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Fri 17 Mar 06 - " Belle's "Penthouse" "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Belle's "Penthouse" "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 17 Mar 06 - Episode # 4145)

Author Note - I MUCHLY thank my friend Auntie Di for suggesting a website with a download of this ep (as I missed it becasue of a VCR pre-recording malfunction). I viewed a download of the ep this morning - and wrote ep guide as i watched.

Near the surf club, Ric tries to explain to Cassie that Belle kissed him, but Belle is not exactly helping Ric’s case when she badmouths Casssie. Cassie thought that Ric was acting weird because of Flynn’s death recently, but she now knows she wrong. Belle says that Cassie does not deserve Ric, but as Cassie walks away, Ric tells Belle that she SOOO is not helping his cause. Ric then run after Cassie.

At the van park house, Leah & Sally are talking, and Leah mentions that she got a letter from Dan at her house. She hands letter to Sally to give to Dan, and Leah is intrigued when Sally mentions that Dan has been spending many mealtimes with Sally and the kids. Sally admits that she is still cooking for four ... a habit for which she cannot break yet. Leah tries to make out that she is not jealous, but it is clear she is.

Cassie & Ric enter, and Cassie is still going on about what happened ... but because she does not actually talk about the incident directly, Sally wonders what happened. There is silence form both Ric & Cassie.

At the beach house, Irene is busy looking for her keys. Tash suggests looking in her (Irene’s) bag ... and they are there. Irene thanks her and that it is GREAT that Tash is back (after the believer’s ordeal). Irene mentions that Robbie seems pleased that Tash is back to.

Irene says that Robbie has been hanging round the beach house a lot lately. Irene then bails.

Tash is at the kitchen sink and she gets her fingers stuck ... when Robbie just happens to enter. She says that she got stuck tying to retrieve bracelet that she dropped down the drain by mistake. Robbie insists that he will have her fingers out of her in no time.

At the van park house, Sally tries to get to the bottom of the problems between Ric & Cassie, but the teen duo mostly are just keen on scoring points against each other before Ric bails.

Ric goes to surf club... he goes to the storage area, so he can talk to Belle. He insists that he has only told her bad things but Cassie says that he HAS to stop seeing Belle. She is annoyed, and when Ric exits the storage room, he can see that it was not an easy decision (to say that to Belle) to make

At the beach house, Robbie is under the sink trying to undo the pipes - so he can free Tash. However, when he DOES remove the pipe, a whole lot of muck goes on his face and glasses. Tash apologies and Robbie try to find the funny side of things.

At the diner, Belle enters and is about to "borrow" a muffin when Colleen approaches. They have heated words, and as Bella bails. She all but collides with Leah. Dan tells Leah that he can mind VJ this arvo, but she has a little dig at him.

Outside surf club, Belle tries to see if any cars are unlocked. Irene’s is ... Irene catches

Belle red handed. Belle tries to run way, but realises she forgot her backpack. Irene apprehends Belle.

At Noah’s, Irene explains to Peter that she thinks Belle is responsible for a few thefts lately ... but Irene decides not to press charges. When Peter walks away, Irene suggests that she can take Belle to a hostel ... but Belle says that she lives in a seaside penthouse before she bails (LOVE Belle's feistiness)

The van park house, Ric & Cassie decide to talk about their issues.

Outside surf club, Peter approaches Dan, but Dan does not want to talk to him. Dan then sees Leah, and she apologises for acting weird earlier. Dan is pleased, as he has been missing VJ.

At van park house, Ric & Cassie are talking. Ric tells Cassie that he has told Belle that he will not see her again. Ric admits that he just could not deal with anyone after Flynn’s death, which is why he was shutting Cassie out. Both agree to more considerate to each other, before agreeing to bail to beach.

As they are exiting, Dan enters and talks to Sally; he gives her his rent money. When Sally looks at receipt book, she see Flynn’s writing (on previous receipts and gets all teary eyed. They agree to have a cup of tea together.

At diner, Irene is concerned about Belle, whilst Leah is wondering where Dan is. Colleen enters, and Leah is not impressed when Colleen says that she last saw Dan with Sally.

At beach house, Robbie uses special formula (once used on boarding school kid) to help free Tash. When she does get free, Tash elbows Robbie by accident ... knock him unconscious.

When Robbie comes to, he says that he's not in pain, but when Tash says that she wanted to kiss the pain away, Robbie has a "relapse" they kiss several times.

Near surf club, Irene catches Belle going through rubbish bins. When Irene approaches, Belle tries to get away from her but Irene offers her some food, and a place (the beach house to stay). Belle takes a while before she agrees... only because Belle says that it looks like Irene needs the companionship.

At diner, Dan arrives way late to pick up VJ ... and by this stage, VJ had spilled milkshake on himself. Leah has a BIG go at Dan for caring more for Sally that VJ.

When Irene & Belle arrive at beach house, the kitchen is still a mess, and Robbie & Tash are still waaaaaaaaaay kissing. Irene interrupts, to introduce Belle. As Irene & Belle head upstairs, Irene suggests that she would like her kitchen back in one piece.

After Rob & Tash kiss a bit more, Tash asks for her commitment ring back, but Robbie goes one step further ... ask Tash to marry him ..... She WAAAAAAAAAAAY says YES (end of ep)


Tash & Robbie get married, Tash collapse at reception, and sound like the mystery of WHO KILLS JOSH begins

H&A Memorbale Moments

On this day (Feb 18) last year, the very 1-st ep to feature Cassie !!!! was screened in Australia

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