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Thurs 23 Mar 06 - " Oops .... I Did It Again “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Oops .... I Did It Again “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 23 Mar 06 - Episode # 4149)

Josh barges into Amanda’s flat, saying 5hat she must have send him the "you are dead" nite. Amanda denied this .. and suggests that josh has VERY many enemies who could have send the note.

Josh then wonders if Amanda has changed her mind about coming back onside with Project 56, but Amanda insists that she hasn't changed her mind, josh threatens Ryan’s life, but Amanda thinks he is bluffing. josh tells Amanda "you don’t you what I’m capable of", before he bails.

Sally & Leah are talking at the van park house. Sally says that she went back to school to soon, ... as a way to escape the memories of Flynn that are allover the house. Sally continues by saying that she knows that she is not give her teaching 100% which is bad for the students, so she is taking some further time off, with Dan taking her classes.

Sally then wonders how things are tween Leah & Dan. Leah says there's stroll an uneasiness when they talk to each other.

Not surprisingly, Dan picks this monument to enter the house, to get the class notes from sally.

Amanda hears a knock at her door; she’s scared so she garbs a frypan from the kitchen. When its just Ryan & Dan, Amanda tells Ryan (ager he asked) that she was rehanging kitchen when they arrived.

At the beach house, bell looks through pics of herself as a youngster. Irene then apologises for all he tenseness in the house because of the tash sitaution. Belle inists hat's it cool, becasue a copule of days are up, and that she is going to bail (like she agreed to when she 1-st moved in).

At Amanda’s place, Ryan wants to play with his slot cats, but manda thinks it’s not the best idea at the moment. Suddenly, a rock comes flying through the window, sending galas everywhere. Amanda is way sacred.

Sally is on the floor near the kitchen of the van park house. She is looking trough some things when she finds THOSE Italy plane tickets (hat she booked last year, just before Flynn 1-st told her the devastating news of his cancer).

Amanda & Ryan are out walking. Amanda is midway arcos the street when she gets a text message. It says, "look out" and Amanda is almost run over by a big black Toyota Ute.

Soon after, Amanda is back at her flat. She asks Dan to take Ryan away to a safe place, as things are as bad (if not worse) as when Dan was in the middle of his gambling woes. Dan thinks Amanda should go to the police about this, but Amanda says that as long as Ryan is in safe place, she can handle josh.

Near the surf club, belle is about to break into a car when peter sees her and give chase. Belle gets always.

At the mayor's office, Amanda confronts josh, but josh thinks that manda is not in his league. Amanda storms out of the office ... she is clearly disgusted.

Belle is packing her things at the beach house, when peer arrives and tells Irene what happened (with the car)

The van park house, sally ells colleen that the Italy plane tickets are jus still valid. Sally continues by saying that Martha will look after the van park house whilst she is way, but then colleen CLEARLY gets the wrong idea AGAIN (think when colleen though sally was going to name her baby after colleen) when sally says that the person she wants to go with his must be good with little pippa and REALLY need a holiday.

Irene, the beach house, reads belle the riot act so to speak. Peter then tells Irene that belle (real 1-st name Susan) has been lying to them - she has parents, and is listed as a missing person. Belle angrily insists hat peter & co should mind heir own business.

Soon after, bell is hitch hiking out of own when Irene (in her car) catches up with belle. They come to an agreement, and belle decides to come back and stay with Irene.

Sally enters the diner; she is looking for Leah, but encounters Morag. Morag says that the bridge construction is set to start tomorrow, so Morag would like sally's help to help out flyers for a protest meeting at surf club moor. Sally accepts. .

Sally goes into the kitchen, and places the Italy info in the bench. As sally is exiting, colleen enters, and says that Leah is on a break. When sally is gone, colleen looks at the enveloped info ... complete with a note "please come to Italy with me". Colleen is over the moon.

At the beach house, belle tells Irene that her REAL mum lives in summer bay, and sends belle’s adapted patents money regularly, when belle shows Irene THAT old pic of her real mum, Irene doesn't recognise the woman (most intriguing)

Leah enters the van park house and sally says something like "well, are you coming?" but then colleen enters all V excited. She tells sally that’s he can't wit to go to Italy with her ... and sally once more wonders how to tell colleen that she's got the wrong end of the stick.

At the mayor's office, josh looks after the project 56 info on his wall, whilst Amanda, at her flat, removes a handgun form her bag. (end of ep)



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