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Wed 21 Mar 06 - " Life Saved, Career Dead ??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Life Saved, Career Dead ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 21 Mar 06 - Episode # 4148)

Robbie charges into the mayor's office, and confronts Josh, Robnbie inists that "this is all your fault" etyc. Robbie is very charged up, but a guard manhandles Robbie out of the office.

At the gym, Rachel tells kimmy that she thought being strong meant not saying anythnig about Dr Helpman and his tyope, but trachel now thinks that she is REALLY goig tio be storng, by going to the hopital board about this.

At the beach house, tash is stressed about what’s happening. Robbie then returns. He is waaay angry at josh, but Tash waaaaaaaaaaaaay isn't impressed by Robbie’s behaviour.

At the surf club, Rachel is about to leave, when she sees Dr Helpman and his wife & kids. Rachel is V polite to both Helpman & his wife ... although you just know that she’s dying to say something to the wife about her husband.

Robbie enters the bedroom at the beach house, and offers tash some food. Robbie says that he went off at josh because he felt helpless. Tash says that Robbie having this attitude sooo isn't helping her, as all she needs is his love & spt.

Rachel is walking on the beach when she sees that someone is in trouble. She rushes over and sees Helpman trying to revive his son. Rachel tells Helpman that he is going too hard when he is pumping on his son's chest. Eventually, Helpman steps aside ... and Rachel is able to revive the boy.

Back at the beach house, tash & Robbie are talking about the pregnancy. Robbie (as usual) tires to keep things light, but tash REALLY wants his opinion (about whether they should keep or abort the child). Tash isn't keen when Robbie says that he will "go" wherever she does.

At the hospital, Dr Helpman thanks Rachel for what she did. Rachel insists that Helpman doesn’t need to do such a thing.

Soon after, Rachel is at Leah’s place, when Helpman arrives and gives her some flowers. Rachel is hoping that this will put an end to Helpman's badmouthing of her but he insists t that Rachel saving his son hasn't changed a thing !!!!!!

Helpman also adds that she should be glad that she is still getting referrals from him, as the other psychiatrist won't go near her because of the poor performance rumours.

When Helpman is gone, Rachel rings the hospital. She asks to speak to the CEO.

Next morn, Rachel is waiting to speak to the CEO. Helpman is surprised to see her - as she has no patient this morning. Rachel is coy about why she is there, but when the CEO walks out of the nearby room, Rachel says that Helpman was just leaving.

Rachel & the CEO enter a room, and the head of the hospital board is there too. Rachel then spells out her case against Helpman (eg progress report discrepancies between when she 1-st started at the hospital and the more recent ones from Helpman).

The CEO wonders why Rachel believes that she is being targeted, and Rachel is forced to tell about herself & Kimmy. The CEO says that he & the head of the board will consider all the facts and tell Rachel their decision in due course.

Soon after, Rachel is called back into the room with CEO etc. the CEO says that the allegations against Helpman will be invetrigated, but the decision about Rachel is clear cut. She is temporarily suspended, with the VERY REAL possibility that she will be "struck off".

Near the wharf, tash is deep in thought about what she is going to do.

When Tash returns to the beach house, she tells Robbie that she just can't justify killing (aborting) the baby. Robbie says that they will face everything together.

Tash makes Robbie promise that he won’t get anger etc at josh again. Robbie assures tash that he intends to NEVER speak to josh ever again.

At the mayor’s office, josh open his mail .... incl. a piece of correspondence which (in letters cut from magazines etc) "You Are Dead" (end of ep)


With her son in danger, is Amanda angry enough to KILL Josh ?????

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