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Mon 20 Mar 06 - "Barefoot And …"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Barefoot And …"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 20 Mar 06 - Episode # 4146)

Opening Credits – Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!! Belle is there mow..... She’s listening to music and is "paired" with Irene & Hyde

AT the beach house, lots of ppl (incl. Tilly, Beth & Tony) congratulate Robbie & tash on the news of their engagement.

At the diner, colleen overhears Till & Luke telling rich & Cassie the news. Colleen is pleased that this has happened, after all the trials & tribulations that Robbie/tash have been through. Luke & Tilly wonder if this will have knock on affect on rich & Cassie.

Sally enters the easterly, and talks to Dan. She’s surprised that he's not with VJ, but Dan explains about how intriguingly Leah is acting at present.

Kimmy then enters, and he (for whatever reason) waves to sally.

AT the hospital, when Dr Helpman enters Rachel’s office she confidentially tells him that any relationship she might have had with kimmy is now well and truly over. Helpman insists that what Rachel has said doesn't change a thing (ie his offer for her to sleep with him to "resolve" this still stands).

At the beach house, tash is helping Irene in the kitchen with dinner, when she asks if Robbie can stay the night. Irene eagerly agrees. Tash then says that she's not feeling the best, so Irene suggests that she should lie down soon.

Irene goes into the langue, and finds Belle reading a magazine. Irene "suggests" that belle should earn her keep and help with dinner. Belle goes into kitchen, where she takes over form tash (with the dinner prep). Belle is quite surprises when tash invites her to the engagement party. Tash insists that she'd like to become friends with Belle.

AT the hospital, Rachel approaches Dr Helpman, and he praises her for some work she did with a patient. Rachel is shocked, and Helpman comments that Rachel is staring at him. Rachel then walks way.

Rachel goes to the diner, where colleen tells her & kimmy about Robbie & tash, i.e. they never gave up on true love. When colleen goes into the kitchen, Rachel tells kimmy about Helpmans' latest attitude towards her.

Next morning, at the beach house, Robbie & tash awake in each other’s arms. Robbie suggests that they should make today extra special by getting married. Tash is unsure (organisational nightmare) but Robbie convinces her.

At the wharf, everyone is enjoying the engagement party, when Robbie & tash insist that they have to temporarily bail.

When Robbie & tash return to the beach house, Irene gets quite a shock that they are there. Robbie says that the party was getting a little crowded, but he insists that he & tash will be back there soon. Btw, as Robbie & tash entry, they were talking about being a beach house for a quick change of clothing.

Back at the engagement party Cassie was annoyed by belle's constant presence, whilst sally got the cold shoulder when she tried t talk to Leah.

Robbie then returns, dressed in a white suit. He tells the assembled guests that he * tash wanted today to be even more special ..... And then we see (on the just arriving Blaxland) tash all resplendent in white (with flowers in her hair, and on her angle. btw, tash has no shoes on, which suits her character).

The woman celebrant that everyone in the bay seems to go for conducts that romantic, loving ceremony, and (in Jason Smith's words on the Wedding DVD) Robbie & tash totally "vow it up"

AT the reception, Irene is over the moon when Robbie & tash ask if they can stay at her place until they find place of their own.

Also, Belle tries to have some fun with Ric, but he tells her to keep away form him, belle also have confrontation with both Cassie AND Tilly. Belle also insists that Ric is "hers" but he doesn't know it yet.

Sally talks to Dan about Leah being elusive, and Dan thinks that its because Leah might think that something is going on tween them. Sally then speaks to Leah, who admits that she IS being foolish. Leah admits that she thought she was loosing her best friend (sally) after having just lost her husband.

Kimmy & Rachel are dancing when Rachel’s beeper goes off.

Rachel goes to the hospital, where Dr Helpman tells her that she has rostered her on for an ED shift, as "I thought you wouldn't mind" (with a BIG annoying grin on his face).

Back at the reception, Robbie and tash are dancing, but tash is looking a little worse for wear. She then COLLAPSES.

At the hospital, Robbie & others are by tasha's bedside when Rachel enters and says that she need to speak to tash alone.

Rachel say that Tash is perfectly healthy ..... and then reveals that Tash is PREGNANT !!!!!

Tash insists that she can't be .... but then she has some flashbacks on her time with the Believers esp. THAT night and the morning after !!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Tash wonders how Jonah could do something THIS sick to her .... and she also wonders how she'll tell robbie !!!

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