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Tues 20 Mar 06 - " Abuse Of Power “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Abuse Of Power “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 20 Mar 06 - Episode # 4147)

At the hospital, Tash is totally is tears about what’s happened to her. She can’t believe that someone she trusted (Jonah) could do something THIS sick to her. Martha thinks that Tash should tell Robbie, as she thinks that he WILL understand. Tash tells Martha that she’s just not ready to deal with that yet.

At the nurse’s station, Rachel & Nurse Julie are talking about Dr Helpman’s “suggestions” that Rachel was need tonight. Kimmy enters the room, and asks about Tash/ Rachel then tells him about Dr Helpman’s latest move.

Robbie & Rennie enter the hospital. They speak to Rachel, before going into Tasha’s room. She tells them theta she was merely dehydrated etc. when Irene asks, Rachel say that Tash can be discharged.

Rachel goes back t the nurse’s station, where Nurse Julie insists that Rachel is dead on her fleet. Nurse Julie suggests that Rachel should bail, but Rachel is worried that D Helpman will discover that she has bailed. Nurse Julie doesn’t help Rachel’s’ mind when she says that there are rumours doing around the hospital about Rachel’s supposed poor performances.

Kimmy thinks that Rachel should o home too, and she does, but only after nurse Julie insists that she’ll make sure that no one finds out that she bailed.

As Kimmy & Rachel are about to walk away, Tash, Robbie Irene & Martha approach the nurse’s station. Rachel says “congratulations” (I assume Rachel is talking about the pregenancY0 but Robbie thinks that she is talking about the wedding.

Kimmy & Rachel arrives back at Leah’s place, and whilst kimmy prepares some food for Rachel. She’s clearly in a total quandary bout everything.

Irene, Tash & co arrive back at the beach house, and you soooooo want Tash to just tell Robbie what’s happened but she doesn’t. Indeed, tash say that she’s going to her room for a lie down, but when she gets in there, she waaaaay starts crying …. And tash’s felling of sadness are given that tinge extra by the fact that she is STILL in her wedding dress.

Back at Leah’s place, Kimmy decides to bail, but not before offering Rachel his support.

Next morning, Tash is walking by the wharf when Martha approaches. Martha tries to convince Tash to tell Robbie, but Tash thinks Robbie till hate her … as she left him for the Believers etc.

Tash & Martha enter the beach house, and although it takes a while, Tash FINALLY tells Robbie & Irene that she is preggers.

Robbie realises almost immediately who the father must be …. And whilst Tash bails to her room, Robbie is TOTALLY going off in the langue saying things like “I want to kill him (Jonah)”.

When Robbie goes the bedroom, we tell Tash that he’s angry at Jonah, not her. Robbie insists that tash should look towards him, and when she finally does, Robbie insists that they WILL get through this together. Robbie then gives Tash a great BIG hug.

Rachel is in the kitchen of Leah’s place when she gets a phon call form nurse Julie, who tells her that her 1-st 2 patients of the morning has cancelled. Rachel isn’t surprised when Nurse Julie says that those patients have transferred to Dr Helpman.

Rachel then rings her father, which was a suggestions form Kimmy earlier, but she dismissed it because she wanted to fight her own battles. Rachel leaves a message on his answering machine.

Soon after, Rachel is on the phone speaking to her father. She can’t believe that he won’t help her with this Helpman situation, even after she explained watched occurred tween her & Kimmy.

After she gets of the phone, Rachel thinks about phone Kimmy, and we also see that he *at the gym) is thinking of Rachel. Indeed he’s about to ring when she enters the gym. Rachel & Kimmy waaaaaaaaaay pash (note – when WILL this absurd madness end?)

At the baech house, Irene & Martha are voicing their disgust at what Jonah did. Robbie enters the room, and says that Tash is asleep.

Robbie then insists that he HAS to speak to Jonah.

Soon after, we see Robbie at the front of the (low level) correctional facility that Jonah is in. the guard stops Robbie wondering if he’s made an appointment. Robbie can’t believe that you need such a thing (with the appointments). Robbie tries to rich past the guards, but they waaaaay manhandles him and push him to the ground (and they insist that Jonah doesn’t want to see Robbie).

Robbie is about to dejectedly leave when he see Charity. She tells him that she’s receiving counselling for all the brainwashing that the Believers did to her.

Charity also tells robe everything that the believers did to Tash (the drugging, the sexual assault etc).

when Robbie wonders whey Martha’s drug test came back negative, charity tells her tat the Believers paid ppl in high places to “fix” things for them – incl. the drug tests.

Charity insists to Robbie that she is waaaay telling him everything … as charity was mumma Rose’s “right hand“.

Robbie is LIVUD when charity says that the “ppl in high places” that she was talking about is the Bay’s “esteemed” mayor, JOSH WEST (end of ep)


Is Robbie angry enough to KILL Josh ????? ….. We see, form outside, a gunshot late at night at the council chambers.

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