speak over all those protesters. She decides to get things over with by cutting the ribbon that’s on the artist’s impression of the Graham Walters Bridge …. But Morag cuts a swathe though the protesters, and says that she now has EVODENCE that josh was part of the construction compony when project 56 was awarded to them. All are shocked, and pleased.

Jack (not in uniform) sets a phone call … and all are again shocked, when he says that Josh is DEAD !!!!

At the crime scene, peter, Jack (in uniform) and other cops look for evidence. Jack & peter indicate that the only piece of solid evidence is bloodied part fingerprint on the door of the mayor’s office.

At the diner, the like of Beth, Tony, Morag, Dan , Leah & other talk about josh’s death. Several comments raise eyebrows about who possibly could have committed the crime.

Also, Tony & Beth decide that they will go through with their pre-josh death plans, i.e. the Holdens will move in with the Hunters (but now they will simply have to move into the Hunter House).

At the police station, jack & peter discuss who might have done this – after all, many hated josh.

We then see a montage of them interviewing Morag, Ric ,Marta & Robbie …. Most of whom just happened to be alone lat night (Robbie said that he was with Tash).

Jack & peter talk further about the crime. They mention that Tash has confirmed Robbie’s alibi. They then talk about how Amanda will gain from the death – the construction company fortune will all became hers.

When they bring Amanda in for questioning, she says that she was (also) alone. She began driving to Dan’s parent’s place (where Ryan is) but it got too late so she decided to turn back (and return to the bay)

At the beach house, Tony &Beth are further concerned about how Tash is unwell, indeed, they might be thinking that Tash & Robbie are hiding something (josh’s killer??) but they are probably more on edge about the pregnancy.

Ric & Cassie are walking down to the beach. Ric is annoyed that Cassie is sooooo suspicious about the way that he’s been acting since last night.

At the police station, jack & pater discuss the case further. Peter thinks that they’ve already spoken to the killer. He also thinks the person is V precise, and he warms jack to never underestimate your gut instinct about a case. Peter also insists that they’ll need a slice of luck to crack this case.

Late at night, on the beach near the diner (I think), the killer has what looks like a handgun in his or her hand (I say this because there’s not much lighting in this scene). The person then throws the gun into the ocean (end of ep)


Cassie thinks think Ric is acting V suspiciously … like a killer might (but I think that Ric is acting this way because he is spending a lot of time with Belle)

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