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Fri 24 Mar 06 ~ “I Soooo Don't Want It to Be A.V”

Guest Di

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JT'S UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “I Soooooooo Don't Want It to Be A.V”

(Shown in Australia on Fri 24 Mar 06 - Episode # 4150)

JT sent me his ep guide to spellcheck and put up. As he didn't have time to do so himself. So I apologise if a few things/names don't add up. I have not watched this ep myself

Dan enters Amanda's flat, and says that Ryan is now with his parents. Dan wonders about Amanda's long-term solution to the problem will be, as he wants to call the police. Amanda insists that she has a way to deal with the problem, but she would not elaborate to Dan about her plans.

At the van park house, Colleen is over joyed about the Italy trip, and when she bails, Sally tells Leah that the trip was meant to be for Sally & Leah (but she must have put the info under Colleen's diner order book by mistake. Sally wonders how she is going to tell Colleen the bad news.

Next day, Morag is talking to several ppl at the diner when Leah approaches. She says that she has received a letter saying that she has to vacate her house in the next few days. All are shocked when Hyde enters, and says that he has received a letter as well - but this in for the compulsory acquisition of some of the SBH [property, incl the ovals and some of the building incl the science block. Morag says that Hyde should come to the town meeting, but Hyde thinks a one to one meeting with Josh will work best for him.

Josh is working out at the gym when Dan enters; he punches Josh against the wall, and "suggests" that Josh should not threaten his family. Leah sees part of this btw. Josh then makes a call on his mobile wondering if the Amanda situation has been dealt with.

Amanda is in her flat with she can see that someone is trying to break in. A guy does barge in through the front door, demanding that she should stop her fighting and see eye to eye with Josh. Amanda however gets the handgun off the table and points it at the guy. She insists that she will use the gun if the guy does not leave her place.

Amanda charges over to the council cambers, and into the mayor's office. She points the gun at Josh, insisting that she will not be bullied.

Outside the room, we see Hyde who is about to enter when his phone rings. This distracts Amanda enough so that Josh can grab the gun and push her to the ground. Josh - with gun pointed at Amanda - totally shuts that door. He then "suggests" that Amanda WILL be co-operative from now on, or she WILL pay the price.

At the surf club, many have gathered for the town meeting about project 56. Beth wonders where Hyde had been... As she rang him earlier (wondering about this).

As they are about to take their seats, Sally and Leah are talking about the Colleen situation. Leah mentions that Colleen is learning Italian on her headphones. Just as Sally says, "I don’t know if I can put up with going on holiday with Colleen. Colleen of course removes the headphones.

Colleen goes into Noah's follow by Sally, who insists that there was a mix up, but as Colleen talks about how she thought Sally was taking her because Colleen has helped Sally sooooooooo much since Flynn died. This seems to turn things around, and Sally changes her mind. She is sooooooooo pleased now that Colleen is coming with her now.

Morag begins the meeting, insisting that they need proof against the infamous major.

Speaking of whom, Josh & Amanda enter the room. Josh says that the head of the construction corp. (Amanda) has new details about the project. Amanda however is speechless, so Josh says that the bridge will reach land at Stewart’s point ..., which will be renamed. Naturally, Martha & co are disgusted, but Josh insists that the ppl the bay are a too small town to appreciate his vision. As Josh exits, Martha makes it clear that they will not get a permit to do so.

Josh goes to council chambers, Martha goes after him and threatens him, but Jack (not in uniform) stops her.

When Martha & Jack have walked away, Morag tells Josh that she will find the

Evidence she needs against him ...to add to file that she already has.

At the surf club, Beth comments and Hyde comments about the fight that he overheard.

Meanwhile Leah informs Sally and Colleen that they have to catch pane tonight or the tickets invalid. Sally doesn't want to leave town mid this project 56 fight, but Leah & co assure her that it’s ok.

When Josh & Amanda return to her place, Josh wonders why Amanda was so timid back there. Amanda says that she wants out, but Josh insists that he will be in her life forever. When Josh is gone, Amanda is overcome by her situation.

at the van park house, Sally & Colleen are just about to leave for the airport. Ric comments that Colleen seems to have packed everything incl. that kitchen sink.

As Leah & co say farewell to Sally & Colleen, Morag gets phone call. Her office has been robbed.

Josh is in the mayor's office, when Peter and Jack (in uniform) enter they have a warrant.

Beth approaches Amanda at the diner, wondering about her spat with Josh. Beth says that town will back Amanda 150% if she launches an attack on Josh. Amanda says that she would like too... but cannot (threats to Ryan).

At Noah’s the police give Morag the bad news about the flies, and then Josh arrives says that he has had death threats against him. Josh says that the ppl of the bay should give up... whilst he is around, this development is going ahead.

Soon after, Morag & several others are talking at Noah's about the situation.

We then cut to major's office, Josh looks at some files. He hears to door creek open, and asks, "what are you doing here?”

Cut to outside the council building. We hear & see the brief light that the gunshot created.

We then see Josh lifeless in the office (end of ep)


The hunt is on for who KILLED Josh????? :ph34r::o

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